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Is Lemonade Good for You? Here Lies the Secret to Make Healthier Lemonade

Lemon is a multipurpose ingredient. It has a lot of healthy benefits. So, Is lemonade good for you? The question is equally popular among health and weight-conscious people.

Lemonade is a healthy and tasty drink. It has several health benefits. But as we know that everything has its pros and cons. The same is the case with lemonade.

Lemonade or lemon water is simply a mixture of lemon juice and water. It has become very popular because of its amazing health benefits. Many celebrities swear by it. Their diet is mainly lemon-based.

But do you know, what happens to your body when you drink a glass of lemonade? Let us discover the facts and myths about lemonade.

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Is Lemonade Good for You?-Pros & Cons!

No doubt, lemonade is an immunity booster drink with a lot of health benefits. But there are some conditions in which you should avoid drinking it. Following are the major benefits and side effects of having Lemonade.


Benefits of Having Lemonade

Lemon is a little yellow fruit but has a lot of health benefits. Drinking lemonade is good for health as it has a lot of benefits. 

Here is the ultimate list of health and beauty benefits of lemonade.

Improves Digestive Health

A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of good health. Lemon is a primary source of pectin fiber. This fiber is necessary for good colon health.

Therefore, a glass of lemonade can act as a perfect kickstart for your digestive system. It eliminates the free radicals and wastes from your body.

Balances Minerals in Your Body

Besides the energy drinks, rehydration salts, and glucose electrolyte solutions, lemonade can also do this job perfectly. It can work more efficiently in dehydration treatment.

When we exercise, we lose minerals through sweat. These minerals include sodium, potassium, and chloride. Drinking water will rehydrate your body.

But if you add a few slices of lemon to it, it will speed up the process of rebalancing minerals in your body. So, Is lemonade good for you when you are sick? Yes, it is!

Improves your Eyesight

Lemon is a citrus fruit. It contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. The vitamins and minerals work together to give a protective effect against cataracts and macular degeneration.

Helps Get Soft and Supple Skin

Is lemonade good for your skin? As we all know, hydration and drinking plenty of water are very beneficial for the skin. Turn that water into lemonade and you will get amazing benefits.

Lemon contains powerful antioxidants. So that you will notice a decrease in blemishes and wrinkles. As a result, you can get smoother and healthier skin. 

Improves your Liver Health

Lemons are your liver’s best friends. Keeping your liver happy is one of the most important things to do for good health. 

Drinking lemon water can help your liver function at a tip-top level. It flushes out the toxins by enhancing the enzyme function. The citric acid in lemon kills harmful bacteria.

Fulfills Potassium Requirements

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in our body. Lemons are very high in potassium. 

Drinking lemon water will help to ensure optimal heart, brain, kidney, and muscular function. As potassium is an important constituent to run these body systems.

Boosts Immunity

Those who drink lemon water every day tend to experience fewer colds. Drinking lemonade can boost up your immunity.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It helps to fight against viral infections and immune system weaknesses.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury. Chronic inflammation is an essential component of serious illnesses. 

Lemon water alkalizes your body. It helps in removing harmful uric acid that causes inflammation.

Balances PH 

Lemons are acidic by nature. But after absorbing into the bloodstream, lemon has an alkalizing effect on body tissues.

Although we need acid to aid in the digestion of food, we should balance out PH levels. Too much acid can cause diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes.

Stops Caffeine Consumption 

Many of us rely on coffee for a booster shot of energy. It makes you feel super productive. 

Drinking a glass of lemonade will give you a lot of health and beauty benefits. You will stop consuming too much caffeine.

Drawbacks of Having Lemonade 

Is lemonade bad for you? No doubt, that lemonade has a lot of health benefits. But excess of everything is bad. 

Here are some of the side effects of drinking too much lemonade.

Damages Tooth Enamel

Is lemonade good for your teeth? Too much lemonade is not good for your teeth. It wears away your teeth’ enamel. It causes tooth decay. 

To prevent this, you can start drinking your lemon water through a straw to avoid its direct exposure to your teeth. Also, don’t brush your teeth right after consuming lemon water. It can also damage your teeth.

Upsets Your Stomach

Is lemonade good for your stomach? Lemonade can help kill the harmful bacteria of the gut. But, too much can upset your stomach. It can cause acid reflux, nausea, and vomiting.

Increases the Risk of Crankle Sores

Drinking too much lemonade can result in crankle sores. If you already have crankle sores in your mouth, avoid drinking lemon water. Wait for the sores to heal completely.

Can Harm your Kidneys

Lemons have a high amount of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid has diuretic properties. It increases the production of urine in the kidneys. It eliminates the excess fluid, sodium, and electrolytes more quickly from the body.

