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A Complete Guide on How to Lose Fat around Private Area

You are much more conscious about your health, aren’t you? If so, you are concern about your weight, nutritional status, personal hygiene, and so on, right? And you are one step ahead than the others because you are also concern about your private part which is a very positive thing. More specifically you are thinking How to Lose Fat around Private Area? We really appreciate this kind of conscious people like you.

Fat in the private area (mons pubis) and FUPA are not bad at all, but if it becomes excessive, then you should think about it. Usually, you don’t feel any discomfort, but excess fat in the private area may change the shape of the valva, and sometimes it doesn’t look good. That is why most of the girls want to know how they can reduce the fat from the area.

If you are one of them, this content is written absolutely written for you. Hope in this content; you are going to get the best ways on how to lose fat around pubic area. Keep reading

What is FUPA?

FUPA stands for the fat upper pubic area. It is the area between mons pubis and the lower portion of the umbilicus. If fat accumulates here excessively then, it sags or hangs just above the mons pubis. The skin is loose in this area. The word is also known to many people as panniculus and pannus.

Is FUPA and Fatty Mons Pubis the Same Thing?

Some people make a mistake thinking FUPA and fatty mons pubis is the same thing. But I want to make you clear that FUPA is the upper portion of the mons pubis. You should know mons pubis is the area just above the labia where pubic hears appear. When fat deposits on the mons pubis then it is called fatty mons pubis.

So, you can see the areas are different, one is the upper portion, and another belongs below. So, fatty mons pubis and FUPA is not the same thing indeed.

What are The Causes of FUPA and Excessive Mons Pubis Fat?

The causes of FUPA and the fatty mons pubis are almost the same. It never means that you always have both at a time. You may have only FUPA or excessive fat in mons and you also may have both but not always. The primary causes are below.

Weight Gain and Rapid Weight Loss

You are getting weight means an excessive amount of fats are depositing in your body, especially under the skin. And naturally excessive fat may be accumulated in the mons pubis and also in the upper pubic area.

On the other hand, some people take some steps so that they can lose weight rapidly. During that period, FUPA may appear. Weight losing exercises and diets are beneficial for weight loss, but their main target may not pelvic area. That is why the fat in the pelvic region does not lose properly, and you get FUPA.

Menopause and Aging

Day by day, you are getting older. After 45-50 years, most of the females develop menopause, and then many hormone changes occur inside the body. As a result, FUPA may develop. On the other hand, males are not related to menopause, but they also become older. At that time, the skin becomes loose and develops FUPA to the male.


During pregnancy, the abdominal skin becomes stretched out to make the space for the baby. At that time you cannot notice FUPA, but after delivery, you will notice that you develop hanging pooch.


When you are in so much mental pressure and stress, your body increases the secretion of the hormone cortisol. The function of cortisol is converse to insulin. And the hormone cortisol enhances fat deposition around the midsection. Eventually, you develop FUPA and excess fat to the mons.

Genetic Factor

It is one of the main reasons to develop FUPA. You don’t know about your genetic information. Your genes identify the area where to deposit the extra fat of your body. Similarly, they also determine where fat burn starts first.

You may have noticed that some people born with elevated mons pubis and FUPA also. If genetics responsible for this issue, then it resists all effort to reduce fat in the mons and upper pubic area.

Wearing Tight Pants

This is one of the primary causes of these issues. When we wear tight pants, then the pant exerts much pressure around the pelvis and helps to accumulate fat in the pelvic region. You also notice that the portion is slightly depressed where you wear the pant. But extra fat appears just above the line which is FUPA. So, you should be careful about the pant you wear. Try to wear the pant that fits well.

How to Get Rid of Your FUPA and Excessive Fat in Mons?

Is there anyone who has FUPA but the question doesn’t have in their mind how I lose my FUPA? To them, I want to say there are many ways available on how to lose pelvic fat woman. For that, you have to change your lifestyles such as diet habits, and exercise. At the same time, you should take enough rest, free from stress, and so on. Take a look; details are below.

Eat Quality Diets

I don’t know about your daily diet menu, but now you should take sugar-free and those foods having fat burning capability. You should avoid sugary drinks, saturated fat, processed food, deep-fried foods. Add Vitamin C containing food to your meal such as guava, broccoli, papaya, Kiwifruit, and citrus fruits.

On the other hand, Greek yogurt, Cinnamon, capsicum, and omega-3 containing foods can be a good remedy for you.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Well

If you have a sleep disorder, you should consult with your doctor. If you can’t sleep properly, excessive fat starts to deposit around the abdomen and lower pelvis. Also, you should free from anxiety, and stress because, in this state, adequate cortisol is released, which tends to store fat in those areas. So, you should take rest and free from stress to reduce fat in the upper pubic area and mons.

FUPA Exercise

If you want to lose fat from the upper pubic area, the best way is to take a quality diet with proper exercise. Just do this you will get great benefit. Some of the exercises are recommended for you to lose your FUPA, which are listed below.

  • Planks.
  • Straight Leg Raise.
  • Pelvic Tilt.
  • Crunches.

Mons Pubis Fat Loss Exercise

Yes, it is difficult to lose fat from a specific area by doing exercise because it depends on your overall body type and weight. But we are very hopeful that the following exercises help you a lot to lose fat from the mons pubis area.

  • V Pull.
  • Plank.
  • Anti-rotation and leg raise.
  • Mountain Climb.

So continue above mons pubis fat loss exercise to reduce pubis fat.

Do I Need Surgery for FUPA and Mons Pubis Fat?

I think if you can follow the diet, regular exercise, then you will not need to think about surgery. I hope you can get the result only maintain the diet and taking exercise regularly. But, if it fails, what will you do?

Cosmetic surgery is an open procedure to reduce fat in the mons and upper pubic area. Females are more interested than the male, but males also participate here. It is not dangerous and harmful to you at all. Many people do cosmetic surgery for this purpose, and now they are living very well. It is very rare that the patient is unhappy after surgery.

FUPA Surgery Cost

It is difficult to say the exact pubic fat removal cost. It depends on the state where you are living, types of surgery, your physical condition, and so on. Different surgeries can be done to remove FUPA such as Panniculectomy, Tummy Tuck, Pubic lift, Pubic liposuction, and many more. And the cost of them is not also the same. Usually, FUPA cost starts from 2000$, and the cost may go up to 15000$. It depends on which surgery is needed for you.

What Should You Do after FUPA is Gone

You are not completely relaxed after FUPA is gone!

Yes, that is the truth that you read. FUPA developed once means you definitely have the chance to develop it again. But you can control this. Yes, this depends on you.

You should not start uncontrolled life again if you don’t want to see FUPA again. That is why you should maintain proper diets, and it is best if you can continue the exercise. Only after that, you can expect FUPA is not coming to you in the future again.

Summary Line

I wanted to give complete information about How to Lose Fat around Private Area, that is why I also include the surgery section here. If dietary and exercise method fails to lose fat only then you are advised to go on a surgical procedure. And most of the cases, people don’t need to take surgery as they can reduce fat by exercise and quality diet. For that reason I say, surgery should not be your first choice.

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