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Craving Mustard – 9 Extraordinary Health Benefits

Sometimes all you want is a big juicy burger (or smoothies, or a pouch of crisps) like crazy. As if you never had that before.

So why do we have such strong food desires in the first place? And what exactly do they imply? Do you sometimes ask yourself, why am I am crazy for a particular food such as craving mustard?

If that is so, why do you believe that is the case? In this article, we will explain the phenomenon of craving mustard as well as discuss why people desire this distinctively flavorful food.

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Food cravings

First, let us dispel a major myth. Cravings are commonly believed to be the result of nutritional deficiencies.

Low magnesium levels, for instance, are associated with an increased incidence of chocolate cravings. However, most experts think that there is not enough research to prove this theory.

craving mustard

So, if food urges are connected to the lack of nutrition, would you be craving kale or apples instead of gelato and fries? Contrarily, people seem to crave foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, and sugar.  In particular, sugar, as per new research.

When you consider that a serving of dried pumpkin seeds contains more than double the magnesium than a serving of chocolate, even the famous chocolate arguments fall flat.

But no one seems to be craving pumpkin seeds. Furthermore, one study discovered that even on a nutritionally balanced diet, people experience cravings. And of course for the non-healthy food options.

Craving mustard meaning

There is no denying that mustard is a common food item, owing to its flavor. Mustard also has a range of flavors. The flavor is a mix of taste, smell, and chemical sensory information and is a far less common rationale that most people overlook.

Even so, if the body is deficient in calcium or thiamine, manganese, and selenium, it may create craving mustard as an outcome.

Apart from meeting the calcium requirement, mustard has a plethora of other health advantages. It has been used in poultices to treat stings and toothaches throughout history.

Part of the reason why you might be craving mustard is that you do not have sufficient calcium in the body. Mustard is more of a medical plant rather than a spice.

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Aside from being rich in calcium, mustard can help relieve some pain in the body, too. You can also gain calcium by consuming green vegetables like kale, broccoli, or from milk products such as yogurt or cheese.

If calcium deficiency is the issue, you need ta take care of it immediately otherwise it can lead to osteoporosis. It’s calcium that makes our bones strong and sturdy.

When we do not have enough calcium, our body starts to extracting calcium from the bones. Eventually, the bones may turn porous. Once the bones are not strong enough, weight-bearing will be tricky, putting you at risk for fall injuries.

You can also acquire calcium from nuts, fish, and sesame seeds.

Mustard has a Magnificiant History

For hundreds of years, mustard was regarded as a medicinal plant rather than a spice.

Mustard seeds contain glucosinolates, which aid in the treatment of a variety of diseases. Glucosinolates degrade into isothiocyanates, which appear to suppress cancer cell growth.

craving mustard

The component selenium, found in mustard, also inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.

Mustard is a fantastic low-calorie sauce. It adds various flavors to foods while working to keep them nutritious. It can be utilized to make dips, condiments, and marinades. Mustard seeds can be roasted dry, ground, or sautéed in oil.

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Mustard is particularly effective in vinaigrettes and sauces. In vinaigrettes, mustard aids in the emulsification, or dispersal, of the liquid, resulting in a well-mixed mixture; it also aids in the thickening of sauces.

Craving mustard is a good and healthy option

You noticed you are craving mustard then it’s a good sign. Mustard is a low-calorie food with just five calories in one tsp. It contains low carbohydrates and makes a fat-free sauce that can add a savory flavor to food.

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Many yellow and spicy mustards are crafted with distilled vinegar, garlic powder, mustard seed, onion powder, salt, spices, and turmeric. Furthermore, research findings have also shown that turmeric may have health advantages. Curcumin is a substance found in turmeric.

Curcumin may act as an antioxidant. According to preclinical research, Curcumin may as well have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and neuroprotective characteristics.  Because flavored mustards, like honey-dijon, can comprise added sugar, always read the label just before eating.

One teaspoon or five grams of spicy mustard contains 60mg sodium, and no fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, or sugar, as per the USDA.

Health Benefits of craving mustard

Are you aware of the numerous health advantages of Mustard? Yellow mustard has now become famous as a sauce in hotdogs, veggies, burgers, and sandwiches around the world for its distinct, powerful, and flavourful taste.

Mustard contains a lot of protein, fibre, vitamin C, and B – complex. And it comes with multiple health benefits on the body, including reprieve from muscular pains, ringworm, and respiratory problems. It also helps in the treatment of cancer and diabetes.

Here is a list of the beneficial properties of yellow mustard, also known as Sarso, that make it a superfood.

Muscle Spasm Relief

Mustard is well-known for its component that can give relief of muscle spasms. A teaspoon of yellow mustard powder, which is high in potassium and calcium, can aid in the maintenance of bone strength, joints, and muscles.


It is an excellent decongestant that aids in the removal of mucus from the respiratory tract. Breathing the steam from heated mustard seeds or gargling with mustard tea aids in the removal of mucus from the throat and chest.

Cholestrol Management

Yellow mustard contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which aid in cholesterol balance. It helps lower the Low – density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol level in the body. Conversely, it can aid in increasing the High – density of lipoprotein or good cholesterol levels, lowering your risk of heart disease.

