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What is The Crackling Noise in My Throat? Causes, Sounds and treatment

What do doctors listen to when they place a stethoscope on your back and instruct you to breathe? They listen for abnormal lung sounds like crackles, rhonchi, and stridor. In a healthy individual, lung sounds should be clear. Still, wheezing and crackles can be present in several individuals. 

So what is the crackling noise in my throat?

Crackles are the ruptured liquid in the airway that pops open during inhalation. It indicates that an underlying condition requires treatment. You may need immediate attention or simple supportive treatment.

In this article, let’s learn the conditions that cause crackling noise in your throat. 

I also provided handy tips and treatment suggestions for you! Not only that, I have cleared a few popular questions on this topic! 

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Is it Normal to Hear Crackling When Breathing?

crackling sound from throat

A crackling sound means something serious is occurring in your lungs. And, it is not normal. 

Sometimes, you do not need a stethoscope to figure out abnormal sounds from your throat. So what is the crackling noise in my throat?

The crackling sound from throat is arising from the bottom of your lungs. It may happen when you inhale or exhale. Often, it is acute and temporary. 

Besides, crackles can be in the form of fine or coarse crackles. 

There may be various causes of throat crackling sound. But in general, too much fluid in the airways induces these sounds. 

Want to know more details? Then read on.

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Risk Factors of Crackling Noise in The Throat

Risk factors for crackles in the throat depend on various causes. 

Here are several conditions that put you in danger of lung problems:

  • Alcoholism
  • Being exposed to environmental toxins
  • Being smokers
  • Having allergic rhinitis
  • Having a coexisting heart problem
  • Having a family history of lung diseases
  • Having a work environment that exposes you to chemicals and irritants
  • Too young or too old age
  • Weakened immune system

What is The Crackling Noise in My Throat?

What is The Crackling Noise in My Throat

If a popping sound in throat is bothering you, this could be a sign of an underlying condition. It may be challenging to diagnose as it is a vague symptom.

Besides, various conditions cause excess fluid in the lungs. 

This section will uncover 4 chief causes of crackling sound when breathing in throat.

01. Bronchitis:

Acute bronchitis occurs when the lining of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed. 

These tubes play a huge role in carrying air to your lungs. Thus, you develop a crackling sound in esophagus with a wet-sounding cough and mucus

Meanwhile, chronic bronchitis means repetitive attacks of bronchitis that don’t disappear. Smokers will often develop this condition. And this is also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

02. Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is a form of lung infection. 

Usually, it affects young children and the elderly. Also, the causative organisms vary according to the age group. 

Pneumonia causes air sacs in one or both lungs to become pus-filled and inflamed. This results in a crackle in throat with cough, fever, and shortness of breath.

Pneumonia is a silent killer. Sometimes, it can be mild. Other times, it is life-threatening. 

03. Pulmonary Edema:

Pulmonary edema correlates with congestive cardiac failure (CCF). It happens when fluid collects in the lungs.

But how does fluid collection happen in the lungs? 

When you have CCF, your heart cannot pump blood in an effective way. As a result, the backup of blood will increase blood pressure. 

Thus, fluid from the blood will collect in the air sacs in the lungs. 

But remember, an acute crunching sound in throat with pain in the back could be pulmonary edema. Likewise, it is a medical emergency requiring immediate care!

04. Interstitial Lung Disease:

Interstitial lung disease is a broad term used for a group of lung disorders. People who have long-term exposure to hazardous substances can develop this condition. 

Besides, once lung scarring happens, it can be irreversible. 

So the only form of treatment left is a lung transplant.

Crackling in Throat While Lying Down

popping noise in throat when lying down

Have you ever wondered the cause of the popping noise in throat while lying down? This can be due to many conditions. 

When you have lung illnesses, airway blockage can cause a fizzing sound in throat when lying down

Moreover, fluid collection in the lungs will not efficiently inflate the lungs, so it can be another reason. 

Propping up the head on two pillows will solve bubbling in the chest.  

How to Stop Crackling in Throat?

How to Stop Crackling in Throat

If you’re still wondering how to solve the crackling at back of throat, keep reading! 

Getting rid of crackles requires prompt treatment. Sometimes, certain medications will not be effective for your condition. 

For instance, an illness due to a virus will not tolerate antibiotics. Even so, you should get lots of rest, good hydration, and avoid triggering factors.

Remember to consult a doctor before getting medication or treatment. Your doctor can accurately diagnose the condition and provide the best treatment option.

Treatments options for crackling noise in the throat include:

Oxygen Supplementation:

Oxygen therapy is a supportive treatment to help you breathe better. 

It can be in the form of a nasal prong, simple face mask, or high flow mask. 

In severe cases, patients may need mechanical ventilation for breathing support. Thus, use a pulse oximeter to check the oxygen saturation level. 

Inhaled Steroids: 

Steroids are the mainstay treatment to reduce airway inflammation. 

Did you know that adding steroids with antimicrobial therapy is more efficient? 

It is because steroids can influence the function of white blood cells in the body. With that, it controls the activity of the immune system.


Bronchodilators provide acute relief of the crackling sound in throat when inhaling

The most famous type of bronchodilator is Salbutamol. It makes breathing easier by relaxing the lung muscles and widening the airways. 

There are various kinds of bronchodilators available in the pharmacy. 

Furthermore, bronchodilators can enhance the effects of steroids for better treatment.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

Pulmonary rehabilitation is for patients with long-term crackling sounds in throat when breathing

It will not cure the symptoms. But you may find it bearable with improved quality of life. 

After all, it enables your body to remain active.

Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle modifications like smoking cessation will ease the underlying crackling noise.

Besides, ensure to finish taking your medication, even if you feel better. If you don’t, your risk of getting coinfection increases. 

Then, limit your exposure to toxins and industrial chemicals. If possible, wear a face mask all the time. 

Last but not least, get yourself vaccinated for pneumonia and influenza. You’ll stay safe and secure even if you join the crowds!

Lung Surgery:

Lung transplants are the best choice for advanced lung diseases. 

When your symptoms are not treatable by medication, surgery is the best choice. It will remove the fluid collection, treat infection, and cure symptoms!

Any More Questions?

Are lung crackles serious?

Lung crackles can be mild, life-threatening, and normal. It can be more than just a type of manifestation. Sometimes, crackles exist among fit young adults. Crackles can be troublesome with the existence of other comorbidities. Hence, rapid diagnosis and treatment will determine the severity of the crackles. Above all, prevention is better than cure. 

Why do my lungs make a crackling sound when I lie down?

Crackles arise if the tiny air sacs in the lungs are fluid-filled. But if you hear crackling in your throat while lying down, it may be due to a post nasal drip. Mucus produced in the nose is often swallowed. Thereupon, it becomes a post nasal drip. There is a small degree of airway blockage when you lie down. Thus, breathing with mucus in the airway passage will worsen your symptoms. As a consequence, air movement produces this sound. 

Where are crackles usually heard?

Answer: Crackles can originate in the throat, esophagus, and lungs. But it is best heard with good inhalation and exhalation at the posterior chest. You can hear using a stethoscope, high-tech devices, or when breathing. Yet, you need great talent to diagnose crackles without extra investigations. 

Final Takeaway

So, What is the crackling noise in my throat? 

Throat problems rarely need treatment. But make sure to exclude all the deadly causes of your symptoms. As the throat is one of the main passages of the airway, it can deteriorate your health.

Crackles are abnormal sounds that can result from severe lung disease. Anyone with a popping sound in the throat should seek immediate medical attention. With that, even terminal cases are treatable with quick management.

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