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Caleb Swanigan Dead at 25: Is It Related to Depression?

Caleb Swanigan, former NBA Player and Purdue Star Caleb died at 25. The cause of death is said to be natural, but it may be connected to the star’s connection with drugs.

Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan died at 25 of natural causes, The Allen County coroner’s office confirmed. This celebrity basketball player of the Portland Trail Blazers was famously known for his generous nature and excellent playing skills.

However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, Caleb opted out of the team after getting drafted in 2017. He said the reason was personal at that time and never appeared in NBA games afterward.

Caleb had a disturbed childhood with homelessness and obesity issues. He was around 400 pounds during middle school. His life took a different turn after Caleb got adopted by AAU coach and former NFL linebacker Roosevelt Barnes.

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Swanigan was under a 180-days suspended jail sentence by an Indiana judge on possession of marijuana charges after being pulled over with 3.4 pounds of marijuana. This incident was in May 2021, and from then, this NBA star was out of sight from fans.

He has a habit of overeating, and a sweet tooth piled the weight on him. After opting out of the games in 2020, the NBA star is said to be returned to unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, his connection with drug abuse made things worse.

Close relatives found signs of depression and anxiety in the former NBA star. Although the news is not confirmed, his former colleagues agreed they also had seen mental disturbances in Caleb amid the pandemic.

Swanigan was Purdue’s first early draft pick since Glenn Robinson in 1994. Swanigan had three years in the NBA. playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Sacramento Kings

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