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Is Durum Wheat Healthy? Top 10 Health Benefits Of Durum Wheat

Imagine a bowl of delicious spaghetti or pasta made from durum wheat. It sure sounds tasty. But with that thought comes another question. Is durum wheat healthy? The quick answer is, yes, it is.

So, what is the specialty of durum wheat?

Durum wheat is very good for health. Durum wheat is full of numerous health benefits regarding weight loss and overall health. It contains protein, folate, calcium, fibers, iron, etc. These help build your body, protect your body, prevent diseases, and maintain the body’s normal function.

That being said, let’s take an in-depth look into the question, ‘is durum wheat healthy?’ This article is also going to unravel the top 10 health benefits of durum wheat. You will get to know how durum wheat can help with weight loss too.

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What is Durum Wheat?

Before diving further into the health benefits of durum wheat, let us first know a little about what it is.

Durum wheat is one of the species of wheat. It is the second most cultivated wheat species after regular wheat. The scientific name of this wheat is Triticum turgidum durum. Durum is a word of Latin Origin. Its meaning is something that is very hard. It is named rightfully so. Because Durum grain is much tougher than normal Wheat grain.

Durum is native to the Mediterranean region in southwest Asia. Commercially produced dried pasta is made from this kind of wheat. It is also used to make semolina, bases for soups, stuffings, puddings, and pastries. Durum Wheat is a top selection for individuals with diabetes and obesity due to its amazing health benefits.

Durum wheat facts infographic

Durum Wheat Nutritional Facts

180 grams serving of durum wheat contains 651 calories. Here is a table demonstrating the nutritional information about durum wheat.

Nutrients% Daily Values
Total Fat 4.7 g6%
Sodium 3.8 mg0%
Total carbs 137 g50%
Proteins 26 g52%
Vitamin D 0 mcg0%
Calcium 65 mg5%
Iron 6.8 mg38%
Potassium 828 mg10%
Magnesium 5.8 mg29%
Thiamin 0.8 mg54%
Niacin 12.9 mg65%

All these nutrients are essential for the growth, survival, and good health of humans. If you take less of these nutrients, you may suffer from deficiency diseases.

Is Durum Wheat Healthy?

As you’ve already read, Durum wheat is quite healthy. That’s because, it contains dietary fiber, vitamin B complex, minerals, saturated fats, and proteins. All of these essential nutrients make durum wheat healthy to eat.

Proteins are the building blocks of your body. Your cells and the different parts of your cells contain protein. Your muscles, bones, and other internal organs are all made up of protein. Proteins can work as enzymes, transporters, channels, etc., and maintain the normal balance of chemicals in your body. Low protein in your diet can reduce your immunity and make you malnourished.

The B complex vitamins present in durum wheat are important for the health of your eyes, liver, and skin. They also play a role in healthy metabolism and the production of energy in your body. The absence of these vitamins can lead to diseases like beriberi, lip sores, diarrhea, anemia, heart failure, etc.

The other micronutrients present in durum wheat play an important role in maintaining the major functions of body systems. So, it’s safe to say that durum wheat is quite healthy.

Also, a lot of people ask, Is durum wheat pasta healthy? Yes, durum wheat pasta is healthy. It is the Italian pasta that is used in various dishes. It has a good taste and a variety of health benefits.

So, let’s discover what are its pros and cons: 


The nutrients and minerals present in durum wheat are very important for our body and brain in order to perform different functions.

Here are the top  10 health benefits of eating durum wheat, along with a few side effects observed in some people.

  1. Weight Loss

 Is Durum Wheat helpful for weight loss? Durum Wheat is high in dietary fiber, so it promotes weight loss and provides satiety. Adding a recommended amount of fiber to your diet can help you lose weight easily. 

 Fiber can keep your belly full for longer and can also help in keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

  1. Building Muscle

Durum Wheat has a high percentage of protein.  This can help you maintain your muscle mass and decrease the percentage of fat in your body. Proteins should be an essential part of your diet if you want to gain muscle.

If you’re a bodybuilder, adding durum wheat to your diet can help you boost your protein intake. It can also help to give you more healthy muscles.

  1. Reduces Bloating

Durum Wheat has almost no sodium in it. So there are no chances of bloating if you eat durum wheat. Also, if you are suffering from a bloated belly or water retention, eating durum wheat can reduce the bloating.

