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Which Is the Healthiest Turkey Sausage to Eat?

If you type foods with great protein on google, turkey comes in the top 10 sources. That is really good news for those who love turkey sausage, but our favorite food items also make us curious to know whether the particular food item is healthy or not? So, Is turkey sausage healthy? Yes, it is healthier as compared to other sausages, particularly the pork sausage.

Turkey is most crucial for your body. You need it to maintain and build muscles, bones, skin, eyes, cartilage, and blood. So it is an important source of protein for your whole body. Despite all these advantages, some processed sausages also have problematic ingredients. The article is going to guide you about which turkey sausage is healthy and what kinds of nutrients you can obtain from turkey sausage.

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Is Turkey Sausage Healthy?

Is Turkey sausage good for you? Is turkey sausage better for you? Is turkey sausage healthy to eat? These types of questions are common among turkey sausage lovers. Turkey sausage is healthy and has many important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients but it also has a high amount of sodium in it. Most of the processed turkey sausages contain many preservatives and artificial flavors which can harm your health.


Although sodium is important for proper nerve functioning and active muscle functions, too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. So, Is turkey sausage bad for you? No, it is not bad if you consume it in a moderate amount. Turkey sausage contains 28 percent of the daily recommended amount of sodium, while pork sausage contains 31 percent of the daily recommended amount of sodium.

So, Is turkey sausage healthier than pork sausage? Yes, it is healthier if we consider the amount of sodium present in both of these sausages.

Health Benefits of Turkey Sausage

Turkey is very high in nutrient quantity and has the following health benefits.

Protein Boost

Protein gives structure to your cell. It helps to transport nutrients throughout your body. An average female is recommended about 46 grams of protein per day while the average male is suggested 56 grams of protein in a day. 

The more you will follow these guidelines, the safer you will be. Turkey s is meat-RIch in protein and the size keyword slices of turkey contain 24 grams of protein equal to 48 percent of recommended daily value.

Proteins can assist with binding your muscles. If you are looking to undergo a general body transformation, turkey is a smart choice. People mostly ask about smoked turkey sausage. Is smoked turkey sausage healthy? Yes, it is healthy in the sense that its cooking method makes it low in fats and high in protein and is good for weight loss.

Increase Your Good Cholesterol

Turkey sausages are a great selection for those looking for good quality cholesterol. Turkey sausage is rich in high-density cholesterol. This HDL cholesterol removes low-density bad cholesterol and minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis and other diseases related to the heart.


Turkey sausages contain niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and folate. These vitamins normally help your body produce energy. Turkey is generally a great source of folate and B vitamins. This time just 2 thick slices of turkey meat will do the trick. Because this snack carries with it 61 percent of vitamin B3, 49 percent of your vitamin B6, 29 percent of vitamin B12. 

Vitamin B3 produces energy, vitamin B6 forms amino acids and helps produce neurotransmitters. Vitamin B12 helps to form red blood cells as well as DNA. So, next time you think of making sandwiches, add a few slices of turkey sausages to boost up your vitamin content.

Great Minerals

Along with vitamins, turkey packs a few more minerals which are zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and phosphorus. These are all the minerals your body comes in contact with, after eating turkey sausage. Selenium regulates metabolism. 

It also produces thyroid hormone. A normal turkey meal contains 24 micrograms of daily recommended amounts of selenium. Zinc allows for proper bodily functions like protein synthesis. A 3 ounce cooked portion of turkey has just 2 mg.

 Finally, phosphorus is important for the maintenance of healthy bones. A normal turkey serving carries 196 mg phosphorus. So this good amount of minerals make turkey sausage healthy.

Skin Boost

Turkey has great anti-aging benefits. It can make your skin look healthy and fresh. The dark part of turkey meat in turkey sausage assists in antiaging. Zinc present in turkey sausage works to boost protein synthesis and collagen production in the skin. 

