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What Does Oat Milk Taste Like? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

In recent years, people are preferring plant-based milk alternatives to cow’s milk. The growing perception is that plant-based milk products are a “healthier” option than dairy milk. 

One of these plant-based milk is Oat milk which has been generating a stir with its popularity. Despite this, most people have yet to try it. If you’ve arrived here, chances are you haven’t tried it as well. And if you’ve never had oat milk, you’re missing out. 

So, What does oat milk taste like? 

Oat milk tastes a little oaty and sweet, thus some may like it and some don’t. But there is more to oat milk when it comes to its taste (described later in this article). 

Moreover, Oat milk has the potential to change the food industry. If this sounds surprising to you, then continue reading to know why we said this!

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What Exactly Does Oat Milk Taste Like? 

You may be a little surprised to know this but oat milk tastes very similar to cow’s milk. It tastes mildy sweet when you start drinking it. However, your tongue will feel “oaty” after the last sip.

But there is a bigger reason to love oat milk. It is thicker than most of the other non-dairy milk, however, it is also lighter than most of them as well. In addition, it has a mild flavor, so it is perfect for those who do not want their drink to be too strong. 


Moreover, many people have a misconception that oat milk tastes like cereal milk. It doesn’t, but it can bring a smile to your face in the same way as cereal milk does. That is why the majority of people enjoy it. 

Another query we get regarding oat milk taste is, “What does oat milk taste like compared to almond milk?”

Well, Almond and oat milk have different tastes and textures. Almond milk is a little nutty in flavor and watery in texture. Oat milk, as we have described above, is sweet in taste and creamy smooth in texture. Let’s discuss the texture of oat milk a bit more. 

The texture of oat milk is also something you should know. Oat milk and cow milk have more or less the same texture. Both feels creamy and smooth and doesn’t feel bitterish at all.  You’ll understand what we mean if you try it for yourself. It is smooth, thus it can be used with other food as well. 

Where Can You Add Oat Milk?

According to a Statistics Canada report, people have been searching for dairy alternatives and there is a decline in Canadian dairy milk consumption since 2009. One great alternative of animal milk Canadians have found is Oat milk. Observing this trend, it is not far when the food industry will be using plant based milks instead of dairy. 


Some of the best coffee connoisseurs believe that oat milk is one of the best coffee creamers. So, What does oat milk taste like in coffee? You can expect a little wheaty touch in your coffee after adding oat milk. 

Similarly, people also want to know- What does oat milk latte taste like? Well, a latte made with oat milk has an “oaty” taste (especially after the last sip you take). This oaty taste may be liked by some and disliked by some. It all depends on the taste buds you have on your tongue. In addition, you can also enhance the flavor of the Decaf coffee by adding oat milk. 



Not only the coffees, but oat milk is also now gaining immense popularity in making delicious bubble and milk tea. 

Wondering What Does Oat Milk Taste Like in Tea? The tea tastes both oaty and wheaty when you add oat milk. Don’t take oat tea lightly as it fascinates most of its consumers with its taste and aura. 

Now, let’s discuss what consuming oat milk will do to your body!

Is Oat Milk Healthy? Nutrients in Oat Milk

Oat milk is both homemade and commercially produced, so the nutrients in it may vary. However, one thing is certain oat milk is rich in compounds that are scientifically proven to improve health. 

You can predict the health status of Oat milk by just checking its definition. Oat milk is a dairy-free, lactose-free, vegan-friendly substitute for cow’s milk. It’s made by blending the soaking oats that have been mixed and filtered. Now you have the idea why people have no doubt about its status!

A cup of oat milk contains

Calories130 cal
Vitamin D25% of recommended daily intake
Calcium35% of recommended daily calcium intake

It is true that Oat milk has less protein content than cow and soy milk. However, the protein content in it is still more than many other plant-based milk substitutes including almond, coconut, and rice milk.

In addition, oats are rich in vitamins and minerals that are super important for the body, such as vitamin B, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin D, calcium, selenium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. Such a number of nutrients are not available in most foods. 

