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The Truth About Plantains: Can They Really Help With Weight Loss?

Have you ever heard about cooking bananas? Well, that’s the other name of Plantain. These are the unripe green bananas. Although the plantains are harder to peel, they have several culinary benefits and miraculous health benefits.

So, Is Plantain good for weight loss?

Yes, plantains are super healthy and nutritious. But when it comes to weight loss, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it depends upon how you’re cooking plantain for weight loss. Fried plantains are not much healthier as compared to boiled ones. So, whether you will lose weight with plantains depends upon how you’re eating them.

In this article, you will get to know the nutritional value as well as the health benefits and side effects of eating plantain for weight loss. So, let’s dive deep into finding interesting facts about this healthy green superfood.

Fried plantains contain extra amounts of fats and calories. Frying is not a healthier way to cook plantains. That’s the reason when you eat fried plantain, you end up gaining weight.

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Plantain Nutritional Information

Plantains are rich in nutrients including vitamins and minerals. A 100 gram of unripe plantain contains 122 calories. The following table demonstrates the nutritional value of plantain.

Nutrients% Daily Values
Total fat 0.4 g0%
Saturated fats 0.1 g0%
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 499 mg0%
Total carbohydrates 32g10%
Dietary fiber 2.3g9%
Sugar 15g
Proteins 1.3g
Vitamin C30%
Calcium 0%
Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B6 15%
Sodium 4 mg0%
Table: Nutritional Information of Plantain

All these nutrients play a vital role in making plantains healthy for weight loss and overall human health. If you follow a healthy way to cook plantains for weight loss, it can be the best food to include in a weight loss diet chart.

Is Plantain Healthy? – Plantain Benefits & Side Effects!

Plantain is a healthy fruit that is rich in dietary fiber as well as resistant starch. It has less sugar content than ripe bananas, which makes it even healthier. 


Moreover, plantains contain many important nutrients that prevent the human body from a lot of different diseases. Eating plantain can not only help you in weight loss but also can help prevent kidney stones and osteoporosis. Here are some important health benefits and side effects of eating Plantain.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Plantain

Plantains, especially those that are unripe, have amazing health benefits This is because they are an excellent source of vitamin E, B, and B6. Here are a few common health benefits of eating Plantain.

  • Plantains contain essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium that are vital for basic metabolic functions.
  • Plantains are rich in dietary fiber that can keep you full for longer and prevent constipation.
  • Plantain increases good gut bacteria that help to regulate digestion and improve bowel functions.
  • The complex carbohydrates present in plantains help in weight loss. 
  • Plantains are good to regulate blood pressure and treat hypertension.
  • The calcium present in plantains is good to improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Plantains are good to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body, hence they are heart healthy.
  • Plantains are rich in antioxidants, so they boost immunity and help in fighting different diseases.
  • As the plantains increase good gut bacteria, so they prevent inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.

Plantain Side effects

Although plantains are very healthy, there are a few side effects that are experienced by certain individuals. These are as under:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergic reactions

These side effects appear only in a few individuals who are allergic to some of the vitamins or minerals present in plantains. Otherwise, mostly eating plantain more healthily is beneficial for health.

Ripe vs Unripe Plantains for Weight Loss

Is ripe plantain good for weight loss? Well, the answer is that ripe plantain is good for health as it has the same amounts of vitamins and minerals as unripe plantain. However, there are a few disadvantages of ripe plantain for weight loss.  Ripe plantain is rich in sugar and has extra calories as compared to unripe plantain. 


There is another question: Is yellow plantain good for weight loss? The yellow plantain is a ripe one, and for weight loss, ripe plantain is not a good choice.

On the other hand, Is unripe plantain good for weight loss? Yes, unripe plantain is good for weight loss, as it has a good amount of dietary fiber that helps you avoid overeating. 

This is because it can keep your stomach full for longer. Also, it is low in sugar and carbohydrates, so it helps you lose more weight.

Boiled vs Fried Plantains for Weight Loss

A lot of us love eating fried plantain. So, Is fried plantain good for weight loss? No, because fried plantains contain extra amounts of fats and calories. Frying is not a healthier way to cook plantains. That’s the reason when you eat fried plantain, you end up gaining weight.

People also ask, Is plantain chips good for weight loss? The answer is no because usually, people prefer the frying method to make chips. And 100 grams of fried plantain contains 252 calories. So, this is not a healthier way to eat plantain for weight loss.


Is boiled unripe plantain good for weight loss? This is another question among those who want to lose weight with plantains. Boiled plantains are very healthy for weight loss, as they contain low carbohydrates and fats. Also, they are high in fiber and good for weight loss.

Is Plantain Good for Diabetes?

Ripe plantains are not good for diabetes. This is because ripe plantain has a high glycemic index. This high sugar content makes it unhealthy for diabetic people. The high sugar and carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels, so diabetics should avoid eating ripe plantain.

The unripe plantain has a low glycemic index. They contain resistant starch that is not easy to digest. This starch functions like soluble fermentable fiber, so it is good for weight loss in diabetics.

Is Plantain Flour Good for Weight Loss?

Plantain flour is good to include in a weight loss diet due to its high fiber content. The essential vitamins and minerals present in plantain flour are good for the overall health of the human body.


Moreover, plantain flour is low in cholesterol, so it prevents heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. According to studies, the nutrients present in plantain flour can increase libido. So, plantain flour is not only good for weight loss but also for overall health.

How to Prepare Unripe Plantain for Weight Loss?

Unripe plantains are very healthy for weight loss. You can make different weight loss recipes using unripe plantain. Following is a healthy plantain recipe for weight loss.


To make a healthy plantain recipe for weight loss, you need to have a few healthy ingredients. The following ingredients will help prepare this healthy plantain recipe.

  • 4 pcs of unripe Plantain
  • A Bowl of baby spinach
  • Black pepper
  • Meat ( chicken or fish)
  • Seasoning

How to Prepare?

To prepare this healthy weight loss recipe, boil plantains, spinach, and meat together in a pot. Add black pepper and seasonings. Turn off the stove and the healthy weight loss plantain meal is ready to enjoy!


Question: Do Plantains make you gain weight?

Ripe plantains can make you gain weight as they are high in sugar and fats. Ripe plantains are high in calories and carbohydrates, so eating them in a bulk can make you gain weight. On the other hand, unripe Plantain is good for weight loss. 

Question: Is Plantain Healthier than rice?

Yes, plantains are healthier than rice. This is because of their high fiber content. Also, the vitamins and minerals in Plantain are high as compared to brown and white rice, so they are good for health.

Question: Is plantain fufu good for weight loss?

Plantain fufu is good for health but eating it in high amounts is not good for weight loss. As plantain fufu is high in calories and rich in carbohydrates. A 100 gram of fufu contains 350 calories, so for weight loss, it is better to avoid eating fufu.

Is Plantain Good for Weight Loss- Final Verdict

Although plantains are rich in Vitamins and minerals and no doubt, they are good for overall health, Is plantain good for weight loss? The answer is a big yes, but you should prefer adding unripe plantains to your weight loss diet.

If you want to include plantain in a weight loss diet, prefer boiling them instead of frying them. As frying is an unhealthy method to cook plantains for weight loss. Even if you’re diabetic, boiled plantain is a good choice to eat for losing weight.

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