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5 Shocking Things to Avoid During Pregnancy That Cause Miscarriage!

It’s true that pregnancy comes with a lot of fears among which miscarriage is one of the most common unwanted consternation every mother is scared of! Approximately 75% of miscarriages take place in the first trimester which makes it the most sensitive time of pregnancy. 

So, what are the things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage

Pregnancy is entirely regulated by your lifestyle and diet. For a smooth pregnancy, improving your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using drugs, increasing caffeine intake, and feeling on edge every time might make you suffer hard!  

To learn in-depth details of the factors that are most likely to affect your pregnancy and what things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage, read on! 

Pregnancy is one of the most pleasant yet difficult times for a woman which if taken good care can pass peacefully; however, even slight negligence can be life-threatening! Although preventing miscarriages isn’t always under your control, you may avoid them by changing your lifestyle.

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Things to Avoid During Pregnancy That Cause Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the natural loss of a fetus within five months or twenty weeks of pregnancy. Across the globe, nearly 44 women experience miscarriages with the passage of every minute, taking the annual toll to 23 million.

Naturally, there are certain factors that are most likely to cause miscarriages such as: 

  • Maternal age 
  • History of chromosomal imbalances 
  • Any disorder such as PCOS or APS
  • Genetic factors 
  • Weak cervix

Losing a child ain’t easy! It comes with a lot of complications including post-traumatic stress, anxiety, physical, and mental changes. Healing from the loss takes a lot of time, effort, and courage. 


Pregnancy is one of the most pleasant yet difficult times for a woman which if taken good care can pass peacefully; however, even slight negligence can be life-threatening! Although preventing miscarriages isn’t always under your control, you may avoid them by changing your lifestyle. So, what not to do during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage?

Following is a list of things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage


Be it pregnancy or not, alcohol never benefits you! Its long-term usage can even shrink your brain. During pregnancy, your body goes through diverse hormonal changes which are adversely affected by alcohol. 

You must avoid it in the first trimester because it is when the most sensitive and significant systems of the baby are developing and most miscarriages occur during this period. 


The effects of alcohol on the fetus are yet under research; however, women who consume alcohol and other drugs are more likely to experience a spontaneous miscarriage. Hence alcohol is among the foremost things that cause miscarriage during pregnancy. 


Cigarette smoke includes carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar which are extremely harmful to both the mother and baby. If you’re planning on getting pregnant and you’re a smoker, then you must quit smoking first!

During pregnancy, smoking cigarettes can have a very harmful impact on the fetus because the presence of carbon monoxide can reduce the blood supply to the baby thereby making it difficult to survive. Moreover, the smoke’s composition can also adversely affect tissue development, particularly in the brain, imposing a serious threat to the development of the child. 

The adverse effects  of smoking on the baby are: 

  • Low-birth weight 
  • Premature delivery leading to disorders
  • Suffer from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Managing Stress

A stress-free pregnancy leads to the birth of a healthy baby. This is because when you’re stressed out, your blood pressure spikes, and the heart beats faster thereby putting your body under stress. This indirectly influences the health of the baby inside your womb. 


Moreover, anxiety and stress during pregnancy can have long-term post-birth adverse effects on the baby as it might interfere with his brain development. Research also suggests that when the mother is stressed for a longer duration, the stress hormones in the amniotic fluid also increase. Hence, managing stress is very important during pregnancy. 

Intense Exercises 

Moderately intense exercises cause no harm during pregnancy, in fact, they reduce the likely complications during the 9 months period. However, new research suggests that severely intense exercises might be linked to early miscarriages. Still, there is research going on about it but it’s better to avoid vigorous workout sessions during pregnancy.

Increased Caffeine Intake 

Coffee is something most of us can’t live without but what if I tell you it can cause miscarriage! Yes! Coffee being rich in caffeine can cause constriction of the blood vessels in your uterus and decrease the blood supply to the fetus thereby creating hurdles in its development. 


Caffeine can cause miscarriage and premature birth which is why limiting caffeine intake is very important. You can limit your dose to 200 milligrams a day to avoid any mishap.  

