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How Long Does It Take To Lose Face Fat In 3 Effortless Ways

Chiseled face, sharp jawline, long necks- appealing, right? It takes a lot of hard work to get those perfect facial structures. Being a chubby person myself, I know the struggles behind getting them.

As soon as I was on my exercise routine, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “how long does it take to lose face fat?”

You’ll be delighted to know that it took me a while, but eventually, I got rid of it. I will share the routine and secret tips that helped me to lose facial fat.

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Reasons why you have face fat

Generally, we develop fat in places like hips, abdomen, thighs, chest, etc. The areas where there is less amount of bone and more muscle. For a person who is overweight in general, you can see additional deposition of fat in the face, neck, underarms, etc.

Other than the reasons mentioned, one important reason is you are aging. Yes, you heard that right. You are getting old! But the better term for it is “sagging.”

how long does it take to lose face fat

As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and it starts to detach from the bone. The luster and glow of your skin lower. The skin starts to get wrinkles and swells up if you have facial edema.

An important reason why you have face fat is your genetics. A lot of people by birth have their face rounded. So it becomes difficult for them to tone their face down and to give it a good shape. If you look like your parents or sibling, you can have a subtle idea of the reason behind it.

When all the mentioned boxes are ticked, and you are yet to find out why you have face fat in the first place, it could be because of any underlying health condition.

Maybe it’s not fat in the first place; instead, it is water that has started to accumulate in your face. Or, it could be some unknown oral or facial deformity. Reasons like hormonal disturbances, diabetes, renal failure can also be hidden causes behind your facial fat.

Foods that make your face fat

Times without number, I keep on emphasizing the importance of your food intake is for your health.

When you eat healthily, you stay healthy. However, Trans fat-rich foods, oily foods, sugary foods, refined carbs are risky options for your health.

According to your body time, the fat starts to accumulate in various regions. Some of us have it on the waist, some on the face, and some on the hips.

The upper portion of your body, especially the neck and the cheeks, gain fat at a very advanced state of obesity in general. In addition, it makes your skin oily and becomes capable of producing acne.

exercise decides how long does it take to lose face fat

To top it all, sugary kind of stuff makes your face fat elevate. Foods having creams and sugar provide an excess amount of carbohydrate that is unnecessary for the body.

 Moreover, any type of refined carbohydrates makes you fat. By refined carbohydrates, I mean pasta, rice, cereals, wheat, bread, barley, etc. So if you regret letting that double chin turn triple, it is about time you give up white bread and white rice.

Do’s and Don’ts

Every good thing comes with a slow process. The taste of a good, creamy pasta has given you those chubby cheeks, and now it is going to take the same amount of hard work to get rid of it.

Instead of beating yourself about “how long does it take to lose face fat,” take baby steps on how to get rid of your cheek fat.

First comes, modify your lifestyle. Get this straight through your head that you need to get rid of the excess fat on your cheekbones. Keep yourself highly motivated and make sure to be mentally strong enough for every adversity.

Secondly, focus on your diet. A healthy and balanced diet will boost your metabolism and support your body at the time of exercise.

Thirdly, pay proper attention to your exercise. Ensure a night of sound sleep for 8 hours per day. Finally, do not overstress yourself overwork or personal reasons.

Lastly, remember not to overthink about how long does it take to lose face fat only and concentrate on overall body weight loss.


Now that you know what foods may give you the fatness, let’s get to some essential instructions as an overview:

Drink plenty of water

Water is your holy grail for weight loss. It amplifies the body’s ability to keep up with the weight loss process. It will give you a fulfilling feeling. In addition, it will shoot up your metabolism. Now, how long does it take to lose face fat? The simple answer is- drink plenty of water to lose face fat in a quick time.

Cut off sodium

Sodium had specific characteristics to cause cellular edema. The increased amount of sodium in the blood will puff up the cells and can swell up your face too. Reduce the amount of table salt in your diet to avoid such issues.

More veggies and whole grains

Rather than finding easier ways on how long does it take to lose face fat, it is advisable to pay attention to gross structural weight loss.

The inclusion of green leafy vegetables is an excellent step to initiate that. Your stomach will remain clean and help to lose weight both from your face and body.

