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6 Easy Tips to Lose 50 Pounds : Change Your Lifestyle

It’s natural to lose a few pounds at some stage of our lives. I was there and wanted to lose 50 pounds fast. That was my first mistake. I’ve tried all the fashion diets I’ve come across. I would lose 10 pounds and gain 12 pounds quickly after dieting.

Moreover, for the most effective long-term weight management, permanent weight loss of 1 to 2 kilograms per week. However, many diet plans leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. This is the main reason why it is difficult for you to adopt a healthier diet. In the end, you keep wondering how long does it take to lose 50 pounds?

However, not all diets have this effect. Low-carb diets and whole-food, low-calorie diets are effective for weight loss and may be easier to follow. Always use a healthy diet, maybe lower in carbohydrates, and aim for it:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Boost your metabolic health

Losing 50 pounds can take anywhere from 2 to 8 months. I will discuss healthy ways to lose weight in this article.

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How Long Does It Take To Lose 50 Pounds?

Before you shed off the extra pounds, you are concerned about a single thing which is how many days does it take to lose 50 pounds? The answer varies and depends on each person’s motivation and dedication towards weight loss.

Furthermore, according to research, you lose at least 2 pounds a week, which is about 7,500 calories. This means you will lose 50 pounds in 6 months.


However, the duration can be longer or shorter depending on the number of calories you consume in your Diet and rest pattern.

In this article, we will discuss simple steps to how long should it take to lose 50 pounds.

Set Your Goals

Thomas Edison emphasized the importance of planning. I used to think at the start of every year, “I need to lose a few pounds.” So I suggest you keep a weight loss diary: nothing fantastic, just something to track your calorie intake, and weight loss.

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds? To set the right goals, you must first learn how to lose 50 pounds safely. Here are some things to do for at least one week

  • Firstly, track what you eat and drink. It’s essential to note the calories burned each day, so you know what to lose 50 pounds as you begin your journey to lose weight.
  • The second thing to follow is your exercise routine. Do you like sports? If you don’t exercise or can’t move much during the day, can you devote at least 30 minutes a day to exercise? Below we discuss some exercises you can do at home, in the office or in a hotel room.
  • The third thing you want to check is your sleep pattern. How long and how well did you sleep?
  • Lastly, now that you’ve covered these three main areas, it’s time to set your goals.

Eating Habits

Before I had a solid plan, I tried to go on a diet. I lost 5 pounds and gained weight after DietDiet. The secret to dieting isn’t about changing your diet; it’s about eating right. Once you track your food intake in your food diary, you can check what needs to be eliminated, reduced, or increased.

Furthermore, eating the right foods can help a lot to lose 50 pounds. One of the things you need to do is eat more natural, unprocessed foods. Weight loss foods include:

  • Leafy vegetables
  • salmon
  • Chicken breast
  • avocado
  • Cottage cheese and others

Moreover, another area is breakfast. Sorry, candy has to go. The good news, there are numerous more than 20 types of healthy snacks that you can enjoy. These snacks will help you reduce cravings for “bad snacks.”


In addition to eating right, you need to reduce your appetite and hunger. High-fiber foods, omega-3 fatty acids, and drinking lots of water will help reduce hunger.

How long will it take to lose 50 pounds calculator? To lose 50 pounds in your set period, you need to reduce your calorie intake from 500 to 1000 calories. One kilogram equals 3500 calories.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 50 Pounds With Diet And Exercise?

Once you’ve reduced your calorie intake, it’s time to step up your game. It will help if you burn fat that has accumulated in your body. Get rid of the love handles, thick thighs, and relaxed hands.

Work out with fitness equipment or, depending on your schedule, go for a walk or jog.

Upper Body Machine

Motorcycle: This machine helps train your triceps, biceps, and back. The handheld motorcycle engine is small and portable.

Breast Expander: This device is for bodybuilders. The best chest expanders work the muscles in the chest and core for a six-pack.

Elliptical Trainer: You can choose a traditional elliptical trainer that is 20 steps or higher. These machines work with your upper and lower body at the same time. For example, a 14-minute workout on a hit simulator burns up to 300 calories.

Lower Body Machine

Squats: There are a variety of squats that can be used for different squats. For example, a squat machine provides stability for squats, squats, and simple pulses.

Exercise Bike: A collapsible indoor cycling machine is another piece of equipment you can use to strengthen your core and lower body. You will be working with the box, thighs, and buttocks.

Treadmill: You don’t have to worry about the weather or the queues of machines at the gym. Also, if you have joint pain, the machine will soften to reduce its impact. How long does it take to drop 50 pounds? You can start with 1000 steps and add as needed. 

Calf Raising Machine: This machine is for bodybuilders who want to take their routine one step higher. The calf rearing machine works with the calf and the lower body.

