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Do Weight Loss Subliminals Work? How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

Your subconscious mind is powerful. And when we say powerful, we mean powerful enough to help you lose weight. Sounds good? 

Subliminals have been all the rave recently, given their magical ability to help you lose weight. They are stimuli that affect your subconscious, conveying important messages. You subconsciously start altering your lifestyle to lose weight through constant gentle reminders. But do weight loss Subliminals work? Or is it your conscious lifestyle change that helps you lose that stubborn fat? 

Read this article to learn everything there is to know about Subliminals and if you should really invest your time and money in a weight loss subliminal program. 

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What Are Subliminals? How Do They Work?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Subliminals, you must know how they actually work. This will help you understand the process better and bring faster results. So what exactly is a subliminal? 

It is basically a subtle auditory or visual stimuli, such as a specific color, shape, audio, or text incorporated into mundane objects, for example, music or YouTube videos. You may not notice it, but it sure affects you. It can be used for various reasons, such as faster metabolism, quitting smoking or drinking, and most importantly, losing weight. 


Is it that easy? Do you lose weight without doing anything? Well, yes and no! There are a few technicalities involved that we will get to in the later part of this article. However, subliminal weight loss while you sleep is possible and works for most people. 

Although it is not backed by much evidence, scientists believe it has something to do with your brain’s neuronal pathways. Subliminal messages affect your subconscious, leading to a shift in your lifestyle and habits and eventually losing weight. Thus, directly or indirectly, Subliminals can be used to lose weight. 

Do Weight Loss Subliminals Work?

Weight loss Subliminals surely work, but only if you believe in them. For that, you need to master the “Law of assumption” first. What is a law of assumption? 

It was put forth by an American philosopher, Neville Goddard, according to which you need to start manifesting your desires as your reality. Since you feel what you are, this state of mind or belief eventually takes you to your goals. 

You may ask, how does that relate to Subliminals? Well, once you start believing in your desire, in this case, losing weight, your subconscious mind automatically alters your actions. For example, you will see a decline in unhealthy eating habits and a motivation for exercise, leading to weight loss. 

Weight Loss Subliminal Results

There is still no credible scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. A study was carried out in 1992 to test the effectiveness of a subliminal, specifically for weight loss. 

One group was given a subliminal audio, another a placebo, while the third group was neither given a subliminal nor a placebo. After about five weeks, all the women had lost the same amount of weight irrespective of whether they were given a subliminal. 

Does this mean Subliminals are of no use? Of course not! For once, this study was not pursued further to observe its credibility. Besides, Subliminals do not magically cut off the extra pounds from your scale. It only helps you adapt to a healthier lifestyle unconsciously, resulting in weight loss. 


The subliminals before and after results depend on how willing you are to achieve your weight loss goals. They provide you with the motivation and drive to work for a cause, leaving the rest to you. 

Should You Use Weight Loss Subliminals?

There is no fit-to-all response on whether you should be using subliminal or not. If you are naturally a disciplined individual and do not need external affirmations or motivation to lose weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you should not go for a subliminal program. 

However, for people who struggle with motivation and self-sabotage their weight loss journey, Subliminals are exactly what you need. 

How long will it take to see results? Well, we cannot predict the timeline for weight loss since it varies with each person. For some people, it takes only a few weeks to see formidable results, while for some, it may not work at all. There are multiple factors that influence the weight loss subliminal before and after, such as:

Make sure you opt for an authentic subliminal program. Since you cannot know whether a program has subliminal elements in it or not, many people tend to be deceived. Check the reviews before getting into a program, and once you do, stay consistent. 

Are Subliminals Safe?

It depends on what you plan on using subliminal messages for. Most subliminal programs use hypnosis and positive affirmations to help you manifest your goals. You can use these tactics to bring about positive as well as negative results. 

How do you know if a particular program is safe or not? There is no other way of knowing than trusting the reviews. Since there is not much scientific evidence, weight loss programs do not suggest going for them. However, you can easily find some of the best subliminal for weight loss on Google. 


If nothing, these programs train your subconscious mind to eat healthily and control unnecessary binge-eating, thus helping weight loss. According to a recent study, the hedonic neuronal pathway is strongly associated with your dieting. This means that once you have your subconscious in control, you can also easily control your diet.

5 Tips for the Fastest Weight Loss Subliminal Results

Even the best weight loss subliminal may take time to show results, especially if you are inconsistent with it. However, there are a few ways by which you can expedite the process. Want to know them? Read on to find out!

Conjunction With Fast Metabolism Subliminal

You can multiply your progress multiple folds by using a fast metabolism subliminal along with a weight loss sub. What is the secret here? Just like you would train your mind to lose weight, you can also train it to burn extra calories by increasing the rate of metabolism. Both the effects combined lead to faster results. 


While a subliminal can get your brain focused on losing weight, you need to do the rest yourself. Only this time, it will be easier to hit the gym every morning and work out, thanks to the Subliminals. You do not necessarily have to listen to a sub while working out. Listen to it in the shower or post-workout, whatever works for you! 


Healthy Eating

Do you find it hard to cut down the carbs in your diet? Not anymore! Weight loss Subliminals make healthy eating relatively easy since your subconscious is trained to only eat healthy from now on. 



It takes at least a month or two to start seeing results, so be patient and continue with your programs. Leaving a weight loss subliminal after a few days because you do not see any results will never get Subliminals to work for you. Allocate a specific time daily to listen to your audio or watch the images to see quicker results. 

Believe in It

If you do not believe in the power of the Subliminals, it is better you never get started on them since no subliminal works unless you believe in it. A tip that works for most people is to visualize themselves while living the goal. This motivates them to continue trying and stay positive. 


Final Verdict

Weight loss Subliminals accelerate the process by boosting your morale, but you must put in equal effort to get the desired results. We hope this clears up your questions regarding “Do weight loss Subliminals work?”. 

Since there is almost no authentic evidence either in favor or against it, you need to try it out yourself to see if it works for you. After all, there is no harm in trying it, right? 


Do subliminal messages actually work?

There is not enough research on whether subliminal messages work or not. However, you cannot deny the power of the subconscious mind. Subliminal messages help train your subconscious mind by manifesting the results until you actually achieve them. 

Can you lose weight by listening to music?

Yes, you can lose weight by listening to music during a workout or even as is. Listening to music during a workout increases your heart rate and metabolism, leading to weight loss. It also releases hormones called Endorphins that inhibit hunger and burn more fat. 

Can Subliminals harm you?

Subliminals cannot harm you since they are just affirmations you need to achieve your desired result. These auditory or visual messages train your mind to believe that you can and are doing what you need to, thus generating results.

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