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What Does Caviar Taste Like? Know Now!

Caviar is a famous dish that seafood lovers adore a lot. You may have seen its price on the menu and wondered why is Caviar so expensive? Well, let us tell you that all great things don’t come cheap and Caviar is one of such things. 

So, what does Caviar taste like? 

You will feel the freshness of the sea, the richness of oysters, the nutty flavor of fish, and the saltiness of the water all in the same bite. This is what fish roe tastes like if you eat it right. 

However, eating Caviar one time may taste different than the other. Read on to know why there are variations in Caviar/ Fish Roes. 

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What Does Caviar Taste Like? A Detailed Picture

The word Caviar comes from the French language which perfectly shows its meaning- small pearls. It is a delicacy made of unfertilized fish eggs which you can eat with a spoon or smear on toast, bread, or any food item. Its divine taste makes it a favorite food for seafood lovers. However, there is a diversity in the taste of this delicacy which can even be found from one bite to another. 


The reasons that cause a little change of taste are:

  • Age of fish that is laying eggs
  • Health status of fish
  • Storing period of Caviar fish. Those fish stored longer taste different than those who are in storage for only a couple of days
  • Caviar fish size
  • How the fish was stored
  • Fish grown in farms tase different than the wild one that roams in the sea

Reputable brands prefer only Caviar made of sturgeon eggs. Wondering what sturgeon Caviar tastes like? Sturgeon is the best possible fish the experts can use to get the fresh eggs that can make an excellent Caviar. The roes made from sturgeon eggs have less salt content and are nuttier. 

Caviar can also be made of lumpfish and salmon, but these are not desirable (more details described later in the article). 

Types of Sturgeon Caviar

There are three famous Sturgeon Caviar variations that people love to try:

Beluga Caviar 

It is one of the most popular Caviar types and the reason is its excellent taste. People often search, What does beluga Caviar taste like and our answer is a source of delight for such people. Beluga Caviar tastes buttery, nutty, and salty in the mouth at the same time. 


The appearance of Beluga Caviar is also phenomenal. It is black in color and the size of the eggs is generally larger than most of the other unfertilized eggs. 

Osetra Caviar 

It is known for its flavorsome taste and delicate nature. Osetra has a brownish golden color that looks elegant at first glance. The cherry on the top is its ability to change your mood with just one spoonful. Eating Osetra Caviar tastes like you have put a fish rich in butter and cheese in your mouth. 


Sevruga Caviar 

Sevruga is distinct from the fish due to its traits. The best trait of this fish is it only eats algae and phytoplankton, so the eggs are fresh. Therefore, using these fresh eggs to make Caviar blows people’s minds. Wondering what Sevruga caviar tastes like? Well, seafood lovers like us cannot forget how it tastes. It is just like a little salty fish with black pepper sprinkled on top of it. 

After knowing what fish eggs taste like, it is time for you to know their health status. 


Is Caviar Good For You? 

Yes, Caviar is absolutely good for you and the reason is understandable. Caviar is beneficial due to its nutritional value. 

Want to know what kind of nutrients are present in these unfertilized eggs? 

Caviar is rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins ( A, B6, B12, C, and D), and minerals. All of these nutrients are super important for the body that works in collaboration to improve life’s quality. 

In addition to the above nutrients, Caviar also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc which are also vital to perform routine organ functions. These nutrients also play a key role in reducing cell damage, strengthening bones, and making the immune system stronger. 

Moreover, the omega-3 and anti-inflammatory agents present in the Caviar helps the body to reduce cholesterol level, maintain blood pressure, and prevent cancerous cells from spreading. 

Caviar health benefits infographic

Is Caviar Healthy During Pregnancy?

Experts recommend pregnant ladies avoid eating Caviar. The reason is that these fish eggs or roes may contain a bacteria called listeria that is detrimental to the unborn child.

However, pasteurizing the unfertilized eggs will kill the listeria. But there is no way you stay 100 percent sure that the restaurants have done the pasteurizing. So, it is better if you avoid eating this seafood delicacy altogether. 

Some Cautions While Eating Caviar

It is true that Caviar is mouth-watering, however, eating it wrong can impact the taste. 

You should be cautious of the following things when eating Caviar: 

  • Using a metal spoon or fork to eat the Caviar can affect how the food tastes. Thus, use any other type of utensil to continue enjoying the true roe flavor. 
  • Freezing the carnival also changes the taste of Caviar. So, if you really have to store it, go for the refrigeration. 
  • It would be best if you eat Caviar with salty food items like toast to enhance its flavor. Eating it with low or no salty foods can make you feel that the Caviar is bland and unimpressive in taste.

Why Does Some Say Caviar Has Bad Taste?

You have to be delicate when eating the Caviar. Don’t eat it quickly as savoring the food is one of the best parts of it. Also, you should not eat more than one-third spoon in a bite. Eating the Caviar slowly will allow you to enjoy it for a longer period.   

It is true that some people have disliked the taste of this divine seafood. However, it may be due to three reasons:

  • They bought the wrong Caviar
  • Restaurants served them the wrong Caviar
  • The taste buds just don’t allow this seafood

People who may have bought the wrong or low-quality fish roes or the restaurant served them such Caviar that is not worthy of eating often complain about this. 

High Quality vs Low-quality Caviar

It is important you eat Caviar of top-notch quality to enjoy the real taste. Sturgeon Caviar is of high quality due to the perfect amount of salt and nutrients present in it. 

People often ask us, What does lumpfish Caviar taste like and the answer is not what they hoped for. Lumpfish, tuna, or salmon Caviar are considered low-quality due to undesirable characteristics in them like bad odor, more salt, more oil, etc. Thus, you should not eat such cooked fish roes as they are just a waste of money.

If you buy fish roes from the store, you can check the quality of it by smelling the scent. If you open high-quality fish roes, you will smell a nutty flavor. More fishy odor means that the eggs are of low quality.


Why does Caviar taste so good in the mouth?

Caviar tastes good due to the aroma and flavors present in it. Top-quality Caviar has a mild salty taste with a hint of the nutty trait. In addition, it does not give off any bad odor which may reduce the appetite. So, thousands of people love Caviar. 

What does Salmon Caviar taste like?

One question we frequently get is, What does salmon roe taste like and the answer is Bad. Salmon Caviar is a lot saltier in taste without any additional savory flavors. In addition, it has more oil after it is cooked which not only negatively impacts the taste but also health complications may arise as well. That is why most people don’t like eating Salmon Caviar.

Why is Caviar expensive? 

People want to know how much does Caviar costs and the answer is a lot (specific rate varies from restaurant to restaurant). The reason Caviar is expensive is due to the practices it takes to harvest good sturgeon eggs. Sturgeon fish farming is not easy as they take almost 12 to 15 years to start producing the unfertilized eggs. So, it is a long time that obviously requires a longer investment too. 

Plus, since all good things are costly, it makes sense that a delicacy like Caviar is also expensive.  

Final Thoughts

All-inclusive, Caviar is a unique seafood delicacy that is loved by thousands of seafood lovers. So, what does Caviar taste like? A high-quality Caviar tastes a little nuttier and saltier at the same time. Moreover, it gives off a scent that smells like cooked fish. On the other hand, low-quality Caviar tastes horrible due to more salt and fishy smell. So, if you are also planning to order it next time, we suggest you do it right. Only order Sturgeon Caviar and make this experience memorable.

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