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Why Take Flomax at Bedtime? Here’s the Reason!

Flomax is an alpha-blocker used to relax the muscles of the urinary bladder to ease the passage of urine in patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Flomax starts improving the symptoms of BPH within a month of usage, however, if you don’t observe any improvement and the side effects worsen, then consult your doctor immediately.  

As per the recommendation, Flomax should be taken 30 minutes after the meal but if it can be taken after any meal, then why take Flomax at bedtime only? 

Like all other drugs, Flomax comes up with some side effects such as low BP, dizziness, and lightheadedness which makes it difficult for the patient to stand up after a sitting/lying position. So, to avoid this condition, Flomax should be taken at night 30 minutes after dinner and before bedtime. Hence, to minimize the chances of fainting after taking the drug, patients are advised to take Flomax before bedtime. 

In this write-up, you’ll learn an in-depth analysis of why it is recommended to take Flomax at bedtime and much more! So, read on. 

As per the aforementioned side effects, Flomax can lead to low blood pressure and eventually passing out, so, taking the drug at night reduces the chances of fainting and passing out.

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Flomax is the branded version of “Tamsulosin” which is a drug restricted to be used by men for the treatment of a benign condition called prostatic hyperplasia. 

In this condition, one of the reproductive organs exclusively present in males called “prostate” becomes enlarged due to non-cancerous hypertrophy. The enlarged prostate presses against the neighboring structure urethra which is the gateway for the excretion of urine from the bladder. Hence, the urethra fails to function properly thereby leaving some urine in the bladder. 


There is a common myth that Flomax shrinks the prostate, however, it is prescribed to patients with BPH because being an alpha-blocker it relaxes the muscles of the bladder, making it easier for the patient to urinate. 

Flomax: Side Effects 

Like all other drugs, Flomax comes with some common side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, etc but several other side effects of Flomax men usually experience are: 

  • Runny nose
  • Ejaculation problems – difficulty in ejaculation, failure to ejaculate, or ejaculation within the bladder)
  • Headache
  • Tooth problems 
  • Backache 
  • Chest pain
  • Insomnia 
  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Flu-like symptoms

A complication associated with Flomax is orthostatic hypotension which is a drop in blood pressure that eventually leads to fainting. Another severe but rare side effect of the drug is “priapism” which is a prolonged erection of the penis. 

There can be an allergic reaction to the drug or any skin reaction such as Stevens-Johnson’s syndrome which begins with flu-like symptoms and ends with a serious skin rash.   


Although the FDA has clearly stated that Flomax can only be used by men and not any other gender, research reveals that women have used it and have found it effective in relieving their urinary problems

Flomax: Overdose

When it comes to dosage, must follow your doctor’s guidelines and take Flomax accordingly. Usually, doctors prescribe Flomax based on the condition of the patient which can be initially 0.4 mg orally once a day and the maximum dosage can be 0.8 mg once a day. Your doctor will prescribe whatever’s good for you. 

People often ask, Can I take Flomax twice a day? Well, taking two doses on the same day isn’t recommended at all! If you mistakenly skip a dose, then take it as soon as you remember, however, never take two doses together because it can lead to Flomax overdose leading to dangerous consequences which include:

  • Dizziness 
  • Chest pain
  • Light headedness 
  • Headache
  • Fainting 
  • Tachycardia (increased heartbeat) 
  • Low blood pressure 

Why Should I take Flomax at Bedtime?

If you are prescribed Flomax, take the given dosage once a day as per the given instructions. So, when to take Tamsulosin? As far as timings are concerned, this drug is known to work best if consumed half an hour after the meal be it your dinner, lunch, or breakfast. Take it orally and avoid crushing or chewing the drug. 

If it can be taken after any meal then, why take Flomax at bedtime? Well, as per the aforementioned side effects, the drug can lead to low blood pressure and eventually passing out, so, taking the drug at night reduces the chances of fainting and passing out. However, it isn’t mandatory to be taken at night only. If you aren’t comfortable while taking Flomax at night, then you can take it after lunch but make sure to take it at least 30 minutes after your meal. 


People often ask, why take Flomax with food and not on an empty stomach? Taking Flomax before eating anything can increase the severity of side effects as most of the drug gets absorbed unlikely when it is taken on a full stomach, absorption is slowed down.  

Now you must have figured out, why is it important to take Flomax 20 minutes after a meal. Well, it is preferred to take the drug at least half an hour after a meal so that the drug absorption can be controlled and it isn’t excessively absorbed. 

How long does Flomax stay in your system? Flomax has a mean effective half-life of 9-15 hours which means it takes approximately half-day to lose half of its biological activity. So, if you stop taking the drug, it will be completely eliminated in 4-5 half-lives which means you can find traces of Flomax for up to three days only. 

After reading the aforementioned details, you must be wondering does Flomax make you pee more? Well, Flomax facilitates the passage of urine from the bladder to the urethra thereby easing the route of urine, however, it doesn’t increase the urine in quantity, it just facilitates its passage. 

How Long Should I Take Tamsulosin?

Are you here to ask, do I have to take Flomax forever? If yes, then let me tell you that if Flomax is actually helping you in relaxing your muscles, then your doctor might consider it a long-term treatment for you. Flomax starts working within a month of intake in most patients and continuous intake has shown progressive changes in the patients with BPH. 

However, research suggests that continuous use of Flomax is not always needed but if you want to discontinue the medication, then make sure to seek professional advice before doing that. Most people discontinue this drug due to unpleasant side effects such as low BP, headache, dizziness, and fainting.   


Is it better to take Flomax at night or in the morning?

Flomax is an alpha-blocker used to treat patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia by relaxing the muscles of the urinary bladder to facilitate urination. However, this drug comes up with a side effect of low blood pressure which can be avoided if it is consumed at night. However, you are independent in choosing the time that eases you in your routine as it is not mandatory to take Flomax at night only.  

Does Flomax have to be taken at bedtime?

Yes! Doctors suggest taking Flomax at night, exactly 20-30 minutes after dinner before your bedtime. This is because as soon as Flomax is absorbed, patients experience a drop in blood pressure, hence, it is recommended by the doctors not to take Flomax in the morning or else it might affect your routine work. 

Why can’t you lay down after taking Flomax?

As soon as Flomax enters the system, it causes a drop in the blood pressure which can lead to dizziness and even fainting especially when you change your position. For example, if you stand up from a lying position, you are more likely to experience fainting and dizziness after taking Flomax. 

What is the best time to take Flomax?

Flomax is usually recommended by doctors to be taken at night approximately half an hour after dinner before sleeping to avoid side effects such as low BP. Considering your ease, you may take it early in the morning or afternoon but make sure you take it at least half an hour after the meal to avoid extreme absorption of the drug which can increase the severity of side effects. 

Final Verdict

The branded version of Tamsulosin is Flomax which is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia for easing the passage of urine through the urethra. However, it comes up with several side effects such as nausea, low BP, lightheadedness, headache, dizziness, and ejaculation problems. The drug is approved by FDA to be used only by men and not by women and children.

You were confused about the fact that if Flomax must be consumed after 30 minutes of the meal, then why take Flomax at bedtime only? So, we provided you with a logical explanation that the best time to take Flomax is half an hour after dinner and before your bedtime so that you don’t have to suffer from the side effect of fainting due to low blood pressure.

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