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CoolSculpting for Pubic Fat Control – Can It Help?

Blame it on bikini season, but the fat-freezing fad is here to stay. The global non-invasive fat reduction market was worth over $992 million back in 2019. But, from 2020 to 2027, experts expect a boost in the annual growth rate of 16.4%.

In just two years, the number of Allergan’s CoolSculpting locations went up by 76%. That means CoolSculpting, previously known as cryolipolysis, is all the rage right now. The question is, how effective can it be? Should you use it instead of liposuction? How can the simple cold get rid of so much fat?

If you want to know more about coolsculpting mons pubis, then you’ve come to the right place. We compiled a detailed guideline that will answer all your queries. Here is a comprehensive look at the effects of this popular treatment.

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How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Procedure length: around 1 hour

Fat area reduces by 20% on average per round of treatment

Maximum benefit was seen: approximately 3 months

coolsculpting mons pubis

Cryolipolysis is not your run-of-the-mill body-contouring procedure. Most options on the market require surgery or lasers to remove fat. This increases the likelihood of developing tissue damage, bleeding, and bruising. The result is astounding, but these invasive techniques come with a range of drawbacks.

CoolSculpting is different. This is the gold standard for non-invasive body contouring. It’s both efficient and safe, providing a high patient satisfaction rate. In clinical trials, after one treatment, CoolSculpting decreased subcutaneous fat by up to 25%. Roughly 86% of treatment patients noticed improvements. They reported a 73% satisfaction rate.

The procedure relies on cryolipolysis to cool the fat until it reaches a freezing temperature. It targets specific areas of the body like the lower back, belly, thighs, and sides. The freezing breaks down fat cells without damaging the underlying tissue or skin.

By issuing controlled cooling, the procedure crystallizes fat cells. These cells eventually die off and are naturally flushed out of the system. Months or weeks after treatment, the remaining cells begin to condense. Therefore, lessening the fat layer.

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CoolSculpting Mons Pubis

Women who lost a bunch of weight but can’t seem to get their mons pubis back in shape often consider liposuction. If you want a non-invasive approach, then book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

CoolSculpting can be a viable alternative to treat the mons pubis area. It can permanently remove 20% to 25% of the fat from the targeted area. For best results, some patients opt for two incisions on the pubic section.

However, do have in mind that people need multiple treatments to notice a dramatic fat reduction. The time it takes to achieve these results makes it a lengthy procedure. That’s why some experts might suggest SmartLipo, which is a laser-based option designed to break up fat. It can also tighten the skin.

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction – Which One Should You Go For?

To select either CoolSculpting or Liposuction, you should know your treatment goals. Both procedures are meant to decrease fat, ensuring permanent results. Here is how you can distinguish them. Cryolipolysis takes care of focal fat pockets.


So, a patient who likes to work on a specific area like the FUPA of their body chooses coolsculpting mons pubis. Like the love handles or thigh fat. The procedure creates mild to moderate improvements. Multiple sessions are necessary when you need to work with bigger areas of the body.

But, since cryolipolysis doesn’t rely on invasive techniques, it comes with minor adverse effects. If they do occur, like skin sensitivity or bruising, they typically disappear in a couple of weeks. Your body will keep processing the fat long after CoolSculpting treatment.


Patients looking for a dramatic output with substantial results choose Liposuction. This is an aggressive form of treatment. It allows the surgeon to remove more fat in a single session. It can also be paired with other procedures, like fat transfer.

This is a go-to choice for those who need significant body contouring. Unlike CoolSculpting, the overall fat reduction and contouring improve just a few days after treatment. But, there is something else you should have in mind.

CoolSculpting comes with a shorter recovery period. Sometimes problems like tingling, bruising, or redness resolve themselves relatively quickly. With liposuction, patients need to wait a week before they can get back to work. But, the numbness, bruising, and swelling can take weeks to months to heal.

CoolSculpting Recovery and Results

CoolSculpting isn’t surgery. As such, it can bring only minimal discomfort with a low possibility of complications. According to experts, there is little to no post-treatment recovery time. Most patients can get back to their daily routines right after the procedure.

If you experience numbness or redness, you should take good care of the body and wait for them to subside. A strong candidate for cryolipolysis is someone who has good physical health. They exhibit localized fat deposits, slight skin laxity and have realistic expectations of the treatment.

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CoolSculpting is not meant to provide substantial weight loss. It is here to sculpt the body and remove fat from targeted areas. Based on 2021 reports, multiple CoolSculpting cycles can safely boost overall treatment benefits in body sculpting. It can also lead to better decreases in skinfold thickness. The mean reduction in skinfold thickness varied from 14.7% to 28.5% in 19 studies.

What Causes an Enlarged Mons Pubis?

How you perceive your genitalia will have a drastic impact on your self-esteem, experts explain. If you are self-conscious about the extra fat down there, then you’ve probably considered cosmetic surgery. But, before you decide on treatment, it’s essential to understand where the fatty tissue comes from.

There are multiple causes of excess mons pubis fat. They include:


The tendency for pubic area fat could be something you are born with. This is what we call a congenital issue. Some people are predisposed to fat collection in this particular area. If you plan on getting the spot treated, then talk to a doctor about it.

