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What Are the Healthy Ways to Order at Subway?

Do you love eating at the subway or any other fast food place of your choice? Well, It doesn’t mean where are you eating, what matters is are you eating healthy? That’s why most health-conscious people always ask, Is Subway healthy to eat? Well, most fast-food restaurants offer highly processed food with a lot of preservatives but it is said that you can have healthy, unpreserved, and fresh food to order at the subway. Let’s explore if that is true?

Subway has more than their fair shares of scandals and bad news stories but they have had their share of success stories too. Subway has improved itself a lot over the last few years. It added more healthy food options to its menu.

Along with it, it also offers fresh vegetables that they cut at the site and also a good range of different sandwiches that can be healthy and delicious at the same time. In this article, you will find out a quick review of popular food options at the subway, the calories in those food items, and if they can help you lose weight or not.

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Is Subway Healthy?

Is Subway healthy to eat every day? What is the healthiest food on the subway? Is Subway even healthy? Such sorts of questions come to mind when someone thinks about eating at the subway. Let’s talk about how healthy the is subway?


Well, there are many healthy options at the subway which are less processed and are low in calories. The others are high calorie, enriched with sodium and preservatives. Remember, Subway can be only healthy for those who know what is healthy to eat and they have proper knowledge about nutrition. If you know about your calorie intake requirements and the number of micronutrients and macronutrients that your body needs to take, you can manage to eat healthier at the subway.

Some of the ingredients at Subway are highly processed, the healthier ones are less processed. The processed ingredients are high in sugar, sodium, and preservatives. So, if you want to eat healthy at the subway, opt for less processed options such as whole wheat bread, veggies salad, and healthy sauces.

Subway is healthy food if you choose to make it healthy for yourself. Avoid the following ingredients and food items containing these ingredients because this is why the subway is not considered healthy sometimes.

Processed Meat

Do not choose processed meat for your sandwich because this is meat with high sodium and a lot of preservatives and calories.

Inflammatory Oils

Subway food items that contain inflammatory oils such as soybean oil, corn, and canola oil are not healthy. You can use an olive oil dressing instead.

Trans Fats

Trans fats are bad fats that raise cholesterol levels and are not good for heart health. They are present in highly processed food, so always order a less processed subway sandwich.


Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are low in fiber and contain high amounts of preservatives and additives. They are high in calories and cause weight gain. Always choose whole grain bread that is less processed to avoid the consumption of refined carbs.

Subway Calories

If we talk about calories in subway bread,  9- grain wheat bread has 180 calories, Italian bread has 180 calories, Italian herbs and cheese bread have 220 calories, artisan flatbread has 220 calories in it. 

This was only about bread. The meat, veggies, and seasoning inside a subway sandwich add extra calories. If we talk about what is the lowest calorie sandwich at the subway and what is the lowest sodium sandwich at the subway, it is turkey breast solid with 100 calories if it has no dressing. The other one is Turkey breast sub with 6 inches 9-grain sub, C bolt veggies, and mustard. It contains 280 calories.

What Is the Healthiest Meal on the Subway?

Subway offers many healthy meal options especially those which are less preserved, low in sodium and additives. Here are some questions regarding healthy meals at the subway. Subway is good for dieting if you know the answers to all the following questions. This will give you an idea about what is the healthiest meal on the subway.

Is Tuna From the Subway Healthy?

According to the reviews, Subway offers a cheap version of tuna that is flakes tuna. Along with flaked tuna in brine, there’s lemon juice, sugar, mustard, eggs, and preservatives like calcium disodium EDTA. This is a kind of preservative that is also used in medicines but its consumption should be limited.


Is Steak and Cheese From the Subway Healthy?

Yes, steak and cheese from Subway are healthy because it contains a few ingredients like seasoned beef, cheese, and some veggies. It has no nasty ingredients like MSG and other preservatives. The steak sandwich has a flat grain bread that smells good with red onion sauce.

Is Wheat Bread From the Subway Healthy?

Wheat bread from the subway is healthy because it contains a lot of fiber and complex carbohydrates that give you a satiating effect and keep your stomach full for longer.

Is the Oven-Roasted Chicken at the Subway Healthy?

Oven-roasted chicken is healthy because it is low in calories and does not contain bad fats that raise cholesterol. It is also healthier than teriyaki chicken which is high in calories as compared to oven-roasted chicken.

Is the Veggie Delight at the Subway Healthy?

Veggie delight is considered the healthiest food to order at the subway. It is very low in fat and the vegetables in it are fresh and contain a lot of fiber. It is good to eat if you are losing weight.

Is Chicken Teriyaki at the Subway Healthy?

