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Can You Drink Sparkling Water While Pregnant?

“Thousands have lived without love, but none without water”.

Certainly, water is one of the things we need to survive. In fact 70% of our body is made up of water. Though drinking water is a necessity, sometimes we feel this drink to be bland and tasteless. At that time we crave something which will be tastier yet keep us hydrated.

This is where AdvoCare Spark comes to your rescue! This is a good alternative to water but also bears the characteristics of an energy drink.

Today, I’m here with the review of ‘AdvoCare spark’ which will help you to remain hydrated and energetic throughout the day along with providing you with necessary vitamins and amino acids.

Let’s dig into the details now!

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What is Spark?

Simply to enliven you with little more spark, AdvoCare has formulated an energy enhancer that upgrades the capacity of the encephalon to augment its usefulness and this power punch is conveyed in serving which has been suitably named Spark.

AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink

Advocare Spark includes a distinctive mix of 20 minerals and vitamins intended to keep you active and maintain your high energy level. One packet of Spark consists of sufficient power for up to 30 servings. Take a glass of water and simply pour one tablespoon of Spark powder and mix properly to make the most scrumptious nutrient water.

The purpose of Spark is to provide you with energy all through the day. In fact, you should blend it in with water yet you can consume Spark anyway you prefer, blended in with your food or raw. Luckily, the granules mix quite well, hence nothing you blend in will appear to be chalky or gritty in texture.

Spark Ingredients

Vitamin A – 1,000 IU

Vitamin A is important for numerous functions of the body which includes the immune system, cell correspondence, vision, and reproduction – confirmed by US Office of Dietary Supplements.

Vitamin B6 – 15mg

Vitamin B6 and B12 are additionally inconceivably significant for your body to work appropriately. Vitamin B6 is soluble in water and is available in numerous food sources, for example, vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin B12 – 45mcg

Vitamin B12 has a basic part in psychological function. This nutrient additionally might assist in uplifting energy, as indicated by the Office of Dietary Supplements.

Thiamine – 3mg

Niacin – Vitamin B3, Riboflavin – Vitamin B2, and Thiamine – Vitamin B1 are 3 extra B vitamins that are necessary for the body in order to allow your body to play it’s role appropriately, stated by the National Institutes of Health.

Riboflavin – 3.4mg

Riboflavin might prove to be helpful for metabolic cycles, cell improvement, and energy production, as indicated by ODS.

Niacin – 60mg

Niacin might assist in upgrading the quality of nails, hair, and skin.

Zinc – 3mg

Copper and zinc are two fundamental important body nutrients. The two of them are seen to be available in various food sources.

Choline – 500mg

Choline is a basic supplement that is normally found in certain nourishments and obtainable as a dietary enhancement. Choline is a wellspring of groups of methyl required for certain metabolism steps, as per the National Institutes of Health.

This can be one explanation of why it was added to this equation.

Chromium – 24mcg

According to the statement of NIH, chromium may assist in the digestion of starches, protein, and fat.

L-Tyrosine – 500mg

The most beneficial property of L-tyrosine is its stress-battling characteristics.

To achieve a significant effect in this manner, people ought to devour 45-68mg in accordance with a per pound of their bodyweight. This implies a 200-pound individual ought to ingest 9-13 g of L-tyrosine to notice any constructive outcomes from this specific amino acid.

But Spark contains only 50% of one gram which you say is not even close to enough to get many advantages. But having this constantly will bring you anti-stress benefits overtime.

Glycine – 100mg

Does Spark contain enough glycine in it to support your body?

Glycine vows to assist you with getting a decent night’s rest. The scientific study demonstrates that 3 g of glycine consumed one hour prior to rest is sufficient to obtain the advantages of profound rest.

Tragically, Spark strikes out once more, consisting of only 100mg of glycine. That is around one-30th of the quantity needed to obtain any advantages from consuming it.

But continued intake of Spark can certainly bring about positive results.

L-Carnitine – 10mg

Finally, we have L-carnitine that guarantees to decrease the impacts of maturing and assists with burning fat.


Science demonstrates that the least successful dose to get any advantage from L-Carnitine is 500mg to 2g.

What amount of this extraordinary component is present in spark?

Sit tight for it. Simply 10mg. Around 1% of the quantity that you require to achieve any advantage from it.

What all these imply is that Spark consists of few extravagant sounding amino acids, yet not a single one of them is close to the quantity needed to obtain any advantage from them.

So, though they brag by giving the tag of “amino corrosive enhancement” on the facade of the Spark drink, it does not necessarily contain the perfect amount of amino acids.

But as I said earlier, non-interrupted use of spark may help you to enjoy the benefits of amino acids along with feeling refreshed altogether.

Taurine – 200mg

This is an amino acid. It has a huge part in the metabolism of energy and is as of now being utilized as a means of treating certain heart conditions, as indicated by Biomolecules and Therapeutics.

Caffeine – 120mg

American Journal of Physiology demonstrated the helpfulness of caffeine in boosting energy along with the metabolic rate.

L-Carnitine – 10mg

L-carnitine is one other amino acid that assists with the production of energy inside the body.

