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Why Do Vegetables Taste Bad? Find Out Now! 

You are hungry, and I offer you two choices- a creamy pizza slice and a broccoli salad. Which one will you choose? Of course, every one of you will select the pizza. The reason is simple- Pizza is delicious and cheesy. However, broccoli being nasty in taste also makes it a no-brainer to choose pizza.

So, Why do vegetables taste bad? 

There are lots of reasons that describe why vegetables do not taste good. The biggest reason is the glucosinolate present in them, which releases bitterness when the vegetables are cut. Moreover, your genes are also the reason why you don’t like vegetables. Similarly, bad cooking choices also make vegetable dishes bland. 

Want to learn the details about these reasons? Then continue reading!

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Why do vegetables taste bad? Digging up the Reasons! 

What do vegetables taste like? Most vegetables taste bitter or bland, with only a few exceptions. Know the details of why most vegetables taste nasty.

It is a Defence Mechanism 

Vegetables taste bad because of their defense mechanism. Yes, it is true that vegetables have their own defense mechanism. Have you ever wondered why you have teary eyes during the cutting of onions? It is because Onions are fighting back. 

Similarly, when you start cutting the vegetables, the glucosinolate releases the mustard oil. This release of mustard oil is a self-defense mechanism, which makes the vegetables a little bitter. Similarly, vegetables keep fighting back until you completely chew them. So, here’s the answer to the equation- Does mustard oil make the vegetables taste bad? 

In addition to mustard oil, they also release sulfur that tastes bad as well. 

People also ask, why do cruciferous vegetables taste bad? Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli) have more glucosinolate content, so they have a bad taste. Furthermore, when you start cooking these vegetables, they release gas, which makes the taste even more unpleasant. 


Problem Lies in Your Genes

The liking and disliking of vegetables also depend on your genes. Around 20% people have more tastebuds than the rest of the 80% of the population, and the reason is genes. These extra taste buds make people sensitive to any bitter taste of vegetables. Since most vegetables are bitter, such people don’t like them.

Want to know what is the gene that makes the vegetable taste bitter? If you also hate vegetables, chances are you might be one of the 20% population. 

Most humans inherit two copies of the AVI gene from their parents. These people generally do not have any problem with the vegetable taste. The problem is in those who have one AVI and one PAV or both PAV gene copies. PAV ones are most sensitive to bitterness, and their chances of liking vegetables are low. 

You may have heard someone bragging, Why do I love vegetables so much? The truth is they have AVI gene copies. 

You are Not Cooking Vegetables Right

Cooking vegetables with low spices will not taste good. So, try to add some more ingredients when you start booking them. 

These are the reasons why vegetables taste bad even if they are healthy. 

How to make vegetables tasty? 

Now, let us tell you how you can cook delicious vegetables. 

One of the biggest worries of mothers is- Why don’t kids eat vegetables? The answer is simple- vegetables taste bad. The trick to making a delicious vegetable dish lies in your recipe. Include those ingredients that are delicious so that you and your kids can eat the vegetables. Try adding cheese and sauces while cooking vegetables. 

Moreover, add diverse spices to enhance the flavors and tastes of vegetable dishes. You can add garlic, ginger, saffron, turmeric, and many other spices to make the vegetable dish delicious. Similarly, adding meat also enhances the aroma and taste of any vegetable dish. 

Let’s face it! Not many of us like vegetables alone. However, we do like them when they are in a Pizza or burger. So, making your kid’s favorite food and then adding some healthy vegetables to them may make kids eat the vegetables. 

You should also try to cook vegetables as quickly as possible. Cooking them for a longer period will lead to more sulfur release, and food will be less tasty. You can try microwaving or boiling the vegetables to cook them faster. 

Similarly, if you have to boil the vegetables, do it smartly. First, add water to a container and let it boil. When you see the water is boiling, add the vegetables. 

If you add it before the water boils, then the vegetable will release the gas, making it less tasty. People also wonder, Why do vegetables taste like chemicals? Well, the reason is three things- glucosinolate, sulfur, and the gas they release. 

Similarly, braising and pickling are two methods that are known to reduce the bitterness of vegetables. You can also caramelize the vegetables to increase the taste value. 

Amazing facts about vegetables -Vector 3d Illustrative Infographic

Why does Junk Food taste good? 

In a perfect world, healthy foods will taste better than junk foods. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, everyone on the earth believes that junk food has a better taste than veggies. 

However, the reason is not what you are thinking.

Humans are spending billions of dollars each year to make junk foods delicious. Restaurants spend time and money to come up with a new dish or sauce to stand out among the rest. 

Moreover, restaurants also test the products by giving them to people for free and getting their feedback. They specifically design it according to our taste bud likings. It is not a coincidence that a burger tastes good. There is a whole lot of research and money behind making this burger. 


Vegetables, on the other hand, are grown naturally, and there is no testing of taste. No one is growing them just for their taste. 

Moreover, Restaurants spend billions of dollars on advertisements for junk foods. They advertise in such a way that our mind already decides this particular junk food will taste better. 

In simple words, they make you addicted to their junk foods. I mean, when we see fries or pizza on the table, we start feeling great. It is because the smell activates the pleasure sensations. 

Why do fruits taste better than vegetables? 

Fruits taste better than vegetables because they have a high amount of sugar, glucose, and fructose. Vegetables have a very little amount of sugar with no or very less glucose and fructose. 

Sugar, glucose, and fructose make the fruits taste sweeter. Vegetables, on the other hand, have more sulfur and glucosinolate, which makes them bitter. That is why fruits taste better than vegetables. 


Question: Why do vegetables make me gag?

Answer: Vegetables make a person gag because they are not used to eating them. Generally, junk foods or fruits regularly mark their “territory” on the brain, So when a person eats a bitter vegetable like broccoli, the brain sends a signal to spit it out. Another reason why the brain does this is because it thinks the vegetable is poisonous or not suitable for you. 

Question: Why do frozen vegetables taste bad? 

Answer: Frozen vegetables taste bad because they are mostly dehydrated. Since the water content is less, you then feel more glucosinolate and sulfur, which are two primary reasons for bad taste. 

Question: Which is better: Eating vegetables or fruits? 

Answer: Eating both fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet. Both are low in calories and high in protein and fiber content. We suggest you make a salad by mixing both vegetables and fruits. Long story short, don’t pick one; go for both and live a healthy life.

Wrapping Up

Vegetables are super important for us as they nourish us with essential nutrients. We need them to survive and thrive. But have you ever wondered- why do vegetables taste bad? 

There are many reasons why vegetables taste nasty: Your genes may not like the vegetables, your mom isn’t cooking them right, or you are eating those vegetables that have high sulfur and glucosinolate.  

We suggest you make some amendments to your cooking process. Add more sauce, diverse spices, and mix them with meat to make them more delicious. Moreover, add lemon juice to vegetable salads to make them taste a little sour. Do all of these things and keep eating vegetables. 

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