Bad Breath Remedy

Yellow mustard is a powerful natural remedy for bad breath. Gently brush a teaspoon of yellow mustard oil around in your mouth for about a moment. Rinse your mouth with water properly.

Fights Cancer

Yellow mustard contains a high amount of phytochemicals known as glucosinolates, which have been shown in studies to combat cancers such as bladder, cervical, and colon cancer.


Yellow mustard is an outstanding source of magnesium, which is involved in metabolic processes and is responsible for protein synthesis. Yellow mustard’s phosphorus content aids in the carbohydrate metabolism, protein, and lipids in the body.

Improves Hair and Scalp

Yellow mustard contains beta-carotene, protein, iron, and calcium, all of which promote hair growth and keep your hair nourished. Through enhancing blood flow in the scalp, stroking your scalp with yellow mustard oil regularly promotes better and stronger hair growth.

Helps Bones and Teeth

Yellow mustard contains calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium, all of which are essential for bone and tooth growth. Yellow mustard can help maintain the bones and teeth healthy if you include it in your regular diet.

Relief Cold and Cough

Because of its strong aroma, mustard oil aids in the treatment of colds and coughs by clearing nasal and chest congestion.

Craving mustard: Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy cravings can be triggered by a mixture of factors, such as hormonal fluctuations and a heightened awareness of smell and taste. They may even unveil nutrient deficiencies. Cravings differ from one woman to another.

Cravings for common foods such as sweets, fruit, and veggies are possible. At instances, it may be for foods that you did not like before becoming pregnant.

craving mustard

Chocolates, fruits and juices, acidic fruits, milk, sweets, starchy carbohydrates, processed food, pickles, and frozen yogurt are the most frequently craved food products.

It’s also prevalent for pregnancy cravings to include salty or spicy foods, as well as tough and crunchy foods.

Although not all cravings mean that you are conceiving. Our bodies and their system tend to avert for foods that they lack in their diet or nutritional supply.

As they say, when there is a person craving mustard, it may mean that they lack calcium.


Why am I craving mustard and pickles?

If you are craving vinegary foods like pickles, sauerkraut, salt, and vinegar crispy chips, and kimchi, this is the answer. Craving vinegary or acidic foods may mean that your gut acid may be below. Your body is triggering and instructing you to eat more vinegary foods as such can trigger the stomach to create more acid.

One of the most prevalent pregnancy food cravings is pickles. It is normal for pregnant women to crave this food.

Cravings for salty foods are typical and pickles are certainly one such food. Craving this sort of food may mean that your body has low sodium levels.

Salt grasps fluids in the body and is vital in maintaining the liquid levels from the mother to the baby.

However, seek not to have to add too much salt to your food. As an alternative, you can acquire your salt fix from a snack of pickles or Spanish olives, or by consuming roasted veggies seasoned with salt and some herbs.

Why do I crave acidic foods?

If you frequently crave acidic foods, you may be deficient in stomach acid. Strong stomach acid is the body’s first line of protection, serving to sterilize food, sanitize the stomach, and disintegrate foods (particularly proteins). When the stomach acid is insufficient, it sets off a chain response of digestive impairment, resulting in digestive distress, food sensitivities, and bowel problems.

What deficiency causes sour cravings?

Because our liver is so closely linked to our emotional responses, a deficiency can cause anger/stress/anxiety, leading to a hankering for sour foods. A liver imbalance may also be causing your cravings for fried, greasy, and fatty foods.

Unbalanced liver energy can cause irregular periods, depression/anxiety, debilitating headaches, ringing in the ears, muscle cramps, and other symptoms.

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If you crave sour foods and pickles, your body is telling you that there is a problem with your gastrointestinal tract. Sauerkraut, plain yogurt, kefir, kombucha, tempeh, kimchi, miso, and other traditional sour/pickled/cultured foods are high in lacto microbes, which contribute to the sour/pickled flavor we crave.

Is spicy brown mustard good for you?

Spicy brown mustard has a range of health benefits, owing primarily to the nutritional content of the seeds used to make it. Its nutritional value is heightened by the fact that it includes more of these seeds than other prepared and ready mustards.

Nutrients: Brown mustard seeds, which are used to make spicy brown mustard, are highly nutritious.

Allyl isothiocyanate: Sinigrin is a glucosinolate present in a variety of Brassica. Sinigrin diminishes to allyl isothiocyanate, which provides mustard its distinctive flavor. It also has multiple health benefits, such as being an antioxidant.

Spicy brown mustard’s components make it useful for reducing and managing health diseases such as obesity: The strong aromatic flavor profile of spicy brown mustard does not emerge with a high-calorie load, so you can utilize it to flavor food without increasing the likelihood of weight gain.

Carcinoma: Sinigrin is a potent antioxidant that is thought to slow down the growth of bladder cancer as well as other malignancies.


If you are craving mustard, pickles, salty or sour foods, it is practically usual. Food aversions or cravings are high when you are pregnant, and your hormones are fluctuating. While it is typically common for us to crave foods, it is also vital to notice what our body is trying to tell us.

Certain foods may mean that you are lacking in nutrients and vitamins needed by your system. It is always best to gear and load up your body with meals that are packed with nutrients.

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