Exercise for Body Weight

If you want to skip the machine, this exercise will also burn calories. However, it would be best if you spent more time, at least 45 minutes to 1 hour per day doing these:

  • Walking and jogging
  • Run at least 3 miles
  • Squat
  • Swimming
  • Light lifting with dumbbells

Moreover, if you get bored quickly, the combination of machine and non-machine workouts will hold you back. Using different types of exercise will also protect you from scary weight loss. Remember not to work too hard. Stick to your plan, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and you will lose 50 pounds in time.

Change Your Lifestyle

Whenever you feel depressed and angry, you should try to calm yourself down with a bowl of ice cream. Well, technically, it will not help to lose 50kg. Like everyone else, you are a habit creature and gain as much weight as you lose after dieting.

One of the reasons you should keep a weight loss journal is to understand the habits that drive you to eat those unwanted extra calories. For example, avoid stressors if poor eating habits are the culprit.

If you don’t know that this is your work situation, the trick is not to completely ignore comfortable feet but to eat a little to satisfy cravings. It requires discipline. You can eat your ice cream, but not the whole bowl.

Moreover, swap bad habits with healthier habits. For example, if you’re bored while eating while watching Netflix, switch to reading a book or learning a new language. Choose something that fills your mind and doesn’t think about food.

Take Rest

Lack of rest might increase the body weight, especially around the abdomen. Take proper rest to relax your mind. Meditation can help calm your mind.

The first thing to do is to track your sleep hours. We recommend that you purchase a fitness tracker with a sleep monitor. Tracking manually can lead to anxiety leading to sleep deprivation.


When your sleep habits are disturbed, here are a few things you can do to change that.

  • Don’t eat or drink before bed
  • Don’t use your cell phone in bed. 
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Make sure the bed is comfortable

Water Is Your Best Friend

Drinking lots of water. If you’re like me and forgot to put off reading and drinking water regularly, you can always change it up by bringing a bottle of water with you. Some of the benefits of water for weight loss include:

  • Helps suppress appetite
  • Clean the body
  • Reduce fatigue by exercising longer

When you wake up, start the day with a glass of warm or cold water. Drink plenty of water. You should forget fizzy drinks.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 50 Pounds On Keto?

How long does it take to lose 50 lbs when you are on keto. Keto can help to lose weight, and there are several online reports of dramatic weight loss immediately after starting the Diet.

This is likely water weight because when you burn your stored carbohydrates, your body releases the water linked to those carbohydrates.

Additionally, once you’re fully into ketosis, weight loss will likely slow down, but it’s more likely to be oilier than water. It takes around 5 months to shed off the extra weight with keto.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking about how long does it take to lose 50 pounds, then you have to read this guide. Although, the estimated time for this journey is five to six months. But you must stick to the weight loss regime religiously. How long will it take me to lose 50 pounds is the question you need to ask yourself. Determination is essential when you plan to shed the extra fat.

Furthermore, If you lose 5 pounds a week, it will take about two months. If you lose 3 pounds a week, it takes four months and 2 pounds a week takes six months to lose 50 pounds.

For best results, we recommend combining exercise with better rest and watching the calories you eat. Losing 50 pounds will be easy, but if you set the right goals, keep reaching them, and celebrate your victories by eating healthy, you will reach your goals sooner rather than later.


How quickly can I lose 50 lbs?

To lose 50 lbs, you need at least six months. Unhealthy strict diets can reduce the time frame. But the recommended time duration to lose weight is a minimum of 6 months.

Can you lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

Yes! It is possible to lose 50 pounds in 4 months. It depends on the strategies and effort you put into reducing the extra weight.

How long does it take a 200-pound person to lose 50 pounds?

It might take 25 weeks to lose 50 pounds if the person weighs 200lbs. This means you need to cut 1000 calories per day.

Can I Lose 50 lbs in 3 months?

Health professionals will not recommend you to lose 50 lbs in 3 months. But yes! It is possible to lose weight.

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds for a teenager?

According to the guidelines, teenagers should lose less than 2 pounds in a week.

How many months does it take to lose 50 pounds?

It will take around 5 to 6 months to lose 50 pounds. Balanced Diet and workout regime are vital.

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds with intermittent fasting?

The time duration for losing weight is approximately four to five months. It depends on the eating window.

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds without exercise?

If you do not exercise, it will take longer to reduce the extra kilos you have gained. Cardio is the best form of exercise.

How long will it take to lose 50 pounds on a low-carb diet?

Low carb diet can help you to lose weight rapidly as compared to other types of Diet. You should always consult your dietitian before you start dieting.

How long does it take to lose 50 pounds after pregnancy?

After delivering the baby, the average time to lose weight is between 6 months to 12 months. Females should take care of their Diet as mostly they are nursing mothers.

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