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Lolo Birth Control- No Period; Here Is How Birth Control Can Affect Different Women in Different Ways

Is it normal to skip your period while on birth control? Should I be worried if I do not get my period on Lolo? These are very common concerns among most women using Lo Loestrin Fe pills, commonly Called lolo birth control no period.

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy and one of them is very commonly used these days, that is Lolo birth control- No period. Now the question is, does Lolo’s birth control stop the period?

The article is going to give you a complete description of Lolo birth control along with its formulation and usage. You will also get to know about how the Lolo birth control pill works. Moreover, through this article, you will be able to analyze whether this hormonal birth control method is appropriate for you or not.

Generally, missing your menstrual cycle when you are taking your birth control is a normal event. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.

The article is going to highlight the benefits and side effects of the Lolo birth control pill by reflecting on different people’s reviews about this birth control method.

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Lolo Birth Control No Period: How Does It Work?

Lo Loestrin Fe, the brand name form of Ethinyl estradiol, norethindrone acetate, and ferrous fumarate is a prescription medication used to prevent pregnancy. Lolo birth control- no period pill contains two hormones that belong to a group of drugs called hormonal contraceptives.


Many people ask, Is Lo Loestrin Fe a combination pill? Well, it is a combination of two hormones. The hormones are:

The question is, how does Loestrin prevent pregnancy? Or how effective is Lo Loestrin Fe? The hormones present in these birth control pills work in three ways.

  • They prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation. They prevent the release of eggs from the ovary.
  • These hormones change the consistency of vaginal fluid making it thicker so that sperm can not reach the egg and fertilization can not occur.
  • They change the composition of the endometrium, that is the inner lining of the uterus. The hormones make this layer thinner to prevent the attachment of the egg to the endometrium.

And finally, Lolo’s birth control prevents a woman from getting pregnant.

What Are the Reasons for Getting No Period While on Lolo Birth Control?

Is it normal to skip your period while on Lolo birth control? This is the biggest concern of many women as they might think that missing their period means they are pregnant or there is any other problem.

Generally, missing your menstrual cycle when you are taking your birth control is a normal event. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.

If somebody says that, I still haven’t got my period on Lolo, should I get worried about it? The answer is no, absolutely not. Because there are quite many options for birth control. Some people take their birth control continuously which means that they just take a hormonal pill every single day.

And if you are going to get hormones every single day on your birth control, you are not going to get your period.

The same is the case with Lolo’s birth control- no period pill. This is because it only contains hormonal pills and not those which contain nothing but just a placebo effect so that you can get your period.

Does Loestrin have placebo pills? In the case of Lo Loestrin Fe, only two pills contain no hormones, so you either get a shorter duration of bleeding, spotting, or no menstruation at all.

So, if someone asks that, Is it really okay that I’m not having a period on Lolo? The answer is Yes. Having no period is common while taking birth control especially those with extremely low dose pills that are now available.

The reason why many women miss their menstrual cycle while taking birth control is due to low doses of hormones in these methods and the domino effect of progesterone in them as you probably know that almost all the birth control pills contain estrogen and progesterone.

Progesterone effect is to shrink the tissue layer of the uterus and the estrogen component provides a minor balancing stimulatory effect, so the menstrual tissue does not break down and cause bleeding on the days when you are taking the pills which are also known as breakthrough bleeding or spotting.

It is very common that this medicine can cause irregular periods called spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Progesterone’s shrinking effect on the menstrual layer is why most women experience shorter and lighter bleeding periods while using this birth control. In some cases, especially with very low doses, the menstrual tissue has such minimal stimulation for growth and development that there is no tissue to lose during the menstrual period when the end of the month of use is reached.

This results in a missed menstrual period. So if you have experienced a missed menstrual cycle while on Lolo birth control- no period pills, there is no need to get worried about that. You are fortunate to be experiencing one of the beneficial and harmful effects of these methods.

Your menstrual cycle should return to normal once you stop taking birth control.

Lolo Birth Control-No Period, How to Use It?

Here  are the instructions about how to take Lolo birth control:

  • Read the leaflet available with the medicine to get information about when and how to take a pill and what to do if you miss a dose. 
  • Take the pill orally ( by mouth), once daily.
  • Find some convenient time of the day and take the pill at the same time each day.
  • Continue the medication exactly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Take the pills correctly as prescribed by the doctor and do not skip as pregnancy is more likely to occur if you skip these pills.
  • If symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and headache appear, change the time of medicine and take it at another time of the day or consult your doctor.
  • One pack of Lo Loestrin Fe has 26 pills with active medication. 24 pills with norethindrone and Ethinyl estradiol and 2 pills with only estradiol. It also has 2 pills that only contain iron.
  • You should take 1 active pill for 26 days and at last, take the iron-containing pills that are the reminder pills which are for the purpose to keep you in a habit of taking pills daily and also to combat iron deficiency.
  • You can also skip the white pills in the Lo Loestrin Fe pack as those are not hormone-containing pills. 
  • Start taking the pill from the first day of your period. For the first cycle of using Lolo, also use some non-hormonal birth control method for 7 days until medication gets enough time to work.
  • If you are taking some other medications like Levodopa, ciprofloxacin, penicillin, barbiturates, phenytoin, Rifampin, carbamazepine then do not take white pills as the iron in those pills can interact with these medications and decreases their rate of absorption. You can also consult your physician in this regard.