  1. Keeps Heart Healthy

Durum Wheat is low in cholesterol, so it is very healthy for your heart. It also promotes good heart health by lowering bad LDL cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. Hence, it reduces blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar

Durum wheat is a complex carbohydrate. Hence, the glycemic index of durum wheat is very low. It means that it is absorbed slowly. It is also converted into glucose at a slower speed. Hence, durum wheat does not cause a spike in the level blood sugar levels. Rather, it increases slowly. This means that your pancreas isn’t overworked in producing insulin. So, Is durum wheat healthy for diabetics? Yes, it is!

  1. Supports digestive health

Durum Wheat can support good digestive health by increasing the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. These bacteria have the ability to keep our digestive system healthy. The fiber content in durum wheat prevents constipation. So, durum wheat can be very helpful for gut health.

  1. Prevents Anemia

Durum Wheat is rich in iron which is an essential mineral for the formation of blood cells. Iron is important for hemoglobin formation. So, eating durum wheat can prevent iron deficiency anemia.

There is another type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia. This happens if you have folate and vitamin B12 deficiency. Luckily, Durum wheat has plenty of both.

  1. Promotes healthy bones

A good amount of calcium and phosphorus in your diet can promote the growth of healthy bones. Eating durum wheat can provide you with a good quality of calcium. According to research, eating durum wheat can prevent the risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases.

  1. Promotes Brain Health

Thiamine and folate present in durum wheat are very important to keep our brains healthy. Also, B complex vitamins can promote the functioning of the nervous system by helping in the conduction of nerve impulses. These minerals are also important for the functioning of neurons.

  1. Good for Pregnant Women

Pregnant ladies often suffer nutrient deficiencies that can lead to many problems for the mother and fetus. Eating durum wheat can be very beneficial during pregnancy. It is because it contains all the essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals that a pregnant woman needs.

Side Effects

Although durum wheat has several benefits and it is very healthy to be a part of a balanced diet, some people face the following side effects.

  1. Gluten Sensitivity

A person who is allergic to gluten can suffer from diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, and vomiting after eating durum wheat. So, you should avoid eating durum wheat if you’re sensitive to gluten.

  1. Allergic Reactions

Durum wheat promotes allergic reactions in some people. The common symptoms of this allergy are coughing, wheezing, and sneezing. If you experience such symptoms, it means you’re allergic to any nutrient present in durum wheat.

  1. Immune Reactions

Persons with celiac diseases can experience immune responses or hypersensitivity reactions after eating durum wheat. So, patients with Celiac disease should avoid eating durum wheat.

  1. Gaining weight?

Durum wheat can cause weight loss because of its fiber content. However, if you’re eating too much of this food, then you can gain weight too. That’s because it contains carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are essential for your body in moderate amounts. If you eat too much carbohydrates, then it can deposit as fat. This is more true if you don’t burn off the calories.

But, not to worry. This only occurs if you take durum wheat way too much. Eating it in moderate amounts will give you more of the benefits!

Although durum wheat has a few side effects it has a lot of health benefits. If you’re not sensitive to gluten, you can avail the health benefits of durum wheat.

Durum Wheat Vs Maida

Is durum wheat maida? No, it is not. Durum Wheat is richer in nutrients as compared to maida. Maida lacks essential vitamins and minerals. 

Maida is high in glycemic index, it is very low in protein content and high in carbs. It is not good for weight loss. On the other hand, durum wheat is very rich in protein and is good for weight loss.

Durum Wheat Vs Whole Wheat

Both types of wheat are used to make different delicious dishes. The nutritional content of both is almost the same.

The only difference is that durum wheat is stretchable and has more elasticity. You can mold it into different shapes of pasta, spaghetti, and noodles. However, whole wheat is not elastic.


Question: Is durum wheat inflammatory?

Answer: No, durum wheat is not inflammatory. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Durum wheat can decrease some of the inflammatory molecules in your body. So, it can help reduce inflammation to some extent.

Question: What is special about durum wheat?

Answer: Durum wheat contains a high amount of protein. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Durum wheat can be molded into different pasta shapes. It is good for making bakery products. This is what makes durum wheat special.

Question: Is durum wheat semolina whole grain?

Answer: Yes, durum wheat semolina is a whole grain. It is extracted from a hard variety of wheat species. It is used to make pasta and bakery products. You can also use durum wheat to make healthy tacos and bread for weight loss as it is rich in fiber.

Bottom Line

Is durum wheat healthy? Yes, Durum Wheat is a hard species of wheat and is very healthy. It is because it contains several nutrients that play a vital role in promoting good human health. The reason why durum wheat got the most popular among other forms is its high fiber percentage.

However, people with gluten sensitivity should avoid eating food products containing durum wheat.

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