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Can Monistat 3 Cause Bleeding?: If No, Then How To Use It?

Monistat 3 is an antifungal medication (usually a cream) used to treat vaginal candidiasis, an infection caused by an overgrowth of fungus named candida in the vagina. It can’t be taken orally, apply it to the vagina in a limited amount. 

You will see many females asking a question: Can Monistat 3 cause bleeding?

No, Monistat 3 cannot cause bleeding. It is just an antifungal drug that stops the growth of yeasts that cause infection in the vagina. But seldom can it cause bleeding because of intravaginal use of Monistat, as genitourinary side effects.

If you want to know all about the use of Monistat 3, keep analyzing this article.

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Can Monistat 3 Cause Bleeding?

It is very rare that bleeding occurs due to use of monistat 3. But it can cause it in a very light amount. Everything we insert into the vagina causes a change in pH of the vagina that disturbs the hormonal imbalance. 


This change in gonadotropin can cause bleeding or spotting. Further, bleeding may be due to cuts made in vaginal tissues due to yeast infection

But if you are having high bleeding, you should consult a doctor.

Further, side effects of monistat may include:

  • Vaginal itching or burning sensation in the vagina.
  • Lower abdominal cramps or pain
  • Urination more than usual
  • Rash on the skin around the vaginal opening
  • Headache
  • Difficult breathing, but it is rare to happen.
  • Pimples may appear on the skin around the vagina or hives.
  • Swelling
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain during sex. 
  • Vaginal discharge can also occur. This discharge is often thin and watery, having a bad odor.

The above-mentioned symptoms are common ones. You may notice some other side effects. If you do that, you must consult your doctor. 

The monistat 3 is not for you if you are pregnant, have a breast milk feeding child, have diabetic issues or suffer from a blood pressure problem.

However, it is important to know the correct procedure of using Monistat 3. Faulty use can also result from certain side effects. The next segment will enlighten regarding proper use of it. 

Monistat 3 – Basic Using Protocol

How to use Monistat 2 to cure a vaginal infection? There are different methods to apply Monistat depending on the type we are using.

Monistat medication typically comes in three different dose forms. It includes:

Monistat 1:

It contains a high dose of miconazole nitrate (which is an antifungal drug). To get a cure for vaginal yeast infection, you need just to take this medication once. 

If somebody doesn’t want to take the medication, again and again, she can simply use monistat 1. 

But due to its high dosage, it is not recommended for pregnant females and women suffering from other disorders like diabetes and blood pressure.

Monistat 3:

It contains mild dosage of miconazole nitrate. Usually, it is taken once in a day for three days. Most doctors prescribe Monistat 3, if someone complains about vaginal infection.

Monistat 7:

It contains low doses of miconazole nitrate and is prescribed to pregnant women and females suffering from genital disorders, diabetes etc.


The division of Monistat into 1, 3, and 7 categories is on the basis of their dose and the days in which their treatment comes to an end. 

Monistat 1 works very quickly, curing infection within 24 hours. But it is not recommended for pregnant women and can be used under specific warnings. 

Monistat 3 contains mild doses and can treat infection within 3 days. 

The last one is Monistat 7. It has less dose of miconazole nitrate and takes more time than others, usually 7 days to cure, and is highly recommended for pregnant females.

However, our main focus is on monistat 3. Let’s learn about its method of usage.

How to Apply Monistat 3 in Vagina?

Monistat 3 itself comes in three packaging with three different methods of its application. 

It is typically in the form of ovules (small rounded bodies), suppositories (solid bodies that dissolve or melt immediately, in the form of cylinders or cones) and in the form of cream prefilled cream applicators). 

All these types can be inserted into the vagina directly, none of them is for oral use.

All of these forms have their own method of application, but mostly these different forms contain the same dose of miconazole nitrate. Most packaging contains 200 mg of miconazole nitrate in bodies which have to be inserted into the vagina.

In addition, there is a tube of cream for treating irritation and itching of the vaginal area.

Let’s learn the method of applying different forms of monistat 3 individually:

Ovule Form

While using the monistat 3, you can mess up things, as there is a chance of leakage of these medications after being inserted in the vagina. But monistat 3 in the form of ovules offer much less risk of leakage. 

You can use it while moving or walking or anything else you want to do. But still prevention is needed. You can use a pad in your underwear to prevent any by chance leakage.

There is always an inserter in the packaging along with the three ovules, in order to insert them properly and with ease in the vagina. 

Firstly, unpack the ovules from the pack and keep the inserter or an applicator in your hand. There will be two ends of the inserter, one tapered end, which has to be entered into the vagina and the second is the wider end, where we put the ovules.

