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Craving Milk Diabetes: What’s The Reason and Is It Normal?

Milk is a popular drink that we consume alone or with other ingredients. We turn to milk when preparing a cup of coffee. When you get ready to eat some cereal, you grab the milk bottle. While many people do enjoy milk, others instead prefer alternatives.

Regardless of your preference, craving yogurt, milk, or other dairy products is something many people experience. But when you have diabetes, craving for milk means a whole different thing.

Is Craving Milk Diabetes a myth or you can really have it?

We take a closer look at how cravings work. This post also aims to help you understand why you crave milk. Additionally, we also consider questions like why am I craving milk when I hate it. You will discover a few strategies to counter these cravings too.

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The Reason Behind Cravings

craving milk diabetes

A craving is essentially a psychological response in your body. There are physiological driving factors to consider when looking at cravings though. Specific areas of your brain play a role in case of cravings.

This includes the areas of your brain involved in reward, pleasure, and memory. When you have an imbalance in hormones, then you can also experience cravings. In this particular case, two important hormones to consider: serotonin and leptin.

There are two types of cravings. You can have either a selective or a nonselective craving. If you have a particular craving, then you want to eat a particular food.

For example, you experience a desire for a very specific burger you had recently. Nonselective cravings are related to when you simply want to eat and do not care for what you consume.

In some cases, the cravings relate to a form of addiction. When you eat a chocolate bar, the sugar causes “pleasure” or “reward” chemicals to release in your brain. This happens with any type of sugary food you eat.

Craving Milk Diabetes: Is it True?

There is no direct link between diabetes and a craving for milk. The reason for the cravings you have is possibly similar to a person who does not have diabetes. Still, there are a few things to consider in this particular scenario.

When you give in to your cravings, consider the type of milk you usually opt for. Chances are, you have greater enjoyment when drinking low-fat milk. Many people do not realize that low-fat products often contain added ingredients. This includes more sugar too.

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One study provides evidence that may explain. In this study, researchers surveyed a total of 210 individuals. Among these, 105 of the patients had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

craving milk diabetes

Researchers report a higher craving for carbohydrates among people diagnosed with diabetes. The study compared the results from diabetic patients to answers from the non-diabetic group. Thus, craving milk type 2 diabetes is likely related to the sugar and carbohydrates in the milk. If this is the case, you may find yourself lactose intolerant but craving dairy.

On the other hand, if you are instead craving yogurt, it could mean something else. Yogurt does contain carbohydrates, but also many nutrients. Thus, when asking about craving yogurt, consider the possibility that your body is lacking certain nutrients.

This applies to cases where you are craving Greek yogurt. If you want to eat sweetened yogurt, then your body is most likely craving the yogurt’s sugar content – and not the nutrients.

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Remember that milk and many dairy products contain several of the minerals and vitamins your body needs. Mil has calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12, and vitamin A, among others. If you lack any of these, your body may crave milk as a way to gain access to vitamins and minerals.

Cravings For Milk: What Does It Mean?

Milk is not something we usually associate with cravings and is especially not an addictive behavior. Yet, some people do experience a craving for milk. When you crave a glass of milk, it can mean many things.

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Thus, it is essential to consider all possible reasons for this craving. This allows you to take a closer look at your own life. You can then identify potential causes based on your situation. And, yes I will also discuss whether craving milk diabetes has any connection with sweet addiction.

One of the leading causes of milk cravings is thirst. When you are thirsty, you start to crave something to drink. What you may not know is that milk consists of around 87% water. If you drink a glass of milk, chances are you will not feel as thirsty afterward. This is due to the high water content in the drink.

It is also possible that your craving for milk is related to hunger instead. Consider the fact that milk does not only contain water but also nutrients. If you drink about one cup, you get eight grams of protein and load your body with around seven grams of healthy fats. Thus, there is a possibility that the craving is related to your body demanding food.

If you crave this drink, there is a chance you are not experiencing milk addiction symptoms. Instead, your body is craving the sugar content in milk. If you prefer low-fat milk, you drink 13 grams of sugar with each cup.