So, Is lemonade good for your kidneys? If lemon juice is high in quantity, it can flush out too many electrolytes. Hence, it causes dehydration.

Risk of Infections

Lemons have a lot of unhealthy microorganisms such as E. Coli on their skin. Instead of dropping the whole lemon into lemonade, just squeeze the juice out of it.

Also, be cautious while ordering lemonade in restaurants and avoid adding lemon slices.

Remember, the health benefits of lemonade are far more in number as compared to its side effects. So you can freely add lemonade in your diet, if you are not having any of the above mentioned problems.

Is Lemonade Suitable for You?

Most of the people have confusions related to consumption of lemonade in certain conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes and weight loss. Here are the effects of having Lemonade during these conditions.

If You Want to Lose Weight

Most people drink lemonade for weight loss. If you want to lose weight naturally, lemonade is a good choice.

Foods that are rich in fiber are very good for weight loss. Lemons are the primary source of pectin fiber. The fiber content in lemon gives you a feeling of satiety.


Lemonade can keep your stomach full for longer. So you don’t eat any high-calorie food. As a result, you start losing weight.

The citric acid in lemon enhances your metabolism. To lose weight, your metabolism must be faster. Lemon water speeds up your metabolism. Your body metabolizes fat and glucose. This helps you in weight loss.

If you want to lose weight with lemonade, lemonade must be sugar-free. Because sugar is not going to help you with weight loss.

If You’re Pregnant

Lemonade is good for you when you are pregnant. The reason is that during pregnancy, the female body is prone to different kinds of bacterial and viral infections. This is because the immune system gets weak.

Lemon contains Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity. It protects pregnant women against many diseases.

Moreover, lemonade can help in reducing pregnancy-induced vomiting. It can balance the number of vitamins and minerals in the body. It is also good for providing hydration.

If You’ve Diabetes

Lemons contain all those vitamins and minerals that are good for diabetics. They are rich in fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamin C. 

Citrus fruits like lemon can help regulate blood sugar levels. It is very helpful for type 2 diabetics. However, diabetics should drink sugar-free lemonade.

They should also avoid the lemonades available in the market. The reason is that artificial flavors and preservatives in this lemonade can interfere with blood glucose levels.

How to Make Lemonade Without Sugar?

Many of us are big fans of refreshing, delicious lemonade. But if you are not a big fan of all the sugar and problems that it causes to health, here is the recipe for homemade sugar-free lemonade.


  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Stevia

How to prepare?

  • Squeeze lemon juice out of fresh lemons. It should be 16 ounces.
  • Add 32 ounces of water to a jug.
  • Pour lemon juice into the water.
  • Add stevia as a sweetener.
  • Shake well, and you got the delicious lemonade

Lemonade Nutritional Facts

Here is the list of nutrients present in one glass of lemonade, that contains water and half a lemon. It contains 9 calories.

Nutrients% Daily Values
SugarLess than 1 gram
Vitamin C25% of the RDI
Folate1% of the RDI
Potassium1% of the RDI

It is your personal preference whether you take it hot or cold. It makes no difference to your health.

One glass of lemonade does not provide a lot of nutrients. But lemon water has low calories and low sugar. It can boost your vitamin C intake.

How Much Lemon Juice Should You Drink in a Day?

You can drink lemon juice daily without any issue. But the doctors suggest that you should limit the quantity to not more than 2 lemons per day.

It is enough for good hydration. It provides you with all health benefits. You can add honey to your lemon water and take it in the morning to boost up your immunity and metabolism.


Is lemonade healthy?

Yes, lemonade is healthy if it is sugar-free. Lemon has a lot of benefits in improving health and weight loss. It boosts up our immune system. As a result, it increases the ability to fight diseases.

Which is better for you, lemonade or coke?

Lemonade is far better than coke. It has several health benefits. Coke has a lot of sugar in it and it is harmful to health. It does not have a healthy impact on human health.

Is lemonade better for you than plain water?

Lemon water is a safe, flavorful, and healthy alternative to plain water. But if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, that is more beneficial for you than having a lot of lemonade.

Is it OK to drink lemonade every day?

It is Okay if you drink lemonade every day. But you should not take more than two lemons per day. A lot of lemons can have adverse effects on your health. It can do more harm than good.

Bottom Line

Is lemonade good for you?  Lemon water is no doubt a healthy drink. But it is important to drink it in moderation to get the best out of this healthy drink. 

The most important tip to make your lemonade healthy is that it should be sugar-free. It will not only help you in weight loss but will also improve your skin and overall health.

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