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Morning Walks for Weight Loss: Benefits of Morning Walks That You Should Know!

Losing weight is a significant challenge for many people these days. The epidemic of obesity is growing worse in most developed countries. People are now trying different techniques to get rid of their fatty tummies. However, overcoming obesity isn’t an easy task.

Somehow, modifying lifestyle habits can reverse it. Walking is a significant modification to one’s living pattern for combating obesity. Fortunately, walking can be an effective way of reducing calories and promoting surprising health benefits.

Well, it’s not just about walking; a proper schedule is what also matters significantly. So are morning walks for weight loss effective?

Read on further to know whether morning walks are good for weight loss and whether they have any health benefits!

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Morning Walks for Weight Loss: Do Morning Walks Help You to Lose Weight?

You might’ve heard the adage “mornings are for rewards,” but did you know that starting your day with a walk may give you more energy throughout the rest? Taking a short walk during your morning routine can give you an extra energy boost to start the day.

Not only this, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shed some pounds, a healthy morning walk may be your ticket. Mornings are considered the best time for walking to lose weight. It keeps your blood flowing and burns calories, which can help you meet weight loss goals and is suitable for mental and physical well-being in the meantime!


In short, the answer to your query is, can morning walk help reduce weight? A yes! Morning walks are a great way to manage your weight!

How Much Morning Walk for Weight Loss?

Since a morning walk is an excellent remedy to get rid of your fatty physiques, a general query arises how long should I walk in the morning to lose weight?

According to recent research, a moderate-paced morning walk will help you burn 150 calories in 30 minutes.

Well, don’t get afraid of the thought of walking for hours and hours as it entirely depends upon a person’s BMI. The number of steps you need to take daily varies from person to person for it to be effective, depending on the body type.

Nothing to worry about since our “walking to lose weight chart” will guide you about that in-depth! Note that this chart defines calories burnt through walking briskly at 3.5mph on average.

Calories Burnt Through Brisk Walking At 3.5mph
Weight in lbs.1 min walk15 min walk30 min walk45 min walk60 min walk90 min walk

Also, let’s have a look at that how many calories are lost for walking a mile;

One lb. weight loss3500 calories
1 mile walked80-100 calories
1 mile walked20,000 steps
1 mile walked20 minutes

How Much Weight Can I Lose in 1 Month by Walking?

You may have heard that weight loss is difficult, but it’s not impossible. The more you weigh, the fewer calories your body needs daily to maintain itself. Know that the greater your weight is, the more calories your body starts to burn with your workout.

However, according to your actual weight, let’s assume that if a person weighing 200 lbs. walks for 30 minutes daily at a speed of 3.5mph, then he’s likely to burn approximately 6800 calories in 30 days. So a person of 200 lbs. can quickly lose 2 lbs. if he keeps walking for 30 mins at 3.5mph daily for a month.


Similarly, depending upon your body type and weight, you can lose plenty of pounds by walking in a month. Don’t forget to follow a healthy diet and a morning walk schedule for further health benefits!

Once you follow a regular morning walk schedule, you’ll start to notice the change right from the first day, and you’ll be like, Woah! I lost weight by walking every day!

Health Benefits of Morning Walk Apart from Weight Loss

An early morning walk for weight loss might not be your priority when you wake up, but it can offer you many health benefits and a beginning of a joyous active day, as weight loss through morning walks is just the beginning!

Some excellent benefits of a morning walk include

  • Walking in the morning on an empty stomach is the best way to boost your metabolism.
  • It boosts your energy and energizes you for the rest of your day.
  • It improves your psychological moods and builds a sense of self-esteem.
  • It enhances the quality of life by preventing many life-threatening disorders such as diabetes, CVDs, etc.
  • It strengthens the muscle’s tone and enhances the muscle’s mass.
  • Regular morning walks lead to a healthy routine, enabling you to have a better night schedule. It helps to improve the biological sleep cycle.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Morning walks are found beneficial for good heart health.
  • Walking improves your joint pain.
  • Morning walks provide you with a daily dose of natural vitamin D.

Disadvantages of Morning Walk:

Morning walks are great for improving your health and fitness, but they also come with side effects that you should be aware of. Six significant drawbacks of an early morning walk are as follows:

  • Low-calorie burn as a morning walk is considered a low-intensity workout.
  • It might lead to hypotension in some people.
  • Morning walks sometimes cause irritability, leaving you tired and drained.
  • It can lead to chronic muscle aches.
  • It can make you feel bloated and negatively affect your appetite.
  • Morning walks can cause fatigue and muscle soreness if done without any warm-up or stretches.

Morning Walk vs. Evening Walk: Which Time Is Better?

After looking at the side effects of morning walks, you might start practicing other schedules for your walking routine.

Morning walk or evening walk? Which is better for weight loss?” will be your main query then!


Although it is a conflicted query under significant debate, many people still prefer morning walks for weight loss as the person is already calorie-deficit before breakfast, and burning calories during this phase are considered adequate for losing weight.

However, some studies also revealed that evening walks can lead to more calories burn than in the morning and helps to maintain blood sugar levels optimally.

Somehow, the majority of the observations are still in favor of early morning walks!

Final Verdict

Are morning walks good for weight loss? Till now, you must have got the best answer to your query!

Along with weight loss, regular morning walking schedules can help combat diseases like high blood pressure and CVDs. It allows people to feel better about their body image and improve other aspects such as physical fitness levels or blood sugar control for those with diabetes, thus keeping your body healthy.

Remember that morning walks for weight loss are a great way to start your day, but it has some side effects that you may not enjoy. In this case, consult your healthcare, or try opting for evening walks!


Can a morning walk reduce belly fat?

Walking is an excellent way to get in shape and burn fat. It can help reduce the number of overall fats, including belly fat. It’s one of the most effective ways to melt belly fat.

Start walking today, even for around 30-50 minutes daily, and start noticing the change!

Which time walk is best for weight loss?

Walking before breakfast can be the perfect way to start your day. It increases the body’s metabolism as the body is already in a calorie-deficit mode. In this way, it also aids in weight loss!

How much should I walk a day to lose weight?

If you’re concerned about your weight loss goals, you should hit at least 10,000 steps daily. Once you get used to it, try increasing the number as it’ll effectively reach your aim.

Try to walk in an inclined plane for further enhancing results!

Is it better to walk in the morning or evening to lose weight?

Many people find it hard to get up early and exercise. But as per some researchers, evening workouts can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster than morning exercises because of how our body’s internal clock works! Still, the health benefits associated with morning walks are indubitable!

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