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Why Linzess Not working – How to Fix?

Constipation may be a joke to some, but people who are going through this know well how troublesome it is. In most cases, you could pass stool comfortably by changing the lifestyle, food habit, or using laxatives.

But, when it turns into irritable bowel syndrome & chronic idiopathic constipation, you need to consider more aggressive treatment. That’s where the linzess enter into the main play.

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It is a widely used drug to give you relief from constipation. But, what if you find out that linzess not working for you anymore!

To find out the reason, we do in-depth research and gather a bulk of useful information.  So, stay connected with us to know why it quits working & how you can make it work again.

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Why Does Linzess Stop Working?

Most of the people complain about diarrhoea after trying it for the very first time. Afterwards, they find out – linzess not working anymore.

Although the reason behind it is indefinite, still we should take into account some most probable causes. Your doctors may suggest linzess either for IBS with constipation symptoms or CIC (Chronic Idiopathic Constipation).

With the progress of these conditions, your body may react differently & so the efficiency of linzess medication also alters. This sort of rejection can make the drug fail to work. It’s just a glimpse about linzess not working for constipation.

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To know more, go through the following reasons:

Taking Improperly

It will not work if you don’t adhere to the treatment. Plus, when you take it without following the instructions, then it may stop working for you. Even, it may cause you adverse side effects.

Motility & Digestive Disorders

The nature of both motility & digestive disorders is very unpredictable as they change over time. The symptoms will disappear for some time, whilst it can get worse for no reason.

Even, your body may reject the medication due to changing in internal conditions. Such type of situation may be responsible for which linzess medication not working.

Incorrect Storage

If the medicine gets exposed to modest heat for a long time, then it may quit working.

Decreased Water Intake

I found people asking about – is linzess a laxative?  Well, it is not as this one is a guanylate cyclase, 2C agonist. But its nature is somewhat like a laxative.

For instance, laxative doesn’t work unless you drink plenty of water. For the same reason, it can also stop working if you drink less water.

Taking in Full Stomach

Taking this when you’re full is a waste of a pill. Because then, it does nothing but causes you diarrhoea, abdominal pain & gas. This sort of activity will hamper other medication’s effects due to severe diarrhoea.

Physically Inactive

The study report states that people who exercise or walk regularly are getting good results . If you’re an inactive or a physically debilitated patient, then this could be a reason why linzess not working.

Because, when you do running or walking like movements it stimulates your vagus nerve. For your kind information, our gut has got the same nerve innervation. So, it plays a role in controlling motility.

Wrong Diet Pattern

Eating bread type foods may go to your gut & turn into cement hard content. If this is the condition, then there is nothing to do with this medicine.

Other foods that can make your bowel hard are Gluten-containing foods ( wheat, barley), processed grains, red meat, fried foods, alcohol, etc.

What can I do to Make Linzess Work to its Maximum Potential?

One pill cannot bring good results if you don’t follow some rules side by side. Even, this goes for the best medicine in your market too. Your doctor may give you some suggestions regarding this.

For your convenience, I’ll mention them again here along with some other effective tips. If you can abide by the following tips, you can again be able to rip the best results out of it.

Take During Morning /Night

Adherence is the key in case of taking linzess. As it is not an over the counter drug,  you have to take it regularly. While taking it to make sure that the pills don’t get crushed  & you take the whole pill.

If it is crushed or chewed, it will not work. Now, when to take it?  Besides, another question may arise – can I take linzess at night before bed?

It’s best to take this in the empty stomach; at least 30 minutes before taking the first meal.

But, do you want to get rid of the awful side effects /symptoms in the morning? Then, you can experiment it at night before bed.  It can either give you a painful cramp or give you better relief.

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Swallow Linzess With Food/ Liquid

However, some of us are unable to swallow capsules. If this is your case, you can either take it with applesauce, sprinkled the beads on foods, or take with any type of liquid.

Swallow Linzess with water

In the case of sprinkling over foods, you should keep the applesauce at room temperature. Now, just open the capsule to sprinkle the beads on the applesauce.

You need to swallow the mixture at a go & be careful about chewing the beads. And, you don’t have to store the leftover applesauce for further use.

Also, you can have this with water. For that, you should pour 30L /1-ounce water/liquid in a clean cup or bottle & then sprinkle the bead on that liquid.

Now, you should swirl the mixture as gently as possible for at least 20 sec. That’s it. Swallow the whole thing. Taking it with this amount of water will increase the motility of your intestine.