After putting the one ovule in the wider end, you have to make sure that this ovule will not be able to come back during its insertion in the vagina. For this, press the ovule in the barrel as far as you can compress it without breaking or damaging the ovule. 

Then, place the inserter in the vaginal opening and push the plunger or backer of the inserter.

The best way to insert the ovule in the vagina is to lay down partially (just bend your back moderately) and keep your knee bent, having space between both legs. Then, place the applicator in the vaginal opening, holding the barrel in one hand and the plunger in the second one. 

Then, push the plunger, inserting the ovule in the vagina. Remain for a while in the same position, so that the ovule adjusts in the vagina properly. Now, you can use a non-perfumed pad to prevent the risk of leaking.

Wash your hands properly before and after applying the monistat.

Suppository Form

In suppository packaging, medication is in the form of cones along with the applicator in it. Follow the same method to apply as we use during inserting an ovule in the vagina.

You have to just lay down partially, spacing your legs apart by bending your knees and then place the applicator containing suppositories in the vagina and then push the backer or plunger of it inserting the suppositories in the vagina.

There are more chances of leakage as compared to monistat ovules. As, suppositories are the bodies that melt immediately after insertion, there is an increase in the risk factor of leakage and messing up of all things. 

You can simply use a pad to avoid any uncomfortable situation. But it is mostly recommended to use suppositories when you don’t have to do any activity which involves movement. As movement can result in leakage.

Prefilled Cream Applicators

In this packaging, three prefilled applicators of cream are present. You have to apply it directly to the vagina by placing and inserting the cream in the vagina by pushing the plunger. Follow the same procedure of applying as mentioned above in the method of applying ovules.

This is the cheapest method to apply monistat 3 in the vagina. There are many chances of its leakage if you stand right after applying it to the vagina. You should use this method while you are in bed at nighttime. 

While sleeping, the body remains in almost rest position, does not cause any movement, so leakage can be prevented easily. But still, it is recommended to use a pad in your underwear to reduce the leakage risk factor. 

External Cream

You will always get a cream tube along with ovules and suppositories of Monistat 3. This cream is for external use and never can be inserted into the vagina. If you are noticing some itching sensation while using Monistat 3, you can apply this cream to the area around the vagina on the skin. This will give you relief from the irritation.


Question: How long does it take to get relief after using monistat 3?

Answer: You can get relief from yeast infection after using monistat depending on its dose. If you are using monistat 1, you will be cured within 24 hours. If you are using monistat 3, there are 90 percent chances to get cure within three days and if you are using monistat 7, then it may take time up to 7 days to give you relief.

Question:Can you use Monistat while you are on period?

Answer: Yes, you can monistat while having your periods. 

Question: Is it okay to urinate after using monistat?

Answer: If you are sure that leakage chances of monistat from the vagina are now less, you can go for pee. 

Question: Can we use monistat to cure urinary infection?

Answer: Most of the urinary tract infections we get through are due to bacterial attack. While Monistat is an antifungal drug, it can’t kill bacteria. So, it cannot be used to cure urinary tract infections.

Question: Is there any need to get worried if I notice blood during urination?

Answer: No, there is no need to be worried about it. You can notice spotting or bleeding while urinating, that is due to cuts you get on your vagina due to yeast infection.

Question: Is it safe to use monistat directly into the vagina?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use it directly to cure the infection. Some mild side effects can occur, including burning and itching of the vagina.

Question: Can you have sex while using Monistat?

Answer: It is better to avoid sex if you are using Monistat. You should wait for the completion of your Monistat treatment. Having sex while Monistat usage can increase your chances of getting pregnant. According to some doctors, Monistat can damage condoms, increasing the risk factor of pregnancy.

Question: Do we have to avoid some food while having a yeast infection?

Answer: You should avoid mushrooms, peas, potatoes, carrots, honey, dairy products like cream, cheese etc. It is better if you use immunity-boosting foods like ginger etc. There is a further list of foods that you should avoid, but can’t be mentioned here.

Question: How does Monistat 3 work?

Answer: Monistat is an antifungal drug that works by stopping the growth of yeast in the vagina. 

When you apply it to the vagina, it kills the yeast population by attacking the cell membranes of fungus and all important components of fungal cells come out causing the death of fungi. Monistat 3 takes about 3 days to cure yeast infection.


So, the answer to the question, Can Monistat 3 Cause Bleeding is, Yes, but it causes very light spotting. And if you notice heavy bleeding, you should consult your doctor. Further, it does not cause any serious side effects. Monistat 3 in the form of ovules, suppositories, and cream must be applied directly into the vagina using applicators.

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