Spark Flavors

Advocare spark comes in various flavors which gives you the opportunity to pick up your favorite ones. Here’s the list of Advocare spark flavors:

  • Grape
  • Mandarin orange
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Fruit punch
  • Vanilla latte
  • Limeade
  • Green apple
  • Blue raspberry
  • Cranberry Peach Orange

Advocare Spark also comes in stick pack bags but this proffers only 14 servings which is a lot less than the servings offered by the Advocare Spark container.

How Does AdvoCare Spark Work?

The AdvoCare Spark is mainly pointed toward improving the soundness of the encephalon and execution of the muscles inside the body to take on exercises, or simply to substitute perhaps substandard propensities of including sugar or void calories to your morning coffee in the first part of the day.

AdvoCare Spark is without sugar and it lasts for a long time and doesn’t frustrate in the perseverance classification of giving you a lift so that you have the ability to sustain for a huge part of the day. Spark is lacking in calories just as consequently is a magnificent option in contrast to those, who are possibly trying to lessen calorie intake for a diet.

Spark incorporates a dependable amount of elevated levels of caffeine to give you a quick refreshment and energy increment, B vitamins to enhance your body’s normal ability to produce alongside amplifying its power, alongside neuroactive amino acids which improves your psychological accentuation and performance.

With the additional comprehension alongside mental concentration, a few people feel like they prefer Spark in the morning times over espresso because of the presence of benefits that concerns the emotional accentuation.

Along with the additional kick of energy, Spark is likewise working as a hunger suppressant. In case you join Spark with a wholesome dietary regimen, at that point the enhancement will assist with your appetite desires.

AdvoCare Spark Pros and Cons

Advocare spark comes with a lot of advantages as it contains a lot of nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle. Many people do not plan their diet accordingly, as a result of which their body lack in essential vitamins and minerals. Advocare takes care of this problem and also is not stuffed with sugar. So, you can have this without the worry of being getting fat or developing altered health conditions like diabetes.

However, it has got certain disadvantages which are very minor and certainly not a cause of fret.

Let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of the products:


  • A mix of 20 various minerals and vitamins
  • Convenient and simpler to utilize
  • The amount of calories is only 15 per package
  • Wellspring of vitamin A, C & E
  • The packages can be recycled.
  • Comes in a variety of flavors.
  • The shipping procedure is pretty fast.


  • The caffeine present in it can make you feel jittery
  • Some of the flavors are funky in taste
  • You may find the vitamin content to be high than normal level

AdvoCare spark Cost

The price of AdvoCare Spark depends on the type of pack you are buying. Following are the prices of AdvoCare Spark on the official website:

  • AdvoCare Spark canister: $62.95
  • AdvoCare Spark stick packs: $29.95

If you buy from Amazon then the prices will be:

  • AdvoCare Spark canister: $67.00
  • AdvoCare Spark stick packs: $29.93

Advocare Spark and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most sensitive periods in a women’s life. This is also the time in which ladies need to keep a watch on their everyday diet as pregnancy calls for a certain meal and beverage restrictions.

Can You Drink Sparkling Water While Pregnant

Advocare Spark is seen to have an indistinguishable impact like energy drinks but is free from sugar. Pregnancy might make you feel weak all the time which might be recovered by having Advocare spark as it works to boost up your energy level. Moreover, pregnancy brings about the necessity of having a lot of nutritious food for the proper nourishment of the baby. So, as Spark is stuffed with loads of vitamins, it can help you to fulfill your need for nutrients.

But again it has got caffeine which should be taken in a limited amount during the time of pregnancy.

Advocare Pregnancy Safe List

Advocare gives a caution about using their products while pregnant and also nursing. It is a must to consult with the doctor before starting to use any of the Advocare products during this state.

Following is the list of Advocare products that might be safe even during the time of pregnancy:

  • AdvoGreens Meal replacement shake
  • CodePlex
  • Joint ProMotion
  • AdvoBar Cranberry Orange
  • AdvoCare fiber
  • Digest-Ease
  • Spark
  • Rady-to-Drink Protein
  • Rehydrate Gel
  • C-Grams
  • OmegaPlex
  • AdvoBar Blueberry Lemon
  • Advocare FLEX
  • AdvoBar Protein Bar
  • VO2 Prime
  • CorePlex with Iron
  • AdvoCare Slam
  • AdvoBar catalyst
  • AdvoBar a.m.
  • Calcium + D3
  • ProBiotic FastMelt
  • AdvoBar Meal

AdvoCare Side Effects

The ingredients included in AdvoCare Spark are sheltered and usually, they don’t have any side effects. In rare cases, you may experience headaches due to the high amount of caffeine in it. But this is certainly not a big problem.

AdvoCare Real customer Reviews

There are a lot of people who are using Spark and are highly satisfied with its quality. But there are some critical reviews as well.

Here are some real customer reviews:

Positive review:

“I am obsessed with this stuff. I don’t get the same low as I would with my afternoon coffe and it’s a great kick start before a work out.”

