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Discharge After Monistat 1: What to Do?

Monistat is a vaginal cream/ tablet that women use to treat any sort of fungal infection. However, many people reported discharge after Monistat 1. Are you one of them? Is it normal? 

Don’t you worry? It’s perfectly fine to experience some discharge. Monistat 1 is a suppository medicine that you insert into your vagina to prevent vaginal yeast infection. It is built to last in your vagina for 6 to seven days. As the suppository melts it will leave some leak residue (Discharge). This is totally normal. 

Now then let’s go around and see other necessary information regarding Monistat. A lot of your queries will disappear after reading this whole article. 

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All about Monistat ( Everything you Need to Know)

Monistat 1 helps to treat vaginal infections. This antifungal medicine reduces itching, burning, and irritation in the vagina. It blocks the formation and growth of yeast (fungus) in your vagina that’s responsible for the infection

Discharge After Monistat 1

Monistat 1 is usually effective against fungal infections. You may sometimes experience bacterial vaginosis infection too but they would need a different medicine. If you are experiencing vaginal infection for the first time we would recommend consulting a doctor before taking any step. The doctor will determine what sort of disease you have and prescribe the medicine. 


In case of mild to moderate fungal or yeast infection, one dose of Monistat 1 is usually prescribed by the doctors. Severe infection may need more than that. You need to put it inside your vagina before going to bed. However, you can even apply it around the areas outside the vagina if you have experienced itching/burning there. 

Now let’s talk a bit about discharge.  We women experience vaginal discharge during our normal menstrual cycle. It’s your body’s way of keeping it clean and flushing out germs and bacteria. 

Discharge keeps your vagina moist. Do you know inside your vagina you have healthy bacteria and yeast? Now you do. It is totally normal to have them. Discharge maintains a balance between them. So you see,  having a discharge is not a bad thing. 

When you put antifungal medicine inside your vagina, some residue may flush out from there. It may look like a w+hite discharge. Or some healthy discharge may naturally come out of your vagina if you are close to your period. Or perhaps since you are inserting medicine inside of you, some already prevalent white discharge in your vagina may come out. 

Whatever may be the cause, it is totally normal to experience it. Just clean your underwear or wear an unscented pad after applying Monistat 1 if you don’t want it to stick to your pants. 

Now then, Let’s talk about some other initial issues related to this problem. 

Yellow Discharge after Monistat 1

In general, a healthy discharge is a watery, clear, substance. It does not have any strong fragrance or colour. Doctors say that seeing Yellow or yellow-green odourless discharge in your pants after Monistat 1 is normal. 

However, it is the Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge that we need to worry about. That being said, If you are really close to your time of the month then you may experience yellow discharge with odour. The yellow colour is caused by the mixture of early menstrual blood and normal mucus gush.

Then what about other times? Well, you see other times it may be the indication of: 

Note: See a gynaecologist if you experience frequent foul scented thick yellowish discharge. 

Chunky White Discharge After Yeast Infection Treatment

Like we have said before white discharge is the result of your vagina cleaning itself to prevent any sort of infection. However, you should still notice any change in the colour, odour, or consistency of the discharge. 


After all, discharge tells you a lot about what is happening inside your body. If you experience chunky white discharge along with vaginal irritation then it is a clear indication of infection. 

But what if you experience it even after you have gone through the treatment? Well, odourless chunky white discharge without any vaginal burning, pain, or irritation is normal for any woman. According to DHHS (Department of Health & Human Services), chunky white discharge isn’t a big issue unless other symptoms of infection come along with it. 

So why do you see chunky white discharge after yeast infection treatment? They may happen because of: 

Red Discharge after Monistat 1

Now that we have talked about white and yellow discharge let’s explore a rare ground. Have you ever experienced red or pinkish discharge after Monistat 1? If you ever did or still do then you can relate to this section of the article. 

It’s very uncommon but you can experience red discharge. The shade varies here. Some can experience bright red gush and some can have rusty dark discharge. This reddish colour discharge is mostly the reason for the period. 

Generally, the period happens after every 28 days. For some, it can happen after 21 to 35 days. There is no definite time frame for this. Different women have different cycles.  Bleeding typically lasts about  3–4 days. This is a general rule. We are not saying it’s a bad thing if you bleed more than that. My mom used to bleed for 6 days. 