Low sugar intake

Say no to sugar, bread, pasta, or anything that has refined carbohydrates. Likewise, try not to have dairy products that are rich in sugar.

Bid alcohol goodbye

If you’re worried about how long does it take to lose face fat – you need to stop alcohol consumption. Prolonged alcohol consumption will hamper your liver. It will lower its ability to metabolize the food you eat.


Getting worried on how long does it take to lose face fat? Practice regular exercise. Irrefutably the absolute necessity to get rid of your face fat is to do exercise.

Here are some instructions on how you can lose your face fat along with gross body fat all at once:

Practice Cardio workouts

Swimming, walking, running, jogging, cycling are suitable mediums of burning the extra few pounds on your body. Along with that, high-intensity interval training may also help in your favor.

You just have to find out what works out best for you if you really worried about how long does it take to lose face fat.

Facial Exercises

Exercises like the fish face, chin-ups, rollbacks,blow-a-kiss are effective ways to make your muscles free of fat. Infuse these in your workout routine to see the best results as soon as possible.

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Bubble Gum

You can try and chew bubble gums for the day to make your facial muscles work. As your muscles are worked up, the face fat starts to burn and goes back to shape within a considerable amount of time.

Chin Lock

Make your chin touch your chest and hold it for 15 seconds. Then, release it for the next 5 seconds and do at least five rounds for a month to see visible results.

Mouthwash System

Imagine having a handful of water inside your mouth. Now you have to rinse it off and make sure it reaches all the corners of your mouth. Here is where the mouthwash technique comes in!

Hidden Causes

When you have tried out all the measures mentioned above and still do not find reasons why your face fat is not reducing, consider consulting a doctor.

Cushing’s Disease

Moon face, the rounded or cushion-like face, is a significant feature of Cushing’s disease.

Cortisol or the stress hormone is released in response to managing dress in our body. When there is surplus cortisol, the face swells up and turns rounder.

It has a greater relationship with diabetes and hypertension. So if you have one of them, please check back.


The medical condition in which the body fails to produce the required thyroid hormone is termed hypothyroidism.

One crucial feature of hypothyroidism is gaining weight. Fat tends to deposit in cheeks, neck, back of the neck, etc. In addition, there can be hyperpigmentation.

Renal Failure

The kidney removes metabolic wastes from the body. Whenever a kidney fails, it stops excreting the unwanted sodium. Ultimately it is increased in the blood. As mentioned before, sodium aids to swell up your face and can cause face fat.

Ulcers in The Mouth

Ulcerations in the inner walk of the cheek, teeth, gum, etc., can swell up the face. In addition, lipomas in the mouth can cause face fat to grow and retain.

Sebium production in the face

Sebium is the excess layer of oil on the skin of a person. The release of too much sebum from the follicles can cause hardened material and dry into acne.

Acnes are not reasons to face fat, but definitely, it signifies hormonal alterations. So that is a good reason for developing fat on the face.

You just have to find out what works out best for you if you really worried about how long does it take to lose face fat.


Can you spot reduce face fat?

You can spot reduce face fat for a while. But it will grow back if you are not following your ascertained diet or exercise routine again. Be consistent if you want to shed off a few inches!

how long does it take to lose face fat ?

You will need at least seven days to lose your face fat. You can see a few minimal changes in your features right after losing a few pounds grossly.

What exercises slim down your face?

Do the following exercises to find ways to slim your face down in a matter of days:

  • Fish face
  • Kiss in the air
  • Opening your mouth
  • Lowering and raising your neck
  • Turning left and right

How to tone jawlines?

Sharp jawlines make everyone lucrative and beautiful. But how to get them?

Do the following to get them at home:

  • Tilt your head above
  • Bring your lower lip over your upper lip
  • Put a gap for 10 seconds
  • Continue for 15 seconds for each round
how long does it take to lose face fat depends on you

Ending Note

Recapitulating the whole discussion and to answer the question of the hour, “how long does it take to lose face fat” the answer depends on your hands.

But it won’t be more than a few consistent weeks of patience and perseverance in my defense. Sacrifice your comfortable routine and try to get yourself in shape.

Only then can you get the desired result. “chiseled face” you awed looking at!

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