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Tropicana Orange Juice Cereal: Tropicana Celebrates National Orange Day With Something Unique

Tropicana Crunch is a mouth-salivating breakfast item for many, right? Tropicana has always given exceptional items like honey almond cereal before.

And guess what? And now they have come up with a spanking-new breakfast idea: orange Juice on cereal. Sounds weird?

To celebrate the international orange day, they have launched this new type of morning meal on the 4th of May.

It may sound a bit bizarre if you hear this combo for the first time. But the Tropicana research team confirms that millions of people have tried this orange-cereal combo just to try out how it tastes.

And more are willing to do so. So why not make a premium pulp for the early meal?

But can pouring orange juice on your cereal be a good choice? What about people having taken cereal milk all the time?

Well, Tropicana suggests that the taste of Orange juice(OJ) cereal may not suit the taste buds of everyone. But surely some people will love this breakfast. And who knows you might be one of them.

It can give a new flavor to Tropicana consumers. Instead of milk or honey, you are just getting something new. The combination of citrusy taste and crispy stuff will definitely blow your mind.

The North American brand Tropicana says, “Prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience.”

Can it be that unforgettable? You can only know that if you try.

Might turn out you are becoming a fan of it. Tropicana bets whether you like it or not, you should definitely give it a try.

This Tropicana crunch cereal box has honey almond clusters to be sipped along with a paper straw.

Tropicana hasn’t confirmed yet whether they shall keep this mixture as a permanent meal or not. They are selling it as a limited edition.

If they get a storming response, it will be a permanent brunch stuff for sure. But it will be a temporary offering if the crowd responds otherwise. So we gotta wait a couple of days more to know that.

This is not the first time Tropicana does something unusual and peculiar. Not long before, this manufacturer of fruit juice from North America, heckled through the common perception about oranges by manufacturing Tropicana toothpaste.

It’s also a weird toothpaste with an orange flavor. The main target of this toothpaste is to get you accustomed to the orange flavor so that you don’t feel an aversion toward orange juices.

It was quite a bold move. And now the orange juice cereal from Tropicana is another hit. But will people like the cereal with orange?

Only time will unravel the truth. Let’s wait till then. If you find Tropicana orange juice over cereal interesting, why not give it a shot?

It can be your favorite morning meal afterwards. That’s why Tropicana says, “It may not be for everyone. But it could be for you.”

You can get the Tropicana Orange Juice cereal here 

Hope you enjoy your journey with Orange.

Hasta la vista, Buddy!

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