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Technically, you get 13 grams of carbohydrates. Take note that milk contains simple carbohydrates – in the form of lactose. Your body then breaks lactose down. This creates glucose. While glucose is essential for energy production, it also creates a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. This is a possible scenario if you ask why I am craving milk when I hate it.

In addition to these, you may use milk as a type of comfort food. Everyone is different and can develop their comfort eating (or drinking) habits. For you, your comfort drink could be milk instead of a chocolate bar or bag of potato chips. This happens when your body constantly experiences triggers in its reward center due to the compounds found in milk.

Thus, when considering reasons for craving milk, make sure you look at whether or not it is due to comfort drinking or eating.

Craving Milk And Cereal

Sometimes, your craving for milk is a bit more specific. For example, perhaps you feel like eating a bowl of cereal with milk. This is usually not the same craving as just drinking pure milk from the bottle or glass.

craving milk diabetes

If you have a craving for milk and cereal, then there is a possibility that you are just hungry. Consider when you had your last meal. It is normal to wake up in the morning with this type of craving. If it is not related to hunger, then the sugary cereal might be what you are craving.

Some people add extra sugar to their cereal too. This means you load your body up with lots of sugar – triggering the reward center in your brain. Does it mean craving milk diabetes? Perhaps not.

Craving Chocolate Milk

If you crave chocolate milk, there is usually a reason for this. This is often different from having a craving for regular, unflavored milk. You most likely crave the sugar in chocolate milk. Most chocolate milk drinks contain milk, along with flavoring.

Manufacturers combine the milk and flavoring with sweeteners, which give the chocolate milk such a delicious flavor. This, however, also means you are putting more sugar into your body – along with the carbohydrates that the milk already contains.

Overcoming Milk Cravings

If you are diabetic or have other medical complications, it’s crucial to consider the benefits and drawbacks of milk craving. You need to find ways to counter the craving and be in control. This helps you avoid drinking too much milk, which can affect blood sugar and your digestive system.

Take a look at how much water you drink. If you do not get enough water, increase the number of glasses you consume each day. This helps to improve hydration. If your milk cravings have a relation to dehydration, then this technique should help.

Make sure you eat enough and that your diet includes a balanced range of foods. This way, you can avoid feeling hungry and craving milk as a consequence. You also gain the ability to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to function correctly.

Apart from these, focus on stress and proper sleep. If you are too stressed, it may trigger cravings and eventual addiction. Reducing levels of stress is something to consider here. This may help you experience a reduction in cravings for milk too.

Make sure you get sufficient sleep as well. Poor sleep contributes to higher levels of stress. It also causes imbalances in your hormones, which can hurt your cravings.


What does it mean if you crave milk?

There are multiple possibilities for craving milk. A lack of hydration in your diet is one thing to consider, but do not rule out hunger. If you drink milk frequently, you may crave the beverage due to withdrawal symptoms.

Make sure you also consider the possibility of nutritional deficiencies. There is a chance that your body is craving the nutritional elements found in a glass of milk.

What do you crave when you have diabetes?

If you have diabetes and crave milk, it can mean several of the same things compared to someone who does not have the condition. At the same time, consider additional possibilities. In many cases, this craving is related to the carbohydrates found in milk. Some studies suggest that diabetes patients have more cravings for carbohydrates.

Your body may crave carbs as a means to generate more energy, as fatigue and tiredness is sometimes a symptom of diabetes. This specific reason is more common in people with type 1 diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, do not rule the possibility out.

Can diabetics drink milk every day?

Daily milk consumption should not be harmful to a diabetic patient. Still, there are some considerations to take into account when you are concerned about craving milk diabetes.

Since milk contains carbohydrates, the drink can affect blood glucose levels. This means you should be thoughtful when drinking milk. Consider other sources of carbs that you eat during the day. This gives you a good idea of how much milk you can drink.

Is drinking too much milk bad for you?

While milk is generally considered healthy, there are adverse effects that develop if you drink too much. This is especially the case for diabetics. The carbohydrates in milk cause your blood sugar levels to increase.

Also, note that excessive consumption of milk can cause problems with your digestive tract. This includes cramping, a bloated feeling, and the possibility of developing diarrhea.

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