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Can I Eat Salami While Pregnant? Get the Most Elaborated Answer!

Are you craving salami while pregnant? Are you in search of some ways to enjoy salami while pregnant? Or Is it forbidden? Well, pregnancy is a condition in which a lot of foods are not good to eat. Sometimes, you even have to quit your favorite foods. Salami is one of those.

A lot of women ask, Can I eat salami while pregnant?

Eating Salami while pregnant is not a good choice. This is because it is more likely to cause serious diseases and complications during pregnancy. Being a processed food, it is better to avoid it, especially when you’re not sure about how hygienic it is. Not only does it cause serious problems for pregnant women but it can also harm the growing baby.

In this article, you will get to know the reasons why most doctors do not recommend salami during pregnancy. Also, we have got a few safe ways for you to eat a little bit of salami while pregnant if you’re craving it.

Salami is a prepackaged meal and can get contaminated in a lot of ways. If it is cut with an unclean knife on a contaminated surface, the salami is likely to cause a Foodborne illness.

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What is Salami?

Salami is one of the types of deli meat that is most common in making burgers and sandwiches. Salami is prepared by cooking and curing the meat. Then, they cut into slices to prepare sandwiches or light bites.

Salami is just like a cured sausage. It is the soft and fresh meat that is dried, fermented, and cured to produce fresh cuts of meat. Mostly, they use beef or pork to prepare salami. 


Salami is one type of deli meat. Deli meat has three types that are following.

  • Whole Cut meat ( prepared by cooking meat and then slicing it)
  • Sectioned meat ( these are the small chunks of meat combined to create a single piece)
  • Processed meat ( it also contains the meat by-products as well as preservatives)

Salami is the sectioned meat. It also contains high amounts of salt and Spices and saturated fats.

Salami Nutritional Facts

Before getting to know further about salami, it is important to first know its nutritional information. A 9.8-gram slice of salami contains 37 calories. Out of these 28 calories are from fats. The following table demonstrates the nutritional value of salami.

Nutrients% Daily Values
Total fats 3.1 g5%
Saturated fats 1.1 g6%
Trans fat 0.1 g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.5 g
Money saturated fats 1.4 g
Cholesterol 11 mg4%
Sodium 172 mg7%
Potassium 36 mg1%
Total carbohydrates 0.1 g0%
Dietary fiber 0g
Sugar 0g
Protein 2.1 g
Vitamin A 0.1%
Vitamin C 0%

The amount of saturated fats also depends upon the type of meat present in salami. Also, the salt percentage can vary according to the cooking process.

Can I Eat Salami While Pregnant?

Most of the women complain that I ate salami while pregnant and got sick. So, Is it safe to eat salami during pregnancy? While you’re pregnant, doctors do not recommend eating salami because of the risk of getting a lot of diseases. 


Most women ask, why can’t I eat Salami While Pregnant? So, the following are the reasons to avoid salami during pregnancy.

Risk of Foodborne Illnesses

Salami is a prepackaged meal and can get contaminated in a lot of ways. If it is cut with an unclean knife on a contaminated surface, the salami is likely to cause a Foodborne illness.

So, eating this salami can cause Listeriosis, Salmonellosis, and Toxoplasmosis. Listeriosis is the most common of these infections. The main culprit of this infection is Listeria monocytogenes. 

These bacteria are commonly present in water and soil. Deli meats like salami can cause Foodborne Illnesses if they contain pathogens like Listeria. Mostly, the animals that feed on agricultural land are the carriers of these pathogenic bacteria.

Can I eat salami on pizza while pregnant, is one of those questions that pregnant women ask. Listeriosis is the one sign of food poisoning caused by contaminated pizzas. In pregnant women, Listeriosis can also cause other complications. The pathogens may cross the placental barrier and can affect the growing fetus. 

High Amount of Saturated Fats

Another important side effect of eating salami in pregnancy is that salami is high in saturated fats. Most doctors avoid consuming saturated fats, especially during pregnancy.

