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Is a 225 Overhead Press Good?-[Detailed Answer]

You might know very few people who can do overhead press 225lbs. Most people you know can’t even do their bodyweight lift. Because overhead press is pretty damn hard to do. 

Back in the 70s overhead press was the standard measurement for upper body strength. It was used as a test of strength in Olympic weightlifting. However, it was then removed after 1972 because of difficulties in judging proper technique. 

So, is a 225 overhead press good?

Yes, overhead press is not just good but great. Overhead presses are so hard no doubt, but greatly beneficial too. Mainly overhead presses work four types of muscles, such as shoulders, arms, upper back and chest. This is one of the several exercises that is used to build upper body strength.

However, overhead presses are no kids’ game. So if you are a newbie then it would be better for you to consult a pro first. 

Let us dive into detail and see if you should go for overhead press or not.

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Is a 225 Overhead Press Good?

Overhead press 225lbs doesn’t have the same status as it had in the 60s. This exercise is old school and it was considered as the ultimate test of strength level. Also it is known to be the hardest thing you could do in the gym. 

In addition to that, in order to do strict overhead presses one needs a lot of planning. Not to mention focus on shoulder health, strength and consistent willingness. 


Furthermore, due to overhead presses being so hard some think they can’t do it. However, there is no shortage of fitness enthusiasts who think that maybe it is possible. 

So, here we will explain how to build bigger overhead press capability. And I will also tell you about all the ingredients you require. Furthermore, you will be informed about the proper technique to do overhead press. 

However, before diving into techniques and ingredients let us see what muscles do overhead press work. 

Muscles Overhead Press Hit

Overhead press is ideal and best suited exercise for building shoulder strength. Mainly it is used to develop the anterior deltoid muscles of the shoulder. 

However overhead presses also work some secondary muscles such as hamstring, quads, glutes, triceps, and traps. 

Why are Overhead Presses So Hard?-[5 Reasons Why]

Let us see the major reason due to which overhead press seems so hard.

Overhead press requires power which is extremely hard to produce while being in proper form. Other exercises like bench press are easy to set up, execute and easy to produce power. Never forget a smoothie energizer to keep your energy up for the workout.


On the other hand, the overhead press has a very uncomfortable technique and form. One has to stand properly if they want to push from their legs. Then contract the lats to get a strong base to push with arms. 


So, training without focus, complete willingness and proper technique would only make it more difficult. People usually don’t give the attention to overhead press technique it actually requires. 

Shoulder Strength

After the proper standing position , you would push the barbell up and behind your head. And this would require extremely strong shoulders especially triceps. Then to progress this exercise needs to be done frequently with low reps and multiple sets. 

Slower Progress

Besides form technicalities overhead press involves small muscles. And progress in overhead press is slower as compared to squats or deadlifts. So, people soon lose patience. 

Not Trained Enough

Furthermore, you won’t see people training diligently for overhead press complaining about difficulties. Because they have been honest while training for this movement. 

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Poor Mobility In Mid-Back

Mid back getting locked up in forward hunched negatively affects overhead press. Due to the upper arm not elevating enough to be in line with the shoulder blade. Our mid back gets tight and can’t tip back.

As a result achieving full range of motion overhead becomes difficult. However taking an anavar before a workout might make it easier.

How to Press 225 Overhead?-[Technique and Training]

Let us check out the ingredients that are required to do 225 overhead presses. 

Training For Overhead Press

Most dudes don’t prepare themselves for the overhead press and then complain about it being hard. Overhead press is the ultimate strength test so it definitely requires some preparations.

It is not wise to attempt the move until one is ready. So, let us first see the training then we will move towards the proper technique.

An Upper Back

In order to do a stable lift you need stable shoulders. And a strong upper back is going to determine your shoulder stability. There are several exercises available that you can perform to strengthen your upper back. Not to mention all four of your rotator cuff muscles are needed. 

So, here again comes the importance of proper technique for painless pressing. In order to improve your scapular stability I would recommend the following exercises.

  • Bent over rows
  • Bench Press
  • Palm forward reverse bent over flyes
  • Pull Ups
  • Lat pull downs (reverse grips)
  • Seated rows
  • Inverted rows (both grips)


Strong shoulders are not the only thing needed for overhead press. Ability to mobilize  is equally important. It is required to push a load along the safest and strongest trajectory. 