However, If you want to have even more nutrients, you should go for the store-bought oat milk. It is more powerful than regular oat milk as it is strengthened with vitamins A and D, iron, calcium, potassium, and riboflavin.

Moreover, as the extraction of oat milk is done from fiber-rich oats, it has more carbs but the good news is- It contains no saturated fats, unlike almond milk. 

Let’s discuss some health benefits of oat milk below.

Health benefits of oat milk infographic

What Are The Health Benefits of Oat Milk?

Enjoy the following health benefits if you regularly consume oil milk: 

Promotes Satiety

Satiety is a condition in which you feel full for a longer time and also has less desire to eat. Not many foods today can make you feel this way but oat milk does this exactly. How? 

As already mentioned above, oat milk is rich in protein and fiber which are key to initiating the feeling of fullness. So, you end up eating a lot less and there will come a time when you will start experiencing weight loss. Thus, whenever someone asks us, Is oat milk good for weight loss? We reply with a resounding yes!

Great Source To Cover Up Iron Deficiency

The number of people suffering from iron deficiency is increasing day by day. Luckily, you can avoid this list by making a habit of consuming oat milk regularly. One cup of this white blessing  contains around 10% of your daily recommended iron intake. 

Thus, it is like a ray of sunshine for vegans as they are normally deficient in this nutrient.  If the iron deficiency prevails, your body will have trouble developing red blood cells and you may even face anemia. So, take proper care of your diet and start by including oat milk in it. 

Maintains Good Cholesterol Level

An important question you may have in your mind is- Is oat milk good for the heart? Well Yes, oats contain a compound called beta-glucan which is a type of soluble fiber. It is due to this compound the oat consumers enjoy good heart health.


The main function of this soluble fiber is that it maintains the good cholesterol level in the blood while reducing the LDL (Bad cholesterol level). The British Heart Foundation has further confirmed this by stating that consuming 3g of oats per day will definitely maintain your normal cholesterol level. 

On top of this, when oats are processed into oat milk and when oat milk is added to the other beverages, beta-glucan retains its cholesterol-lowering characteristics. 

A Piece of Advice: Check the Label 

You can create your own oat milk or buy it ready-made by different companies from stores and from online platforms. However, before purchasing the oat milk, make sure to read the label. 

The reason we are telling this is that some manufacturers add artificial flavors and sweeteners to oat milk, which are not good for health. 

Moreover, make sure the oats are produced in a gluten-free facility, as some companies process oats using the same machinery that processed other grains like wheat.


Question: What does bad oat milk taste like?

Answer: You should always use top-quality oat milk to avoid any complications. But how can you know oat milk has gone bad? For this, you should smell and taste a little oat milk. If the oat milk tastes and smells sour, it has gone bad. 

Another similar question we get is, What does expired oat milk taste like? And the answer is the same. Expired oat milk tastes sour with a slightly bad odor. 

Question: How to make oat milk?

Answer: Take top-quality oats and put them in the blender. Then, add water into it and press the start button. Blend them for about half a minute until you see creamy color. 

Then, put a strainer on top of a bowl or a bigger glass. Pour the creamy oaty liquid on it to strain the oats. Then strain it again to have a great quality oat milk. 

Question: Is Oat Milk Good for diabetics? 

Answer: Don’t assume the sweetness of oat milk is harmful. There is no fat content in the oat milk and the number of calories are also very less. So, those suffering from diabetes can consume oat milk without any worries. 


To conclude, Those who haven’t tried oat milk before want to know- what does oat milk taste like? 

Here’s the answer. Oat milk has a milder flavor than soy and almond milk but it is definitely sweet. In addition, there is no harmful fat content present in the oat milk that may harm your health. 

That is why It’s one of the greatest options for those who want to avoid animal milk and for those too that are lactose intolerant. We also strongly advise you to try oat milk at least once. We promise you won’t regret it!

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