Genetics plays a vital role here. However, if you frequently have irregular periods then please go see a doctor. Keep track of your cycle. There are even apps for this. Intermenstrual bleeding can be caused by many things, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem.

Women over 45 who have gone through menopause and haven’t had a period for at least one year should see a doctor if they notice sudden bleeding. It can sometimes be a sign of endometrial cancer, but it’s not always the case.

Brown Discharge after Monistat 1

Discharge is an indication of a regular menstrual cycle and a healthy vagina. The real issue here is to identify what kind of discharge is normal and whatnot. 

So, if you’ve noticed brown discharge after Monistat 1 in your underwear (especially if it’s the first time), naturally you might feel anxious. Well, don’t be. Like red discharge, the brown one is also caused by the period. It doesn’t have any connection with Monistat 1. 

So, why does it come out as brown instead of red? Let me clarify it. 

You see when blood oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. Which means it changes its colour. In the case of blood, it turns brown from red. So, that’s why discharge before or after your period may look like this. 


It can happen before your period if there is only a small amount of bleeding. Blood flows from your cervix for a long time before you can see it with bare eyes. By this time, the blood ages. Your underwear will start to look brown because your old blood has turned brown.

Discharge After Using Monistat 7

Monistat 7 is another antifungal cream for treating yeast infection. The only difference between Monistat 1 and Monistat 7 here is that it is a low-dose cream. Instead of a single dose, Monistat 7 needs to be applied 7 times. 

1 Tube with miconazole cream has seven applicators for you to apply the cream in your vagina. You can use it to relieve external itches too. So what happens if you see any discharge after applying Monistat 7? 

The thing is the product can be a bit slimy. So, they often leak after application. It may look like vaginal discharge. But the truth is it is the excess cream that your vagina can’t hold on to. Let it be or wear a pad after application. Because most often leakage will happen. 

The company recommends that you should apply the cream at night. Because at the day you will walk around. So there is a higher chance of the product leaking out. In a lying position, the cream doesn’t discharge that much. 

Discharge After Using Monistat 3

Monistat 3  Yeast is an excellent choice for ladies seeking a less concentrated treatment at a moderate dosage level. It is a  200mg,  Miconazole Nitrate cream for fungal infection. 

This set includes three pre-filled applicators. Like Monistat 1 and Monistat 7, it starts its world immediately. This is a creamy substance. So when you insert it in your vagina, naturally it won’t hold still. 

Like Monistat 7 and 1 in Monistat 3, some cream may discharge. There is nothing to worry about. The residue is only leaking, the main cream is still inside your vagina. It is working its treatment from the inside. 

The medicine needs to be applied for a minimum of 3 days. And as long as you are applying it, some residue is bound to leak out. Apply Monistat 3 before going to bed and take proper medication for it. 


1. How Long Will I Have Discharge After Using Monistat 1?

Answer: Monistat 1 needs to be applied for at least one day. As long as you are applying it some cream will leak out and may look like vaginal discharge. If you use it for 4 days, it will happen for 4 days. And the cream stays in your vagina for a few days. So chances are it may discharge for 3-4 days after application. 

2. How long should I wait to bathe after using Monistat 1?

Answer: We would advise you not to bathe while using vaginal cream or pills. That’s because the excess water and yeast bacteria may aggravate the condition. Water may also take away the cream from your vagina. 

However, if you can’t take the itching anymore and want a bath, consult with your doctor first. 

3. When Will My Infection Go Away After Using MONISTAT 1?

Answer: Regardless of the medicine you use, you should see some symptom reduction within 3 days and complete treatment within 7 days. Highest Dose MONISTAT 1 is perfect for busy women who lead active lives.

4. Can I Use Monistat if I am Pregnant? 

Answer: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  advises any pregnant women to only get a 7-day treatment of yeast infections. If you are pregnant and suspect you have a vaginal yeast infection, consult your healthcare provider before using any treatment.


Monistat 1 is a very effective product. It works fast and ensures your vagina stays healthy. So, it is the perfect partner for any working-class women or ladies that have frequent sexual intercourse. The cream prevents any prospect of fungal infection too.
If you experience any discharge after Monistat 1, it’s either the product residue or just your healthy regular vaginal discharge. Either way, discharge is a normal thing. You don’t need to worry about it at all.

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