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How Long Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is getting more popular. The procedure generally forms part of the plastic surgery market. Rhinoplasty was reported to have a market size of $6.2 billion in the year 2020. Between 2021 and 2028, the market will grow at an estimated rate of 6.5% per annum.

Different procedures can be used when a patient wants to undergo rhinoplasty. The traditional procedure generally includes incisions, which are considered invasive to many.

To reduce the invasiveness but still experience appealing results, many people are turning to liquid rhinoplasty. Let me help you to take a closer look at what liquid rhinoplasty is. I will also answer a common question – how long does liquid rhinoplasty last. These will help you to determine whether liquid rhinoplasty could be a good choice for yourself.

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What Is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid rhinoplasty is a popular alternative to the more traditional procedures you can opt for when adjusting the shape of your nose. This particular procedure is considered an aesthetic option, as it changes elements on the exterior of your nose. It is a good option for people who do not require rhinoplasty for medical purposes.

how long does liquid rhinoplasty last

There are several advantages that liquid rhinoplasty can give you compared to surgical options. The major benefit is the fact that liquid rhinoplasty is not as invasive.

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Instead of incisions, with liquid rhinoplasty, you get injections. This means you also experience a reduced recovery time. Many people who go for liquid rhinoplasty find that recovery takes just about a day or two. With a surgical procedure, the recovery time can extend over several weeks.

Liquid Nose Jobs: Everything To Know About Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

One of the most important factors that people should realize about liquid nose jobs is that these only serve the purpose of changing the aesthetics. Liquid rhinoplasty can help you address specific problems with your nose. Some examples include:

  • Issues with the asymmetry of your nose
  • A nasal tip that is drooling downward
  • A dorsal hump

It Uses a Gel Like Substance

The procedure uses a gel-like substance to make appropriate changes according to your needs. Hyaluronic acid is now the most common substance used as the filler. Some studies looked at the effectiveness and safety of hyaluronic acid as a filler. Many of these studies show that this is one of the safer options compared to older liquids in plastic surgery. The gel substance itself does not cause any serious side effects or complications.

how long does liquid rhinoplasty last

Let’s take a look at the other details before you start asking about “how long does liquid rhinoplasty last.”

Rhinoplasty is Temporary

While effective and safe, you should also take note that liquid rhinoplasty is not a permanent solution. If you undergo this procedure, you will see the results only for a few years. This means you need to undergo the procedure again once the results start to fade.

It would be best if you had a clear idea of what to expect during the procedure. Unlike surgical nose jobs, you will be awake when liquid rhinoplasty is performed on your nose.

It’s a Simple Process

The process starts with the surgeon asking you to either lie down or sit in a chair. The surgeon then thoroughly cleanses your nose. The solution contains 70% alcohol, which helps to remove debris and microbes from your nose.

The next step is to numb the area and reduce the risk of pain during the procedure. The surgeon will usually apply a numbing cream to the area where they will make the injection. If the filler has its own local anesthetic, the surgeon will likely continue within the numbing cream.

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Once you feel comfortable, the surgeon injects small amounts of the filler into the areas you want them to reshape. The reason the surgeon uses small amounts at a time is to prevent adverse effects. And it also makes it effective and stops you from asking how long does liquid rhinoplasty last.

After the surgeon injects all of the filler into your nose, they will smooth it out. This helps to ensure you do not find that bumps start to develop after going for the procedure.

It’s a Quick Job

Liquid nose jobs are much quicker than traditional options. Most people find that the appointment lasts for about 15 minutes. Sometimes, the appointment takes a bit longer.

This is usually the case if the surgeon does not use a filler with its own local anesthetic. If this is the case, you will need to sit for about 15 minutes to ensure the numbing cream starts to work before the doctor injects the hyaluronic acid.

When considering how long it takes to recover from a nose job, you will find that liquid rhinoplasty has the shortest recovery time. People who ask how long does a nose job takes to heal? They usually find that redness and sensitivity clear up in just one to two days.

How Does It Differ From A Traditional Nose Job?

Traditional nose jobs consist of a surgical procedure. The process starts with the patient describing their demands to the surgeon. The surgeon may also make a few suggestions based on the patient’s nose structure. The next step involves markings made on the patient’s nose, which the surgeon uses to guide when the procedure starts.

In most cases, the surgeon makes an incision at the base of the nose – usually between the two nostrils. From here, the doctor may insert or remove tissue to change the structure of the nose. Following the procedure, the surgeon closes the incision with stitches. A piece of gauze is used to cover the patient’s nose.

how long does liquid rhinoplasty last

There are certain times when these traditional options are used to deal with other medical problems. These procedures often involve structural changes inside the patient’s nose. The goal here is not to change the nose’s appearance but rather to restructure the nose internally. In some cases, surgeons adjust the cartilage or bone tissue. This is the case when the patient wants to create more significant adjustments to either the slope or shape of their nose.

