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Coronavirus is a Global Health Emergency-WHO

The latest coronavirus has been reported a global crisis by the World Health Organization (WHO). In other words, the virus could reach countries with weak and vulnerable health systems and considered a pandemic.

The US state department announced a crisis warning as almost 10,000 cases of coronavirus has been reported nationally. Most global cases originate from people who had been to Wuhan in Hubei.

Other than that, in countries like Germany and Japan, patients were infected by visitors who had recently travelled to China.

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The WHO chief mentioned that extraordinary measures have already been taken by the Chinese authorities. Besides, numerous countries have taken measures to shut borders and cancel flights. Apart from that, high tech companies like Google and Tesla have also closed their shops and paused operations.

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Facing the Coronavirus outbreak

What follows if the outbreak ignites on its way into a country that cannot cope? The concern on how it could spread as fast as lightning has already thrilled most of the low- and middle-income countries. For instance, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa reveals how easily poorer countries can be thrown by such outbreaks.

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The novel Coronavirus had emerged last month with almost 10,000 confirmed cases in China. However, the outbreak is not at a significant foothold stage yet, which will be incredibly difficult to restrain.

99% of the crises dawn from China, and the WHO has assured that the country can manage the outbreak there. Merely declaring a global emergency allows the WHO to establish their disease surveillance and provide the countries for predicaments.

WHO has beforehand reported five global public health emergencies, which includes:

  • Swine flu, 2009
  • Polio, 2014
  • Zika, 2016
  • Ebola, 2014 and 2019

How is China controlling the outgrowing virus?

An approved case in Tibet suggests the virus has spread every region in mainland China. Based on the country’s National Health Commission, 9,692 cases have tested positive by far.

Meanwhile, the city Hubei with approximately most of the deaths have occurred, is in a state of lockdown. The city has been sealed off with numerous transport restrictions in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. Furthermore, they were told to work from home until it is considered safe for them to return. At the same time, the virus is affecting China’s economy.

What is the world’s response?

Voluntary evacuations of hundreds of foreign nationals from Wuhan are underway. The UK, Australia, and a few other countries are expected to quarantine all evacuees for two weeks to monitor them for signs and symptoms.

  • Australia plans to quarantine its evacuees on Christmas Island in a detention centre that has been used to house asylum seekers. 
  • Meanwhile, in Italy, flights to China were suspended after two Chinese tourists in Rome were diagnosed with the virus
  • In the US, Chicago health officials have reported the first US case of human-to-human transmission. And the US citizens in Wuhan are being isolated at a Californian military base for at least 72 hours.
  • On the other hand, Israel has barred flight connections with China while Papua New Guinea has banned visitors from the “Asian ports”.

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