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Get To Know the Real Facts About the Cheese in Cheez-Its

Lots of people snack on Cheez-Its without thinking that, are Cheez-Its healthy? Well, you might be one of those. Are you curious to know how healthy are Cheez-Its? Whether they contain real cheese or not? Or if they are a real protein?

The first cheez-Its were made in 1921 by a cracker manufacturer Green and Green company. The basic ingredients of Cheez-Its are refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, yeast, and cheese. You might think that the bright orange appearance of Cheez-Its is due to the good quantity of cheese present in them.

But that’s not true. Cheez-Its are orange in color because of the paprika present in them which enhances their bright orange color. Is Cheez-Its healthy?

The article is going to reveal all the secrets about Cheez-Its in terms of taste, texture, and above all, in terms of health benefits.

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Are Cheez-Its Healthy?

Cheez-Its contain a lot of preservatives and refined wheat flour. Wheat flour may have an advantage because it is rich in niacin and other vitamins but since it is refined, that’s why it is not very nutritious. But still, a lot of people want to know, are Cheez-Its healthy to eat?


Cheez-Its are junk food that contains simple carbohydrates, and a lot of empty calories. They are not considered rent-densesenackss. Some people think that as they contain wheat flour so they are healthy but the wheat flour in Cheez-Its is and refined, so the nutrients are reduced. There are a lot of fats that can increase your bad cholesterol levels.

The yeast can increase energy levels, but overall they are not healthy. They just contain empty carbs with no nutrition. Cheese in Cheez-Its of course contains protein and calcium but the thing is that cheese is not the main ingredient. 27 Cheez-Its crackers contain 230 mg of sodium that is too unhealthy for those struggling with weight loss. So, Cheez-Its are not the worst but not a great snacking option either.

Nutrition Facts of Cheez-Its

The nutrition facts of Cheez-Its are given below.


Following are the facts related to Cheez-Its that most of us are curious to know about.

Are Whole Grain Cheez-Its Healthy?

Whole grain Cheez-Its can be a healthier choice if we want to get a good amount of carbs, but they don’t have any fiber content in them. One serving contains 150 calories and 8 grams of whole grains. The benefit of whole grain flour is that it is rich in niacin and vitamin B12. Both of these nutrients are good for health.

Are Cheez-Its Easy to Digest?

Well, whether the Cheez-Its are easy to digest or not depends upon your gut health. If you do not have any digestive problems, you can easily digest Cheez-Its. Some people are lactose intolerant so they are not able to digest the cheese present in Cheez-Its.

Moreover, if you have a problem with acidity, you may get heartburn by eating out a large amount of Cheez-Its. Hence it may cause heartburn. Therefore, you should always eat a moderate amount of Cheez-Its.

Is Doritos Healthy?

Doritos are not a healthy snack option especially if you are on a weight-loss mission or a patient with high blood pressure. Doritos contain a high amount of sodium and fat.


They contain a large amount of saturated fat that is a big cause of cardiovascular diseases

Are Cheez-It’s a Healthy Snack?

A lot of people fond of snacking are curious to know that, are Cheez-Its good snacks to eat? The answer is a big no. Cheez-Its are tasty but not healthy since they contain a bomb of empty calories and they are so addictive that you just can’t stop yourself from filling your stomach more and more with extra amounts of calories.

Cheese contains fats that slow down stomach emptying and hence it causes heartburn. They contain the chemical MSG that is bad for health and is not easy to digest. The use of artificial coloring and monosodium glutamate makes it more unhealthy. But as it is all the game if calories you need to consume. You can eat them in a moderate amount. 

Are Cheez-Its Healthier Than Chips?

Potato chips are high in calories but they are more healthy than Cheez-Its. Cheez-Its are not healthy as they contain trans fats that are bad for heart health. They can also raise your bad cholesterol levels. They are, of course, junk food containing dangerous fats. Chips are more healthy but if we talk about calories, Cheez-Its are lower in calories than chips.

Are White Cheddar Cheez-Its Healthy?

White cheddar Cheez-Its have significantly no nutrition benefits. They just contain a trace amount of nutrients, no fiber, and a very little amount of protein. They are highly processed and contain MSG which is very unhealthy. 


Are Cheez-Its Grooves Healthy?

Cheez-Its grooves contain no nutrition. They contain 140 calories per serving so they are a little healthier as compared to other Cheez-Its since they contain a little fewer calories. But in terms of flavor, white cheddar Cheez-Its are the best.

What is a Healthy Alternative for Cheez-Its?

Annie’s cheddar bunnies are a healthier alternative to Cheez-Its as they contain organic wheat that is not refined and real cheddar. They are also low in sodium so they are a healthy alternative to Cheez-Its.

Is Cheez-Its Good for Weight Loss?

Some people think that maybe we can eat reduced-fat Cheez-Its if we are struggling with weight loss, they ask, are reduced-fat Cheez-Its healthy? Or Are Cheez-Its fattening? The answer is that Cheez-Its are not healthy for weight loss as they contain a greater amount of empty calories.

Now, what does it mean when we say empty calories? Empty calories mean they are just increasing your calorie intake and are not providing you with any healthy nutrients. These empty calories will only contribute to weight gain and nothing else. 

Moreover, trans fats increase bad cholesterol levels and the high sodium content can make you bloated. The only plus point they have is that they contain no fructose but overall, they are not healthy and not at all good for weight loss. They are very fattening if you eat more than the recommended amount.

FInal Words

If you want to snack on Cheez-Its, you must know about the facts described above to explain “Are Cheez-Its healthy”. Snacking is not bad, but snacking on an unhealthy snack can cause you serious health risks.

As you know, Cheez-Its are not organic. They are junk food and there are many healthier alternatives too, so why not choose those rather than filling yourself with a lot of empty carbs and calories!!!


Is Cheez-Its junk food?

Yes, Cheez-Its is junk food, having a lot of empty calories. They contain a lot of preservatives and trans fats that are not good for health.

How many Cheez-Its should I eat?

You can eat 30 g of Cheez-Its that is equal to 27 Cheez-Its crackers per day. It is a healthy amount according to daily sodium intake as excess sodium can make you bloated and causes cardiovascular diseases.

Are Cheez-Its or goldfish healthier?

Goldfish are healthier than Cheez-Its but Cheez-Its have 230mg sodium and 17-gram carbs whereas goldfish have 250 mg sodium and 20 g carbs. But overall, goldfish are healthier than Cheez-Its.

Are Cheez-Its considered a healthy snack?

Even if Cheez-Its contain reduced fats, it is not healthy as it contains all the ingredients that are refined and processed. It is also not healthy for weight loss. It raises the level of LDL in our body causing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

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