Weight gain

The extra pounds could lead to a bigger mons pubis. Rarely any obese individual won’t store additional fat in their pubic area. Since the skin becomes lax, sagging is very common.

Cosmetic surgery

When you get surgery on the abdomen, the procedure can reveal fatty tissue of the pubic area. This tissue was already there, but you ignored it since you focused on your stomach. It may be a practical option to treat the mons pubis while getting a tummy tuck when that happens.

How to Get Rid of Excess Mons Pubis Fat?

Other than coolsculpting mons pubis, liposuction, monsplasty, and mons surgery for men can also help. These methods can take care of the excess fat. Liposuction is a practical choice. The patient receives local anesthesia, after which the surgeon makes sure that they get the desired result.

If the skin is very elastic, then the results can be substantial. But, those with loose excess skin tend to get a looser pubic area. Therefore, it is best to consult with a specialist before you decide on any type of treatment.

Monsplasty has its uses. When liposuction can’t create the necessary benefit, monsplasty can take care of where liposuction left off. This is what we call a “pubic lift.” The patient has their fat and extra skin removed through a surgical procedure. This curbs the bulge, providing the spot with a lifted look.

This invasive treatment uses an incision. Thus, people get a scar quite like that of a C-section patient. Individuals who prefer this treatment method gave birth or noticed significant bodily changes due to aging.

For male patients, mons surgery could prove helpful. The mons pubis can also develop additional fat. It is the same as liposuction but tailored towards the male population. Recovery from either of these surgeries takes time, and complications can occur. So, it is in your best interest to book a doctor’s appointment if you want to make any changes to your body.


Can CoolSculpting reduce mons pubis?

Yes. Doctors can perform coolsculpting mons pubis. Since the area is relatively smaller compared to other body sections, the specialist will take a smaller applicator. So, you get a quicker recovery time. The pubic area can lose 25% to 30% of extra fat at best. But, multiple sessions may be necessary depending on the kind of results you like.

To know whether you need to treat the pubic area with cryolipolysis, pinch the excess fat. If you can squeeze it, then the procedure can treat it. The reason for that is relatively simple. The fat must fit into the CoolSculpting applicator to work.

How much does a mons lift Cost?

It depends. The prices tend to vary based on the amount of skin laxity and tissue that needs correcting. Overall, advanced lipo techniques to reduce the mons pubis can cost $2,500. If you use a combination of treatments, the prices pile up, like getting a labiaplasty, for example.

So, it is not uncommon for them to reach about $3,500. Post-operative scar treatment can also add up the costs. But, to get a detailed assessment, talk to reliable surgeons. They will assess the state of your skin and tell you exactly what to expect.

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Can you get CoolSculpting on FUPA?

Absolutely. Although multiple sessions may be necessary to work with the area around the pubic bone, the procedure offers zero downtime. It imitates the results of a natural weight loss process, which is why it’s popular among different aged patients.

FUPA can be the result of hormonal changes and drastic weight loss. If your body creates more estrogen than it should, it can trigger fat build-up in the pubic area. Drastic weight reduction can have the same impact. If you recently shed over 50 pounds, then the pubic region will have extra skin. This skin requires treatment, making CoolSculpting a beneficial option.

In many female patients who give birth via C-section, FUPAS can worsen. Therefore, they are looking to get surgery or any treatment to reduce its effect. Coolsculpting mons pubis is a non-invasive method that can help with FUPA.

Does CoolSculpting work on pubic area?

Yes. CoolSculpting is an efficient and safe method for working with the fatty tissue in this sensitive spot. It delivers unprecedented results without downtime, dieting, physical activity, or surgery. Of course, you should still maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment. Just the treatment itself is more than capable of managing the stubborn fat.

What’s the downside of CoolSculpting?

Just like any procedure out there, CoolSculpting has its downsides. First, this is an expensive treatment, meaning that you would need to spend a hefty sum to get the desired result. Another thing to have in mind is the side effects. People can experience:

  • Tugging sensations
  • Aches
  • Stinging
  • Temporary bruising, swelling, and redness
  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (very rare)

Also, this treatment isn’t for everyone. Those suffering from paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cold agglutinin disease, and cryoglobulinemia must avoid CoolSculpting. Otherwise, the procedure could trigger serious complications.

Can CoolSculpting get rid of FUPA?

If you are a good candidate, then the procedure can be a viable alternative. While FUPA is healthy and natural, it can obscure the genitals and make sex difficult. People use CoolSculpting to undo the effects of FUPA so that they can have more pleasurable intercourse.

For others, FUPA doesn’t cause serious problems. They only see it as an uncomfortable, inconvenient, and shameful problem. So, they want to get rid of it. Whatever the case, CoolSculpting can help. Just don’t expect to see remarkable results overnight.

It takes time to contour the upper pubic area. That’s why many people choose invasive options, such as pubic lift, liposuction, and monsplasty. If you don’t know which option is best tailored to your needs, contact a specialist. They can assess your condition and advise you on the treatment you can go for.


CoolSculpting has a plethora of benefits. Due to its high success rate and efficiency, it is trendy among the general population. For women who struggle with rounded and soft mounds known as mons pubis, this coolsculpting mons pubis can help. But, it takes some time to get the smooth, flat-looking skin you strive for.

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