The Benefits and Risks of Mixing Deca and Test

You might often get curious about mixing two hormones in a single syringe before intake. You might also be concerned about its side effects.

So, that brings the question, can you mix deca and test in the same syringe?

The answer is yes, you can mix deca and test in the same syringe. However, you shouldn’t inject in the same area repeatedly, it should be changed. Also, it’s recommended to change the needle for your convenience. And remember that for big muscle groups the injection amount can be up to 3 ccs.

We’ve more to offer regarding the other perks of mixing two hormones and injecting. But for that, you’ll have to proceed further along with the article. So, please keep reading to know more.

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Can You Mix Deca and Test in The Same Syringe?

Yes, deca and test injection can be taken together. Both of them are oil based supplements. So, there’s no  harm in mixing them together.

And for your assurance, they can be injected into the same spot. A lot of people do this thing and they face no adverse issues. In fact, they offer some benefits which are discussed in the next section. 

Benefits of Mixing Two Hormones in a Syringe

There are some potential good sides to injecting two hormones together. And some of them are really interesting.

For example, It helps to reduce the number of pinning in your body. If you’re on a test 400 and deca cycle of injecting hormones into your body, repeatedly pinning your skin can hurt. Also, sometimes it leaves scars on your body.

So, using the same syringe for injecting deca and test can help you here.


If you look at the matter closely, this can actually help you in other aspects as well. For instance, if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable with injecting, this will save you. You won’t have to worry about injecting repeatedly.

Also, if you’re on a steroid cycle, you can inject regularly mixing steroids in one syringe. So, in the long run, injecting two hormones together can save you time and money. These are some good sides of injecting deca and test together.

How to Inject?

You may be wondering how to mix test and deca in the same syringe. Knowing how to inject is an important part of taking steroids. Especially, if you’re mixing two hormones for intake, this is more important. That’s why we are going to discuss how you can inject safely.

So, let’s get started. We’ll discuss this in a few steps.


Step 1: Preparing the Dosage

Usually, it’s safer not to inject more than 3 ccs in the same spot. So, prepare your dosage according to that. While mixing, take 300 mg 2 ccs of deca and 250 mg 1 cc of test hormone. Thus prepare the injection vial for you.

However, in smaller muscle groups, you should inject less than 3 ccs. It can be as low as 1.5 ccs. You can take the injection every 3.5 days. That tells you about whether to take deca once or twice a week

Step 2: Using Needle Properly

Always use a new needle every time to avoid chances of infection or injury. Using a new needle will hurt less while pinning. Also, always use your own needle or vial. This is for your own safety and reduced exposure to other diseases.

For injecting deca test, it’s good if you use green needles for drawing up. And then use blue needles for injecting. You can use smaller barrels so that you don’t draw up too much liquid.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Spot

Injecting in the right spot is very essential. Or else, you may face adverse consequences.

Usually, glutes, quads, and delts are safer spots for injecting into your body. It’s easier, less painful, and less risky to inject into these muscles. However, it’s still better to be careful while injecting.


Cleanliness is also important. Don’t forget to clean the injection site before injecting the hormones.

Follow these steps while injecting deca and test together in your body. Controlled injecting should keep everything fine.

Side Effects

Every medicine has side effects. But most of the time they do not occur alarmingly if the medicine is used properly. Deca and test have some side effects as well.

The side effects of deca include blood fat getting increased, liver functioning abnormally, etc. Also, blood pressure can increase and the liver anatomy can change. However, these side effects are not so common and shouldn’t bother unless used improperly.

Side effects of injecting tests can be acne, unusual breathing during sleep, etc. Furthermore, breast swelling and ankle swelling can also be seen as side effects of injecting tests. Sometimes RBC count can increase rapidly in the blood.

These are some side effects you should look out for during a cycle of injecting deca and test.

Some Precautions

Adapting to some precautions can help you from doing damage to your body. Besides, it can ensure your proper treatment when needed.

Your natural hormones should work normally after you’ve finished a steroid cycle. But if they don’t return to normal, you should consult a doctor. There you might need to take PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) if necessary.

If you have a fever or feel pain in the injection site, there may be an infection. So, it’s better to get medical advice firsthand. Or it can lead to painful consequences.

A feeling of electric shock while injecting can be a sign of nerve damage. Consider consulting a doctor and performing necessary tests as per instructions.

If you’re a first-timer, can you inject deca and test together? First-timers shouldn’t start the deca cycle immediately after starting the test cycle. The best time to start deca is after your body is used to steroids.  First, you should notice how your body reacts, then you should think about the next cycle.

Let your body settle down by taking steroids. Then think about taking the injection together. This answers 

Final Thoughts

There’s technically no problem in taking deca and test together as it doesn’t have any adverse effects. In fact, it’s more desirable in order to reduce the number of pinnings.

Adding to that, deca and test both are oil-based. As both of them hold the same characteristics, there’s no harm in mixing them together. And that’s why they can be mixed together in the same syringe.

To be more precise, they can be injected into the same spot for the exact same reason.


Is it allowed to mix all types of steroids in the same syringe?

No, it’s not allowed to mix all types of steroids together in the same syringe. Doing so might result in harmful consequences. Their side effects can also be dangerous. So, it’s better to have proper knowledge before mixing two steroids.

Which time of the day is best for injecting testosterone?

There’s no scientific necessity for injecting testosterone at a specific time of the day. However, traditionally it’s done in the morning. At that time, testosterone level stays at the highest range. 

What is deca injection used for?

Deca injection is used for rebuilding weak or damaged tissues of the body. These tissues can be damaged due to long-term illness or any accident. Deca helps to regain that damaged tissue muscles. Deca can also help to increase lean body mass.

Can the same needle be reused by you?

No, it’s not recommended to reuse the needle or syringe on yourself. It can increase the chance of exposure to various diseases. Also, it becomes painful to your body when you reuse a needle.

What’s the activation time of deca after injecting?

Deca should start to work within 24-48 hours of injecting it into your body. The declination period is within two to three weeks. More or less this is the timeframe of deca.


So, this was all about can you mix deca and test in the same syringe. Hope all your queries are answered.

Ensuring your growth naturally is more reliable than doing it artificially. So, don’t take steroids unless it’s necessary.

That’s it for the day. Stay safe and take care of your health. And take proper medications consulting your doctor. -a blog about Healthy Living