It simply means your shoulder blades should be pinned while pushing a weight overhead. Also your scapulae should migrate both upward and outward as you raise your arms. 

Check out exercises that would fuel up scapulae movement. 

  • Pin shoulder blades at the back of rowing motion and let the weight pull them forward. 
  • Perform a lot of push ups (extra push at the top)
  • One arm pushups
  • One row push ups
  • One arm row
  • Single hand dumbbell shrugs
  • Serratus front raise

Ball and Socket Joint

Shoulder not just needed to be strong but strong enough to perform full range of motion. Otherwise a true strict press won’t be possible. Not to mention tissue quality of your beach muscle is more important than tissue size. 

If your chest muscles are tight, front deltoids and hips can create negative effects. For that the most useful and beneficial movement is: shoulder dislocation. Doing this regularly can help inject correct patterns and angles into your muscle memory. 

Overhead Press Proper Technique

Probably the most important but underestimated thing is proper technique for overhead press. Without further ado let us see the proper technique.

Technique is Simple

  • Stand looking straight ahead while your body is upright and core muscles braced. 
  • Hold the bar on your chest while you’re wider than shoulder length. 
  • Then press the bar overhead.
  • Hips should not be tilted when forwarding during movement.

This process seems pretty simple , right? well it is not. Let us see how.

Shoulder-Width Grip

You won’t be able to lift more weight if your hands are wider than your shoulders width. If you want to be in the strongest position, always keep your elbow underneath your wrists. 

Wrists Should be Mobile 

If you don’t have mobile wrists, they won’t extend back easily towards your body. Also if the starting position of your wrists is not mobile, you can’t initiate strong push. 

Fully Engage Shoulders

Overhead Press is all about shoulder strength. So if your shoulders are not fully engaging and managing the weight then you better stop. 

Therefore, when initiating the lift, focus on and use your shoulders. That way when you lower the bar, it will be under control. This gets you proper form and your shoulder managing the weight with proper form. 

Your Head Position

The starting point of the bar is your upper chest right under your chin. And you will push the bar up in the straightest line possible. So never forget to tilt backwards your head. 

Otherwise you are gonna hit your chin or nose.

Keep Your Chest Up

Muscles and joints in the shoulders can damage easily. To avoid that you must maintain a strong and stable upper back. So during each rep keep your chest. 

Keeping your chest up will keep your upper back stable. And in result your movement pattern would be smoother keeping your joints and muscles safe.

What are Overhead Presses Good For?

Doing overhead main aim is to stabilize your upper body. But this is not the only fruit we get from overhead presses. Come with me and see the list yourself.

  • Strengthen shoulders.
  • Improve core stability and strength.
  • Make your shoulder stronger, bigger and bolder. 
  • Increase strength as well as strength.
  • Can help with your bench press.
  • Strengthen your upper back.
  • Reinforce better bench press technique.
  • Targeting multiple muscles such as the quads, glutes, and the core muscles.

Final Verdict

Overhead press, if performed with proper form is greatly beneficial. You don’t need to do isolation exercises to train different muscles of your body. 

Overhead is all in one exercise , it will simply stabilize your whole upper body. And that with only one exercise. 


Below are described some important faqs on 225 overhead press. Read and find your answers.

How Much Can an Average Person Overhead Press?

Data from ExRx shows that the average person can press overhead upto 85 pounds. However, that is for single repetition. But with some practice this figure can rise up to even 115 pounds. However, if an average person wants to do 5 reps the figure comes down to 100 pounds.

Is a 225 Overhead Press For Everyone?

It’s true to some extent that everyone with enough height can do 225 OHP. Because for a shorter person doing 225 OHP becomes more difficult. Also OHP takes time and progress is slow. So being an average person you must not rush. Otherwise you will only injure yourself.

What Is The Standard Strict Overhead Press?

Generally accepted formula for standard strict overhead press is 0.75*body-weight. So if you’re 200 pound your standard overhead press is 150. But pretty much few bodybuilders meet the standard while doing overhead press. Because it is really hard to do it properly without enough practice. 


So, is a 225 overhead press good? Well hell yeah! but it is no joke. If you don’t know how to do it. Or if you don’t do it with proper form. You are only injuring yourself.

In addition to that it’s all in one exercise strengthening your upper body. So, you don’t need multiple exercises to build different muscles of your upper body. 

Practice proper form with lower weight and be patient. You will get the fruit.

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