These are the LDL cholesterol or bad fats that can lead to a lot of diseases.  Most pregnant ladies ask, Can I eat fried salami while pregnant?  Well, fried salami is high in LDL cholesterol. 

Eating high amounts of LDL fats during pregnancy can cause conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Pregnancy-induced diabetes is very common in individuals who consume LDL cholesterol during pregnancy.


High Salt Content

Can I eat Italian dry salami while pregnant, is a common question? Well, Salt is one of those culprits that cause complications during pregnancy. Since Italian Salami is a type of cured meat and they preserve it with salt and other seasonings, it is not good to consume during pregnancy.

Salt in pregnancy can cause serious hypertension and water retention in the body. It can also cause swelling in the legs and feet. High blood pressure during pregnancy can even lead to miscarriage or preterm birth. 

Other Side Effects of Salami during pregnancy

As we all know that uncooked or cured meat contains parasites that mostly cause toxoplasmosis. Also, there is a high risk of listeria contamination. Following are the other common side effects of eating salami during pregnancy.

  • The foodborne illnesses can cross the placental barrier and can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth m labor.
  • These illnesses during pregnancy can affect the intellectual abilities of the fetus and can even cause brain tumors in the fetus.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration during pregnancy are the common consequences of Foodborne Illnesses.
  • Because of dehydration and hypertension, a pregnant woman may also suffer from heart disease and kidney failure.

How to Make Salami Pregnancy Safe?

According to doctors and health experts, the best choice is to completely avoid salami during pregnancy. However, if you can’t stop eating salami during pregnancy due to cravings, try to not eat it cold straight out of packages. 

Mostly, women ask, can I eat cold salami while pregnant? The answer is a big No! Cold salami can be very high in germs and bacteria. To make it pregnancy safe, heat it in a microwave at 75 degrees Celsius. So, it is not a good idea to eat salami in pregnancy until it is steaming hot.

Another important thing to follow is that, don’t eat salami that contains uncooked meat. Raw or uncooked meat is high in parasites and germs. And as your immunity is weak during pregnancy, the parasites can easily attack your system. 

So, if you’re craving salami during pregnancy, eat one that includes properly cooked meat and heat it until you’re sure the bacteria would have been killed.


Question: What to do if I ate salami while pregnant?

If you ate salami during pregnancy, just do not panic. Stay calm and look for the symptoms of food poisoning if they appear. The symptoms mostly appear after 12 to 24 hours so, immediately contact your doctor and ask them to begin your treatment as soon as possible. Meanwhile, just keep yourself well hydrated.

Question: Can you eat cooked Spanish chorizo while pregnant?

The Spanish chorizo is raw and they ferment and cure it with salt and seasonings. So, firstly it is unhealthy to eat raw meat during pregnancy. Secondly, salt and seasonings can cause water retention and high blood pressure. So, it is better not to eat Spanish chorizo during pregnancy.

Question: Are Salami and pepperoni OK during pregnancy?

The best choice is to avoid eating Salami or pepperoni during pregnancy. However, if you’re craving it, cook it properly until it is steaming hot. Make sure the meat is not raw and it is low in salt and seasonings. You can also choose salami containing low-fat meat.

Question: which deli meats are safe during pregnancy?

Deli meats that are not raw and low in salt and fat contents can be safe during pregnancy. Also, if they prepare meat following proper hygienic conditions, it can be safe during pregnancy. Similarly, hot dogs, bacon, and sausages are not good during pregnancy. Dry pepperoni and fully cooked salami can be safe during pregnancy.

Bottom Line

Can I eat salami while pregnant, is a curiosity among a lot of pregnant ladies. Following the health experts’ advice, it is not a good idea to consume salami, hot dogs, sausages, and other raw meats during pregnancy. This can cause serious Foodborne Illnesses.

If you can’t control your cravings, you can eat salami after heating it in the microwave. Even then, if you catch an illness look for the symptoms of dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, and muscle aches. If you’re suffering from all these conditions, immediately consult your doctor and drink plenty of water.

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