It benefits its elasticity and hydration. When your body is lacking in collagen, it looks dry and wrinkled. Eating turkey sausage can slow down collagen deterioration in your skin to make you look healthier.


This is among Turkey’s most popular features. Tryptophan is an amino acid that assists the body in making proteins and brain signaling chemicals that produce serotonin which regulates your mood.

Tryptophan is called a sleep chemical due to its ability to make you feel sleepy after a meal. Tryptophan not only produces serenity but also produces melatonin. Both produce good sleep.

Is Turkey Sausage Healthy for Weight Loss?

Is turkey sausage good for weight loss? Yes, turkey can help you make a whole-body transformation. You just have to control the amount of turkey sausage you consume, because the amount of sodium can ruin your fitness goals.

But turkey can help you lose weight because of its protein content. This again is due to its protein content. Protein helps in weight loss and preserves muscle mass. Protein can make your stomach feel full. Since you feel full earlier, your body will signal your brain to eat less.

 In turn, you won’t be consuming many calories. Gradually, your body will begin to shed more pounds. So, turkey sausage can help you lose weight.

Is Turkey Kielbasa Healthy?

Turkey kielbasa is a type of sausage that is highly processed and contains a greater amount of fat and harmful ingredients. It is very high in calories.  It contains about 330 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 1590 mg sodium with 6 ounces of kielbasa. You should avoid eating in a large quantity but you can add it to flavor your dishes occasionally.

Reviews of Different Types of Turkey Sausages

Turkey sausages come in different flavors and qualities. Here are the reviews of commonly available turkey sausages in the market.

Is Eckrich turkey sausage healthy?

Eckrich turkey sausage contains 110 calories per serving but it is highly processed and contains problematic ingredients, so it is not healthy.

Is Hills hire farm turkey sausage healthy?

Hills hire farm turkey sausages to contain 100 calories and it is also highly processed and contains harmful ingredients.

Is Johnsonville turkey sausage healthy?

Although it is low in calories and contains 80 calories per serving, it also has a high amount of additives and preservatives.

Is Butterball turkey sausage healthy?

Butterball All-natural turkey sausages are natural, delicious, and contain low-fat ingredients. It contains 41 percent less fat than other types. So, butterball is a healthier choice.

Are Jimmie Dean’s turkey sausages healthy?

It also has problematic ingredients that are not at all good for human health. It contains dextrose, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, citric acid, and other artificial flavors that make these sausages unhealthy.

Is a frozen turkey sandwich healthy?

It depends on how much preservatives are added during the preparation of a frozen turkey sandwich. If a lot of artificial flavors are present in frozen products, it means they are more towards the healthier side.

The Bottom Line

Turkey sausages contain a good amount of protein and can also help you lose weight but it also has a high amount of sodium. So, Is turkey sausage healthy? Yes, it is. Although it has a high amount of sodium, the ratio of healthier ingredients is very high as compared to the problematic ingredients. 

If you choose good quality turkey sausages, you can enjoy the health benefits of these sausages by keeping in mind the portion control. So, the crux is that you just have to monitor the number of turkey sausages that you are consuming.


Can you eat turkey sausage on diet?

Yes, you can eat a moderate amount of turkey sausages if you are on diet. Turkey sausage contains a high amount of protein that can keep you satiated for a long time. Thus, it can help you lose weight.

What is the healthiest type of sausage?

Following are the healthiest types of turkey sausages.

  • Best pork sausages by Aidells Cajun-style An-duoullie
  • Best chicken sausage, Al Fresco spicy Jalapeno chicken sausage.
  • Best high protein: The original Bat Hans Organic chicken sausage.

Is lean turkey sausage good for weight loss?

Yes, lean turkey sausage is good for weight loss as lean protein can keep you feeling full for longer, so it can also help you in losing extra pounds.

Is turkey sausage low cholesterol?

Yes, turkey sausage has low cholesterol as compared to other sausages such as pork sausage. But it is high in sodium so, try eating it in moderation.

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