What can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy? Your lifestyle choices do affect your pregnancy which is why it’s better to make your choices wisely and avoid every possible risk! The aforementioned factors are the most common things that can cause a miscarriage in the first 8 weeks or within the first trimester. 

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Miscarriage and Stillbirth

The death of the baby within the uterus before 20 weeks of gestation period is a miscarriage whereas after 20 weeks is termed a stillbirth. Both the cases can either be natural or can be the result of your negligence! 

Your diet plays a vital role in the healthy development of the baby, a careless attitude coupled with an unhealthy diet can ruin a smooth pregnancy! I’ll share with you a detailed guide about foods that cause miscarriage and must be avoided. 


Sprouted potatoes impair fetal growth, daily intake of the liver can harm the baby, and fishes rich in mercury must be avoided during the first trimester because they can affect the development of the brain. 

Raw or processed meat, undercooked fish, raw eggs, raw sprouts, and all sorts of raw vegetables are strictly prohibited because they are unsterilized and can lead to bacterial infections. 

vegetables to avoid during pregnancy include radishes, raw sprouts, alfalfa, prepackaged salad items, and several herbs such as black cohosh. On the other hand, fruits to avoid during pregnancy include watermelon, bitter melon, grapes, pineapple, and papaya. Unpasteurized dairy products and imported cheese should also be avoided during pregnancy. 

Can Lifestyle Choices Cause Miscarriage?

Yes! A smooth and trouble-free pregnancy completely relies on your lifestyle choices. Reducing complications during the gestation period is in your hands. If you choose to smoke, eat an unhealthy diet, or drink alcohol, then you’ll be the one to bear the consequences. Hence, managing stress, eating healthy, and changing some of your habits can make it easier for you to pass the nine months. 

Mothers-to-be often ask if there’s any specific sleeping position that can cause miscarriage? Well, previously, pregnant women were recommended to sleep on their left side to avoid stillbirth; however, new research and studies have considered it a myth and they claim that sleeping position has no effect on the fetus and is not linked to pregnancy. 

In the third trimester, women put on a lot of weight which is why they aren’t recommended to lay down flat on their back because it might lead to the compression of blood vessels. 


What lifestyle can cause miscarriage?

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with an unhealthy diet is the most dangerous combination for a pregnant woman. When your lifestyle includes smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine intake, unhealthy food, and a lazy attitude, then you might miscarry the baby. Your lifestyle is of primary significance during those 9 months because a healthy lifestyle leads to a smooth pregnancy. 

What items can cause a miscarriage?

When it comes to miscarriage, it can either be natural or a result of your negligence. Miscarriage can be caused due to multiple reasons but an unhealthy diet and careless lifestyle can both cause you to miscarry. Drinking alcohol, using drugs, and smoking cigarettes are the most critical threats to your baby during pregnancy. 

What not to eat while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you must be careful about your diet. Make sure it has all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a balanced form. The foods to avoid during pregnancy include all raw sprouts, fish, vegetables, and uncooked items because they can lead to bacterial infections. Fruits to avoid include watermelon, pineapple, papaya, bitter melon, and grapes whereas vegetables include radishes, alfalfa, raw moong beans, and some herbs. 

How much pineapple juice will cause a miscarriage?

There isn’t any concrete number that tells you how much pineapple will cause a miscarriage but avoiding this fruit is recommended due to its effects on the fetus. It contains an enzyme called bromelain which might soften the cervix and lead to labor contractions thereby leading to miscarriage. However, some people call it a myth and claim there’s no scientific evidence about it. 

Final Verdict 

A safe and sound pregnancy is in your hands. Your lifestyle and diet are what that matter for a healthy pregnancy. So, for a smooth gestation period, you must take care of your diet and lifestyle. The fear of miscarriage is normal and almost all mothers experience it. Miscarriages can either be natural or based on your carelessness!

Hence, learning all about the things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage is very important. Avoiding the aforementioned triggers such as smoking and drinking, following a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding an unhealthy diet will reduce the chances of miscarriages to a great extent.

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