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Swelling Under Panties: Causes & Remedy

Skin conditions are notorious for causing extreme discomfort, agony, and a generalized feeling of anxiety among all people. 

While such conditions on the exposed areas may not cause much of a problem given people’s willingness to get them treated. 

Can there be Cyst on panty line? 

Yes, for a variety of infectious, unhygienic practices, immunological causes, even from wearing tight clothes which can apply pressure on the groin region, various swellings can form which can be a manifestation of a number of skin conditions including cysts on the panty line.

While in most cases cysts are not much of a source of worry, imagine having a cyst on your panty line. 

Cyst on Panty Line is basically a cyst formation in the groin region of females. A meeting point for the pelvic region and thighs, the area is very notorious for being a common site of various cutaneous manifestations. 

The sheer feeling of anxiety, fear of uncertainty, and overall hindrance to everyday life doesn’t require any explanation. Given the social stigmas to such conditions, women, in general, don’t even get the required help they need, causing aggravation to the condition. 

In this article, let’s go through a few common causes and remedies.

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Cyst on Panty Line!!

Before knowing about the causes of the cyst on panty line, let’s first get to know what a cyst is.

A cyst is basically a sac-like structure that is typically filled with a liquid, semi-solid or gelatinous material. It resembles a blister to some extent. 


A cyst is a very common manifestation that can be formed almost anywhere in your body. 

Skin is a very common site for its formation where the most common cause is due to inflammation in the underlying sebaceous glands. 

Cyst on Panty Line is basically a cyst formation in the groin region of females. A meeting point for the pelvic region and thighs, the area is very notorious for being a common site of various cutaneous manifestations. 

Cyst formation at such a site is a huge hindrance for the day to day lives of women, like the rubbing of undergarments against the cyst while walking can be a constant source of pain

The cyst may also burst while any pressure is applied upon it from exercising or even sitting down which can release the contained pus. What a Pain! Am I right?

Another quite common problem with women having this condition is their avoidance to get help or even speak about it with others. 

The problematic area may be sensitive but you can rest assured you are not the only one going through this ordeal. 

Such social anxiety on their part can hamper their social life and mental health also.

Causes of Cyst on Panty Lines

To know more about cysts on panty lines, we must know about the various personal, infectious agents that can trigger swelling formation. A few common causes leading to this condition are given below.


Infections! A very common criminal for a number of conditions of our body.  In the groin region, pathogens can very well invade, grow and cause cyst formation. 

One of the most common causes of cyst formation is wearing tight undergarments which causes friction against the delicate skin of the groin. 

A few common pathogens include:

Vaginal Yeast Infection

This is a form of fungal infection that can be caused by a fungus known as candida fungus. The effect of the fungus can lead to itching and the formed swelling is characterized by whitish discharge.

Bacterial Vaginosis

A very common bacterial infection, this condition results in bacterial overgrowth which can change the pH of your vagina leading to a fishy odor containing watery discharge from the vagina.


Low-Grade Infection

It can result from shaving your pubic hair or legs. The sudden loss of hair follicles can easily attract pathogens and cause infections.


Stands for urinary tract infection, a very common infectious condition in females for their urethral anatomy. For their anatomy, women are more vulnerable to contact pathogens that can cause UTI and ultimately swell in the groin.


A very potentially serious bacterial skin infection, it initially forms a red, swollen area that feels hot on touching and is swollen, reddish and painful. 

The condition spreads at such a rapid rate that it can invade the bloodstream very rapidly and cause septicemia. 

Wearing Tight Briefs

One of the most common causes of cyst formation is wearing tight undergarments which causes friction against the delicate skin of the groin. 

A preformed cyst can also easily rupture from wearing such uncomfortable clothing.

Unhygienic Living Conditions

Substandard quality of living can always invite various disease conditions. In this case, not washing clothes properly, wearing the same briefs over and over again, living in unhealthy conditions can all act as an inciting agents for pathogens.

The groin is a very common site for disease manifestation, can very well develop cysts as a result.

Non-Cancerous Tumors

As the groin area is much less exposed to harsh sunlight or other environmental stimuli, the formation of cancerous lesions in such areas is quite uncommon. 

However, non-cancerous lesions may form here.