On the other hand, Liquid rhinoplasty involves changing the shape of the nose but without making an incision. Instead, the surgeon uses a needle to inject a liquid into the nose. This liquid usually consists of hyaluronic acid. Some surgeons will refer to this liquid as a “filler.” The surgeon injects the filler carefully at the areas where they need to adjust the nose’s appearance.

Which Hyaluronic Acid-Based Filler Delivers The Best Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Results?

Surgeons use a large variety of fillers to perform liquid rhinoplasty. It is important to educate yourself on the different options. This will help you understand which fillers can deliver better results for your case.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common filler types that surgeons use for these procedures.

Two specific hyaluronic acid fillers seem to be more common. These include Voluma and Radiesse. Both of these fillers are highly effective and provide longer-lasting results.

Restylane and Juvederm are also common options, with both offering extended wear. This is due to the enhanced durability that the two hyaluronic acid-based fillers offer.

When Should You Consider A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

While non-surgical nose jobs are great for people who fear surgical procedures, there are times when these might not be your best option. To determine what type of nose job to consider, you should consider your own expectations and needs.

Sometimes, a person undergoes rhinoplasty for medical reasons. This can include a case where your nostrils are too tight, which can restrict airflow. In this case, rhinoplasty may focus on widening the nostrils to allow more air to flow through your nose.

If you have a medical need for rhinoplasty, then a non-surgical option will not help you. It would help if you looked at surgical procedures as a solution.

For cases where you want to modify the aesthetics of your nose, then you can consider liquid rhinoplasty. The procedure can help to smooth out bumps that you can see on your nose, for example.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Side Effects

When you turn to a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can limit your risks when undergoing a liquid rhinoplasty procedure. There are liquid rhinoplasty risks that you should take into consideration. There are a few risks involved in the process, but serious complications tend to be rare.

Many complications caused by liquid rhinoplasty are considered acute. This means the side-effect should not last long and clear up within a few days. One particular side effect that you should know about is lateral osteotomies. When this side effect develops, a person can find that it affects their eyes.

In cases where a certified plastic surgeon performs the liquid rhinoplasty procedure, fewer side effects are reported. You may find that the area where the doctor injected the fluids turns red.

Sensitivity can develop in the area too. These side effects should not last more than two days after you went for the procedure. The area can swell up, although this is not as common as redness and sensitivities. Some people also report bruising in the area where the doctor injects the liquid.


Are Liquid Nose Jobs Worth It?

When considering whether a liquid nose job near me would be worth it, it is important to consider your own needs. A liquid nose job can be worth it if you do not want to undergo an invasive procedure. This is especially the case when you only want to make subtle changes to the structure of your nose. Liquid nose jobs are great when the purpose is to experience aesthetic alterations. If you need to adjust the internal structure of your nose for a medical purpose, however, you should talk to your doctor about a surgical nose job.

How Long Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

It is important to note that there is no permanent nonsurgical nose job. When undergoing liquid rhinoplasty, a surgeon uses a filler to create alterations in the exterior appearance of your nose.

When you opt for liquid rhinoplasty, the effects should last for a minimum of six months. Some people find that after this period of time, the results slowly start to fade. There are cases where people see the results for as long as two to five years, however. When determining how long liquid rhinoplasty lasts, it is important to consider the specific fillers used.

How Long Should Nose Filler Last?

Nose fillers generally last for a period between six months and two years. Some of the liquids used in these procedures can last somewhat longer. In some cases, you may find that a nose filler gives you visible results for a period of five years.

Can You Make Your Nose Longer With Fillers?

It depends on the structure of your nose. Sometimes, it is possible to use fillers to create an elongated form of the nose. This is a useful option if you find that the tip of your nose is too short. A surgeon can use fillers to lengthen this part of the nose. In turn, you’ll find that your nose appears longer following the procedure.

Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Make Your Nose Smaller?

When a surgeon injects a filler into your nose, it adds volume. With this in mind, you will usually not be able to reduce the size of your nose when undergoing liquid rhinoplasty.

Is Liquid Rhinoplasty Safe?

You should note that liquid rhinoplasty comes with a few risks. This is why it is so important to ensure a board-certified plastic surgeon performs the procedure. Vascular compromise is a significant risk that you should consider before opting for liquid rhinoplasty.

After injecting the filler into your nose, the chemicals can cause a reduction in blood circulation. If parts of your nose experience poor blood flow, then you gain a risk of skin necrosis. This can happen because the skin relies on a consistent flow of blood to remain healthy.

Can You Go Blind From Nose Job?

While extremely rare, it is important to note that there is a risk of a nose job affecting your vision. The rhinoplasty procedure may result in the development of an orbital hemorrhage, periorbital cellulitis, or exophthalmos. These complications can harm your vision. In rare cases, the complications can result in blindness.

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