Subway chicken teriyaki is not very healthy as teriyaki sauce can add sugar to your diet. It also contains mayonnaise that has three times more fat. So, you should prefer roasted chicken instead of chicken teriyaki while eating at the subway.

Is Chicken Breast at the Subway Healthy?

Chicken breast sandwiches at Subway contain a lot of preservatives and are very high in calories. It contains polysorbate 60, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate. These are nasty preservatives that make subway chicken breast unhealthy.

Is a Cold Cut Combo at the Subway Healthy?

Italian bread in a cold-cut combo is made with enriched wheat flour that has some kind of additives in it. These cuts are mechanically separated from ligaments and bones and then the preservatives are added to them. It contains erythorbate, sodium nitrates that are very low-quality ingredients and are nasty preservatives.


Is Subway Salad Healthy?

Is the subway good for your health? Is the subway good for you? The answer is, the subway is good if you eat salads. It may sound ridiculous but yeah it is true. You can eat healthy salads from Subway like tuna salad and chicken ham salad. Add your favorite vegetables and low-fat dressings to enjoy healthy subway salads.

What Is the Healthiest Bread on the Subway?

When it comes to bread, you must choose whole grain bread. All of the bread available at Subway is somehow processed, but the whole grain bread contains more fiber so it is healthy as compared to white bread which is high in sugar and spikes your insulin levels and causes weight gain.

What Is a Healthy Subway Sandwich?

A low-calorie sandwich with whole grains, proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables is a healthy sandwich you can eat at the subway. For this buy 6-inch bread instead of 12-inch bread because 12-inch bread will double the number of carbohydrates.


Add a less preserved chicken breast and vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, tomatoes, and spinach to make your sandwich more healthy. Always use a honey mustard sauce because it is low in calories. This is how you can eat a healthy sandwich at the subway.

Is McDonald’s Healthier Than the Subway?

Yes, McDonald’s is considered more healthy than subway as the food at McDonald’s is less processed as compared to that at subway.

Is Jersey Mike’s Healthier Than the Subway?

Jersey Mike’s is unhealthy as compared to Subway as it does not offer whole grain bread and its food options are highly processed and enriched with sodium, sugar, and additives that can cause more harm than good.

Is Subway Good for Bodybuilding?

Subway is not good for bodybuilding, as it contains a lot of refined carbohydrates. For bodybuilding, you need more protein. The proteins that Subway offers in the form of chicken or beef are highly processed. It contains a lot of sodium that is not good for bodybuilding. It can cause weight rather than building muscles.

Is Subway Healthy for Pregnancy?

Yes, it is healthy to eat at the subway if you are pregnant, but make sure to microwave the food or toast it a bit more instead of just warming it. It will kill any harmful bacteria in the food and will not cause stomach issues and bloating.

Is Subway Healthy for Diabetes?

Subway has a diabetic-friendly menu that provides a low sugar, low fat, and low sodium range of sandwiches. But the processed food is always processed, so it may contain preservatives that are not good for health. Diabetics should not eat from the subway daily.

Is Subway Good for You to Lose Weight?

Is Subway fattening? Is Subway healthy to eat every day? These are the questions that people ask when they are trying to lose weight, yet they want to eat at the subway. Well, you can eat at the subway and still lose weight if you keep in mind your calorie requirements and the number of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vegetables you are consuming.

If you want to lose weight, make sure you are ordering whole grain bread at the subway. Always use vegetables in your sandwich to add more fiber to your diet. Add chicken so that you can get a proper amount of protein. Always choose a honey mustard sauce that is low in calories. This way you can manage to eat healthy on the subway, so you can also lose weight.

The Bottom Line

Subway invites its customers to eat fresh but what if it is not clear what exactly is it that you are eating? Instead of thinking, Is Subway healthy, you must think,  Is that healthy what I’m eating? Because only you can manage healthy eating at any fast food restaurant.

Every fast food restaurant adds some kind of preservatives and unhealthy additives to their food so it is up to you to opt for healthy options or not. If you want to eat healthy, order salads with guacamole dressings, seeds sprinkles, and extra virgin olive oils for taste and aroma. Learn healthy eating before you eat at any fast food restaurant so that you may know what is good to eat.


Is the subway healthy for weight loss?

Subway is healthy for weight loss if you choose healthy bread, vegetables, and low-fat chicken to your salad. Avoid eating more processed food at the subway if you want to lose weight.

What is the healthiest thing to order at the subway?

Veggie delight is the healthiest food option to order at the subway. In addition to it, you can also eat oven-roasted chicken, sweet onion chicken, teriyaki chicken sandwich at subway.

How bad is subway bread?

Subway bread contains more sugar and sodium. This excess amount of sugar and sodium is not good for diabetics, weight loss, and cardiovascular health.

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