Other Associated Conditions

Cyst on the panty line may be the primary focus for us but a lot of similar conditions may also manifest in the groin area of females which may be quite a hindrance. To differentiate between the various conditions, a simple discussion is given here:


Small, fleshy growths, most often caused by viruses. They are almost similar in color to the rest of the skin.

While your lump may gradually subside with time, on the recommendation of your doctor, it’s better to take antibiotics to help kill any pathogen.

Skin Boil or Abscess

Usually, these are very painful. They can vary in size from a small pimple to a large abscess depending on the causative agent and effect.

Swollen Lymphs

Lymph nodes in the groin region can also swell up as a result of various pathogens which may impair the blood flow and cause swellings.



Another very common condition in the groin, hernias can usually be differentiated from their peculiar appearance as well as their unique softness and tendency to disappear when you lie down.

Enlarged Veins

Veins usually swell up from faulty valves which prevent the blood from passing smoothly and thus causes a golf-ball-shaped swelling.

Treatment & Remedy

A few ways to tackle cyst formation on the panty line are as follows:

Change Your Briefs

One of the very first remedies you can take to relieve this discomfort is to stop wearing tight undergarments. Shift to 100% cotton, high-rise panties which should be loose and comfortable to wear. Such clothing will prevent friction development and thus give instant relief from the ever-lasting pain.

Also, clean your undergarments and change them on a regular basis to prevent any chance of infection.

Natural Remedies for Inflammation

Natural astringents such as witch hazel can be a great method to counteract the inflamed skin and soothe it. Pay special attention that the astringent is all-natural and does not have any additives as it can often cause allergic reactions thus essentially aggravating the condition.

Supplement Amino Acid Intake & Antibiotic Intake 

Taking supplement amino acids such as l-lysine can help relieve any tingling from the cold sore formation.

While your lump may gradually subside with time, on the recommendation of your doctor, it’s better to take antibiotics to help kill any pathogen.

Maintain Hygiene

For preventing any skin condition from developing, appropriate hygiene practice is of vital importance. In case the cyst has already formed, try to keep the site clean and dry as much as possible. 

Avoid, going to public pools as the chlorinated water may be harmful to your skin. Check your clothes on a regular basis and maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings.

Home Remedies

Apply a warm compression on the infected area by using a soft washcloth, run it under warm water for some time and then apply it on the cyst for a period of 10- 15 minutes. If the pain becomes too unbearable, take some over-the-counter painkillers such as NSAIDs, acetaminophen.

To prevent aggregation of the condition and also for future consciousness, it’s essential to keep all social stigmas aside and call for help as early as possible. 

You may think you are the only one going through this, but in reality, you are not alone. Seek out sensible people, discuss your problems, try out various suggested remedies.

It may be hard to live with such conditions, but it should in no way hamper your social and personal well-being.


Why is there swelling on my panty line?

Swelling on the panty line can be a manifestation of a number of skin-related clinical conditions. A few such include cyst, hernia, boil, abscess, etc.

Is the swelling on my panty line cancerous?

It most likely isn’t. Skin cancer formation is most often related to skin exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun and also to environmental agents. As the groin region is most often not exposed to sunlight, cancer formation is quite uncommon.

When should I visit a doctor for a cyst on my panty line?

Whenever you feel the pain forming on your groin, you should consult with a skin specialist and try to abide by the guidelines provided by them. Don’t hide your condition for fear of judgment.

Can I just pop my cyst and will it go away?

It may seem like, popping the cyst can make it go away, you should by no means be tempted to attempt such a feat. It is quite hard to pop a cyst with your fingers alone and also,  popping a cyst may just send the pathogen, sebum deep within the hair follicles, essentially causing a much more rapid rate of cyst formation.

How to tell if my lump is a cyst?

A few distinguishing features of a cyst include white, yellow, or greenish color discharge. Tender in feeling and has the ability to move under the skin.

Can a cyst turn into a tumor?

Cysts do have the potential to harbor cancer or even may form into cancer. So, don’t let the cyst grow and develop more.

Final Words

Cyst on panty line! Quite an uncomfortable, unexpected hindrance to the daily life of a lot of women.

What can be done? Stop worrying. You are not alone at all. 

Many women have and are going through this ordeal. Reach out, follow your doctor’s instructions, and maintain hygiene. Such easy remedies right? But such simple tools can go a long way to curing and preventing any skin conditions.

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