Sometimes, patients are not even in a condition to swallow it either with water or applesauce. That time the doctor may give it through a nasogastric or gastrostomy feeding tube.

But, these alternative procedures will affect the efficiency of this medicine or not – that is unknown.

Set a Reminder

According to the linzess review from real users, you will get relief from IBS or CIC, belly pain & other abdominal symptoms within a week. But for a full recovery, it may take 12 weeks or more.

But, as we all feel lazy or forget to take the medicine, you can set a reminder on your phone. Another important thing is you should never take two pills at the same time.

No matter – you’ve missed one dose in the previous day. Instead of making up the missed dose, continue taking the normal dose from the following day.

Storing Properly

You should keep this medicine in a convenient place but out of reach of the children. Also, you should keep it in its original bottle along with the desiccant.

After using each time, make sure that you have closed the bottle tightly & place it in a dry area. For this, you can use a Tupperware container.

Gut Check

You should track your bowel activity after taking the medicine  & tell it to your physician. Tell everything including improvement, no effect or side effects. That’s how you will be able to get rid of the IBS-C or CIC symptoms faster.

Physical Activity

Taking linzess for IBS makes your gut full of water. Little movement of your body will help you to shake that water & increase the bowel movement. For this, you don’t have to spend hours rather 30 minutes walking or running can make the job done.

Also, it will trigger the vagus nerve to stimulate motility so that you can stool out quickly.

Modify the Diet Plan

Diet plan plays a major role in preventing constipation.  First off, your diet routine should include plenty of fibre riched food. For easy-going, you can have this fibre rich supplement, called Organifi Green Juice.

This supplement incorporates all the great ingredients that fix your various types of ailments. It’s better to note down which foods are triggering you IBS or CIC symptoms. Then cut them down from the list.

However, I’ve mentioned above what foods can make your stool stone-like hard. There I said that you should avoid fast food. But, that doesn’t indicate you have to give up pizza & burger.

Yes, you can still have the yummy pizza with cauliflower crust & burgers with lettuce wraps. You can also have the burger stuffing with a GLUTEN-free bun.

Other suggestive foods you can try include yoghurt, pulses, soups, Prunes, Wheat bran, Broccoli, Apples and pears, Grapes, Kiwis etc.

Linzess Not Working: Should I Try an Alternative?

Now, I will introduce you with an alternative that also can treat IBS & CIC effectively. However, you should consult your doctor before starting any to avoid hazardous consequences.

Trulance vs Linzess

Both of these drugs are the guanylate cyclase-C receptor agonist used to aid IBS or CIC with constipation symptoms. Despite being on the same drug line, they differ in dosage regimen.

However, if you say which one is better, then let me tell you that they are not inferior to each other in terms of efficacy and safety. So, the trulance could be a good alternative to linzess.

Now, look! It’s your choice whether you want to shift from this one or not. Still, I am pointing out some facts based on which you can take your decision farmly.

First off, you can take trulance with or without food in your stomach which you can’t do with linzess. Secondly, the trulance is available in 3mg dose only, whereas the linzess come in 3 doses including 72, 145, 290 mcg capsules.

So, doctors have the flexibility to give you a higher or lower dose after evaluating your condition.

The next parameter is the side effects. Trulance may cause you only one adverse effect that is diarrhoea. But, the linzess may cause you bloating, and abdominal pain along with severe diarrhoea.

Except for Idelalisib, the trulance is safe to interact with other drugs. But, in the case of linzess, there is a long list which you could not continue together.


What to do if linzess causes you dehydration?

It can cause you some side effects like headaches, dizziness, dehydration, diarrhoea etc. You can combat dehydration by taking mineral (sodium and potassium) enriched supplements with plenty of water. You can also counter the situation by chugging Pedialyte.

Can you take 2 linzess?

Sometimes we forget to take the medicine and when we remember we take two pills to compensate for it.  But you can’t eat two capsules of linzess at the same time as per the instructions.

Can linzess cause weight gain?

Some people have reported that it has increased their weight, while others have reported that it has reduced their weight significantly. So, you should monitor yours.

Is linzess a laxative or stool softener?

No, it’s not. This one comes in a capsule form to manage your symptoms of chronic constipation & irritable bowel syndrome with constipation.

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Now, you may be clear about the facts that why linzess not working. Besides, you get to know what are the measures you can take to make it effective again.

Moreover, I also introduce you with an alternative that’s efficiency is similar to linzess. Hopefully, our tips will rescue you from this horrific experience & help you to pass your stool easily.

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