Lolo Birth Control-No Period, Benefits:

Apart from contraception, you can get the following benefits from Lo Loestrin Fe.

  • It can help you in acne management.
  • You may have a shorter and lighter menstrual period.
  • It can ease your menstrual cramps.
  • It can decrease the chances of ovarian cysts.
  • You can get regular and predictable periods.
  • You can get rid of irregular menstrual cycles.
  • These pills lower the chances of endometrial cancer.

Lolo Birth Control- No Period; Side Effects:

The common side effects of using Lolo birth control pills are:

  • Nausea
  • Weight change
  • Breast soreness
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood changes

Women using these birth control pills have the following queries that are answered here:

Does Lo Loestrin cause irregular periods?

Can Lolo cause missed periods? Yes, it is very common that this medicine can cause irregular periods called spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is very common during the first few months of taking this medicine as the human body takes some time to adjust according to the new hormones introduced through birth control pills.

Does Lolo’s birth control make you gain weight?

Almost all contraceptives have the side effect that they can cause weight gain in some women. Lolo does the same. This is because while taking this pill increases water retention occurs in the body and also this medication can increase appetite. The women eat more and hence put on more weight.

Lolo birth control- no period is commonly used to prevent pregnancy. It has many benefits as well as side effects as different female bodies respond to this medicine in different ways.

Does Lo Loestrin cause baldness?

No birth control pills result in baldness. Although some women experience hair loss when they stop taking birth control pills, there is no such case with Lolo birth control.

Does Lo Loestrin cause depression?

Does Lolo cause mood swings? Yes, many women reported that Lolo birth control pills can cause severe anxiety and depression. If you already have a history of depression and anxiety, Lolo birth control can worsen it even more.

Does Lo Loestrin cause acne?

Does Lo Loestrin clear acne? Well, the combination of the hormones present in birth control pills can cause breakouts. But in some females, birth control pills can clear acne and dermatologists prescribe these pills fight acne-related problems.

Lo Loestrin Fe, Reviews

Different women share different experiences about Lolo birth control as these medications affect different bodies in different ways. Here are the most voted positive and negative reviews about Lolo’s birth control.

Most Voted Positive Review

According to this review, you should not get scared of using this birth control pill. The only issue is breakthrough bleeding and spotting that is tolerable. It lowers acne problems and also reduces cramps during menstruation.

Most Voted Negative Review:

Lolo birth control can give terrible mood swings, massive headaches, extreme cramps during 9 days of bleeding, and horrible mood swings.

The Bottom Line

Lolo birth control- no period is commonly used to prevent pregnancy. It has many benefits as well as side effects as different female bodies respond to this medicine in different ways. It is normal if you skip your period while on Lolo birth control and using this pill can cause you depression, anxiety, headaches, and other side effects.

If you experience any other serious symptoms like jaundice, you must consult your doctor. Although this medication prevents you from getting pregnant, if you do miss one or more menstrual cycles, be sure to do a pregnancy test to confirm you are not pregnant. If it is negative and you have normal cycles, you can continue on these pills.


When should I get my period on Lolo?

If you are taking Lolo, you should have a period during the fourth week of your cycle. After taking the 2nd reminder tablet, start the next pack of Lolo if you get your periods or not. If you do not get your periods, and not even spotting, consult your doctor.

Can you get pregnant on Lolo’s birth control?

According to a clinical study, 3 out of 100 women got pregnant on Lolo. It depends on how good you are at following the directions of your doctor and how regularly you are taking the medication. If you are taking it regularly and do not miss any tablets, there are very less or no chances of getting pregnant.

When does Lolo’s birth control start working?

You should start Lolo’s birth control on the very first day of your period. If you started on any other day use any other non-hormonal method of birth control like a condom or spermicide as a backup for at least 7 days so that the pill gets enough time to start working.

What are the chances of getting pregnant on Lo Loestrin Fe?

If you follow the proper instructions, there are very low about 3 to 4 percent chances of getting pregnant. If you miss a pill, you are most likely to get pregnant.

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