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Do Premier Protein Shakes Go Bad?

Protein shakes are not merely a protein drink; it offers much more to its consumers. To increase its value, the manufacturer usually includes vitamins and minerals in it.

After hitting the gym or for nutritional purposes, it becomes a go-to drink for many. Besides, it’s super easy to prepare. You just have to take a couple of scoops of protein powder in a glass. Add some water to it & whirl the mixture.

Perhaps! Following the daily routine, you may have opened the packet today too. But, what the heck! The materials inside are full of foul odors & looking clumping or yellowish!

It can toss your $100 in the drain without even notifying you. But, why do premier protein shakes go bad? Read this article to find that out.

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Can Premier Protein Powder Itself Go Bad?

The simple answer is yes. Almost every protein powder comes with a shelf life. The company usually includes that along with the manufacturing date.

do premier protein shakes go bad

When the date is over, it becomes ineffective, changes color, or even becomes dangerous for health. Suppose you found that your protein shakes date expires. But, by opening the packet, you don’t see any visual differences in the materials.

So, is it safe to take premier protein after expiration? Let’s find it out.

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Is It Safe/Bad To Drink An Expired Premier Protein Shake?

Before getting into the answer, you should know its shelf life first. The premier protein is a mixture of whey & casein. So, it may last for up to 18 months.

It is considered harmless to chug the protein shake a few days or weeks after expiration because this high-quality protein shake can hold up its efficiency for quite an extended period.

But, it will be unable to serve a purpose similar to a fresh one.  Besides, you should have it at your own risk because chemical or physical alteration may occur in the protein shake. Improper storage can even create mold inside.

But, how could I know whether it’s time to dispose of it or not? Alright, stay with me if you have any hesitation in having it or throwing it away. You should toss the tub if any of the features are seen.

  • It tastes bitter or smells rancid
  • Color changes
  • Mold formed
  • If the elements clumped

Here is a thing you need to know about the color change. Turning the pure white powder into yellowish may indicate that it is already turned bad.

However, the manufacturer added artificial chemicals to make it this white. Some protein powders come with a slightly yellowish hue.

Also, the color of the product varies from batch to batch. So, the off-white color can be an indication of suitable materials inside.

How Long Do Premier Protein Shakes Last After Opening?

After opening it, you probably mix it with either water or milk. You can store the blends for 72 hours in the refrigerator.

But there are a few questions that need your immediate attention. Do you have to refrigerate it?  How long can you keep the premier protein shake unrefrigerated?

You don’t have to keep it on freeze unless you love to take a cold shake. However, many health enthusiasts like to add fruit to the protein shake. And leaving it in the refrigerator may spoil the flavor. But it will not cause any health issues.

do premier protein shakes go bad

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But, doing so may lead you to sacrifice the texture, taste & quality of the drink. Let’s move on to the next question.

You can keep the drink good for two hours without refrigeration. When you are traveling, you can use the super-insulated travel mug. It will keep the shake cold for hours.

Till now, it seems like expiry or being out-of-date is probably the main factor that makes you ask do premier protein shakes go bad. But. is there any other contributing factor? Let’s find out.

Can Premier Protein Powder Go Bad Before The Expiry Date?

Yes, it can! 

If you don’t close the packet tightly, the powder will soon get worse. Even a droplet of water, if it accidentally goes into the packet, may spoil the whole.

More or less, most of the protein powder contains sugar. The added sugar can react with the protein, which is called Maillard Reaction. So, you will get either a flavor of little chalky or iffy while drink.

Also, the amino acid lysine of the protein mix can break down. Then, it will not make any difference in your body because it will not supply the protein you need.

The next thing that can go bad naturally is FAT. If this element goes bad, then the product will lose its entire value. The only option left is to drain it down the sink. 

Still, one of the biggest enemies for ruining the supplement is heat and moisture. Because this type of product tends to absorb moisture rapidly. As a consequence, the protein shake goes bad.

It will be the most unpleasant experience to see that a good quality powder goes in the drain. At least not before the expiry date. We care about your time, efforts & hard work. So, we come with some tips to rescue you from this type of situation.

How can you keep the premier protein shake effective?

How you store the product before /after opening plays a significant role in increasing the lifespan. Here, we outline some of the best practices that will prevent the protein shake from going bad.

  • Close the container tightly after each use. It will keep the stuff safe from exposure to excess heat and moisture
  • You can use resealable pouches to secure the protein shake
  • Squeeze the packet as much as you can before sealing it. It will exert extra air to prevent oxidation.
  • Try to store it in a cold, dry, and dark place. Besides, you shouldn’t store it in the refrigerator as it can spoil the quality

Keeping these tips in mind & following them accordingly will help you to consume them more effectively. So, try it.


Is it bad to drink two protein shakes a day?

No, you can take two protein shakes a day, and it won’t cause any harm to your body. Moreover, your diet won’t get affected if you drink two protein shakes a day.

Can protein shake damage your kidneys? 

Your kidneys play an important role in excluding the wastes of protein synthesis from your body. When you take protein powder, your kidneys do overwork. As a result, prolonged use of protein powder can damage your kidneys.

Is it a terrible idea to mix protein powder with coffee?

If you are thinking of mixing protein powder with hot coffee, it is not a good idea. Hot water can clamp the protein powder, and so to prevent it; you have to dissolve it into cold water first.

You can add protein powder to an iced coffee without any tension.

Are premier protein shakes good for weight loss?

Makers of a premier protein hit the market with a claim that it will shed pounds. The truth is it will reduce your weight to some extent. For this, you have to replace your daily meal with a protein shake. It will then cut down calories.

Which will result in reducing overall fats. But, you can’t expect to get a lean and thin body just by having a protein shake.

How long does protein shake last at room temperature?

You can store protein shakes at room temperature for approximately 2 to 4 days. So if you can not store protein shake in a refrigerator, you can drink the shake kept at room temperature for 2 to 4 days.

Do you need to refrigerate the premier protein shake?

Usually, it is not necessary to store the premier protein shake in a refrigerator as it lasts a few days at room temperature. But if you like the cold flavor, you can add some ice to it. In this way, it will not disrupt the calorie amount.


Hopefully, now you come to know about – do premier protein shakes go bad or not. Also, you get to know some tips regarding how you can make the shake last longer.

However, if the techniques bring any difference, then let us know. Also, if you have any suggestion on this topic, do share in the comment box below.

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