– Tabitha Patko

Critical review:

“Canister was sealed but I felt like I had a bag of chips, was only half full. Really insulting to pay that price for half quantity.”

– Kristy


Earlier in this article, we noticed the advantages we might obtain if we consume Spark regularly. But not all the medical studies are in support of Spark. Energy drinks having caffeine and taurine in them are still a subject of controversy and so Spark is no different. Let’s take a look at the negative study results:

  • Imaging studies show that the heart’s left ventricular contractile movement enhances just within 1 hour of consuming a drink with both caffeine and taurine – International journal of cardiovascular imaging
  • The blood pressure level increases much more if someone consumes a drink with both caffeine and taurine compared to an individual having a drink only with caffeine – World journal of cardiology

Does Advocare Spark Really Work?

AdvoCare is overall a decent drink that may use as a water substitute. The ingredients used here are all pretty perfect to keep you energetic alongside fulfilling your daily nutrients requirement. But, it is seen that the number of minerals and vitamins may surpass your body’s daily absorption capacity and so the body will not certainly absorb the whole amount which you may consider as waste.

But considering all other facts, this may be overlooked. So, definitely, this is a drink worth your try!

Final Words

AdvoCare Spark is a sweet delicious drink but surely not overly sweet. This well-balanced drink will quench your thirst for water but will give you more nutrition compared to water. In case you are bored of having plenty of plain water, alternate it with Advocare Spark. You may likewise look for a sparkling water as well.

Though some people reported feeling sick after consumption of Advocare Spark, those are a minority. Yet I mentioned it in the review in order to give you a complete idea of this product before you decide to attempt it yourself.

In this review, I gave you a complete insight into this product, and hence, now you can freely decide if this will be safe for you or not.

Whether you attempt Spark or not, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated and healthy!

The FAQs About Advocare Spark

Q. Can you drink sparkling water while pregnant?

Sparkling water is carbonated which is pretty famous these days as a substitute for water. This is safe for everyone to drink even for pregnant ladies. You may become bored with having the same plain water every day and might hunt for an alternative. Sparkling water is certainly a smart substitute as these are generally sugar-free. But still, you must consult a doctor before having one.

Some women have reported that consuming sparkling water has helped them with their nausea problems and is also a brilliant way of staying hydrated.

However, it is better to choose sparkling water over soda as they contain a lot of caffeine and sugar which might not be healthy during pregnancy. Sugar is considered harmful as it may increase the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus along with enhancing the baby’s risk of becoming obese later in life.

Q. Is AdvoCare 24 day challenge safe while pregnant?

The incorporation of AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Spark is an enormous factor. Whenever you are confronted with a brand new dietary regimen, it very well may be overwhelming attempting to sort out some way to work in the caloric limitation and managing the decreased caloric admission.

This is the place where Spark comes into the limelight and performs a critical job, in the ‘AdvoCare 24 day’ diet as well as in all dietary regimens where hunger craving may play a factor. Spark is a hunger suppressant just as an energizer that gives essential assistance when confronting the test of an dietary routine.

This ‘Advocare 24 day’ challenge is not safe at the time of pregnancy as dieting is not recommended during this period. But you might consume it during the nursing period with the advice of the physician.

Q. What kind of drinks can a pregnant woman drink?

Here’s a list of allowed and restricted drinks for pregnant women:

Safe to drink:

1. Water

Consider having normal water as your default drink at the time of pregnancy. Water assists your body in absorbing basic supplements from food. The nutrient-enriched blood cells arrive at the placenta — and eventually, your child.

2. Low-fat milk

You require 1,000 mg of calcium for each day at the time of pregnancy to help your child’s developing bones, just as keep your muscular, circulatory, and sensory systems good to go.

Protein incorporated milk is also considered a smart choice. Protein underpins your child’s general development, and it might likewise help you remain content and lessen the inclination to nibble on junk foods.

3. Ginger tea

Hot or frosted, ginger tea is a delectable choice that is sheltered to drink at the time of pregnancy — and may even bring about some additional advantages. Studies demonstrate that ginger might be useful for calming a disrupted stomach and facilitating pregnancy-concerning sickness like nausea.

4. Seltzer or sparkling water

In the event that a glass of wine with supper or a mixed drink at a gathering are customs, you would prefer not to totally surrender, a sparkling water spritzer is a liquor-free substitute that is both hydrating and pleasing.

5. Fruits and vegetable smoothies

Certainly, they may bestride the line between food and drink. Yet, mixed leafy foods are a heavenly method to fulfill your everyday requirements and sneak in a few additional hydrations simultaneously. Simply make certain to calculate the calories in your different snacks and meals throughout the day.

Limit the intake of:

    1. Alcohol
    2. Soda
    3. Caffeinated drinks
    4. Sugared juice
    5. Unpasteurized juices

Q. Is caffeine allowed while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the amount of caffeine intake should be restricted. Maximum 200mg of caffeine per day is allowed during this sensitive period. So, while having any kind of drink look for the amount of caffeine in it.

Q. Can I drink once during pregnancy?

You should completely stay away from alcohol at the time of pregnancy. In the case of alcohol, there’s no safe level detected yet.

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