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Bluechew Review: Bluechew Scam or Legit? What You Need To Before Buy

Are you feeling embarrassed to consult with a sexologist in person for erectile dysfunction? Although this problem is very common, but people who are going through it often lose their self-esteem.

Besides, this issue has enough potentiality to take a toll on your relationship, as there remain pretty complicated emotions that come along with physical snafus in bed.

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Taking Viagra is not the answer, because it is pricey   & hard to swallow for a lot of guys. But, your wait is over!

The most renowned company Bluechew giving you access to a chewable Viagra tablet that’s inexpensive and absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly than regular Viagra!

In our bluechew review, you are about to find out: bluechew what is it? bluechew what does it do? Is bluechew legit or another scam?

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Bluechew Review

Bluechew is introduced in the market in 2014  with the goal of helping males with ED problems by providing chewable tablets that can improve performance & confidence in bed.

According to bluechew chewable review, their  US-based online doctors, who are licensed to treat in your state, assess your medical history & prescribed you to go with this product.

If you want to know what makes them different, then it will be their quality patient care and prescription based treatment without even hurting your pocket. On top of that, you are getting the treatment comfortably from your home.

What is Bluechew?

Bluechew is a hassle-free online service dedicated to providing treatments for men who are commercially intolerant of available pills & feeling embarrassed to go to the doctor’s office.

They offer chewable Viagra tablets designed to get a man’s sex life back on track.

Let’s take a look at bluechew pill review, it is available in two generic form – either you can go with bluechew sildenafil or with bluechew tadalafil.

Here, the Sildenafil is an active ingredient in Viagra while Tadalafil remains the same way in Cialis.

If you are selective to satisfy your taste buds, then you will find the product offered by bluechew taste is pretty cool!

What is Bluechew

What’s Included?

Bluechew has designed its service with digital physician consultation, only chewable tablets, monthly refills & medical support.

Like taking the world in hands, they simplify the process within a few clicks. According to bluechew real reviews, you need to answer a medical questionnaire, being approved then the plan selection is entirely in your hands.

They are also sincere about your privacy. As per the bluechew honest review, bluechew packaging & delivery is done in a discreet manner.

These are the strategies that bring them the aura to rule over the male enhancement industry.

In the broad heading, the company offers you the following promises :

  • 100% of US Licensed Medical Providers
  • Prescription for Sildenafil or  Tadalafil
  • Professional medical support
  • No waiting rooms, no appointments
  • 30 MG or 45 MG Sildenafil or 6 or 9 MG Tadalafil Chewable Tablets

Sildenafil vs Tadalafil, Which is Best?

If you are considering oral medication to improve your sexual experience, then you probably familiar with the two most popular active ingredients – Sildenafil & Tadalafil.

Now, you may be wondering about which one will be the best option for you. But we are here to make every difficult thing easier for you. Here, you just need to consider two things before going with any!

1. Timing is very important!

When you’ll be spending a long time like more than an evening with your woman & don’t sure about when the timing is going to be right, then you should prefer the one which has a longer window of opportunity.

Bluechew tadalafil review stated that Tadalafil remains your body as long as 24-36 hours!  That means there’s no worry about rushing your time.

On the contrary, Sildenafil is formulated to last for 4-6 hours. That means you should go with this one when you are so sure about your plans.

Many people reported that Tadalafil working faster than Sildenafil, but thanks to bluechew Chewables – they work up to twice comparing others.

2.Daily Dosing or on-demand

Men who are desperate to sex at any time, tadalafil might be the better choice for them.

It is available in a lower dose & advised to be taken on a daily basis.  According to bluechew tadalafil reviews, it gives you more opportunities for spontaneous intercourse whenever you and your partner are in the mood.

On the other hand, Sildenafil is suggested to use as per your need. According to the bluechew sildenafil review, Sildenafil takes 30 minutes to be effective in your system.

BlueChew: The New Chewable Viagra- Does it Work?

The answer is a big yes!  It helps thousands of people with erectile dysfunction to achieve a harder, firmer, and longer-lasting sex.

Besides, the bluechew UAE available the pills in chewable form which enters your bloodstream quickly & shows the impacts faster than any other ED medications.

How Does Bluechew Work?

Researchers found that oral medications are the best way to treat ED problem. In this case, Sildenafil & Tadalafil are adored by thousands seeing the highest successful results for many men.

Bluechew ED medications service works like the same way that any other top-notched product does in case of erectile dysfunction rather than doing it faster!

These two chemicals enhance the effects of nitric oxide -which is also a natural chemical your body produces to relax your muscle in the penis. This helps to increase the blood flow in your penial area & lets you get a harder sex in response to sexual stimulation.

Taking one of these tablets (Sildenafil /Tadalafil) is not enough to produce an sex automatically. You need a sexual stimulation first to release the nitric oxide from your penile nerves.

As per Bluechew tablets review, the sildenafil or Tadalafil tablets then amplifies the signal & enables you to rower your inner voice just like the way you wanted!

We hope that you are no longer cyanic about: bluechew does it work?  Right!

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What Does The Plan Include?

Bluechew Viagra review praises bluechew for providing diversity features like it does not just stop at chewable tablet types.

Visiting their official site will show you four bluechew plans, there you get the opportunity to select the deal which suits your need & lifestyle.

They are Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro plans. Most amazingly, all of them come with a specific number to fit your sexual activity.

Bluechew user reviews are a good way to know in details about the plans. A lot of men experience the bluechew Singapore product & they share their journey including the selection of the plans.

In the following, you will get to know in detail about them.

First of all, If you prefer to have a low key sex life like once per week, then you should incline toward the active plan . It contains six tablets to improve your drive.

Once you make your mind to start using sex tablet for sex, it will be practical to purchase a pack with more tablets. The busy plan is highly advisable in that case since it comes with ten tablets.

However, if you want more colorful as well as busy sexual life with high drive, then going with either popular or pro plan may satisfy your demands. They come with 17 & 34 tablets respectively per month.

How Much Does BlueChew Cost?

Bluechew packaging is based on monthly plans for both Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets. In the successive part, we enlisted the bluechew price thoroughly.

BlueChew Cost

Review of bluechew sheds light on bluechew dosage, they approach in the following manner: Sildenafil in 30 mg and 45 mg; and Tadalafil in 6 mg and 9 mg.

  1. $20/Month: Active Plan – 6 chewable tablets of Sildenafil 30 mg or 4 chewable tablets of Tadalafil 6mg.
  2. $30/Month: Busy Plan – 10 tablets of Sildenafil 30 mg or 7 tablets of Tadalafil 6 mg.
  3. $50/Month: Popular Plan –  17 tablets of Sildenafil 30 mg or 14 tablets of Tadalafil 6mg.
  4. $90/Month: Busy Plan – 34 tablets of Sildenafil 30mg or 28 tablets of Tadalafil 6mg.

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Can You Change The Plan?

Suppose you ordered Sildenafil & it didn’t work well for you, then you should consider switching your subscription to Tadalafil. If you ordered Tadalafil just do the same process, then inform the medical team to review your chart again.

To switch, you have to register on their site to get a bluechew account. Then,  bluechew login will give you access to MY PLAN tab and then click “Switch Plans”.

Please note that, if you don’t want to go with the switching options, then they offer you full refunds (minus shipping) for orders placed within 30-days of purchase.

Besides, if you want to cancel your subscriptions, then you have bluechew unsubscribe or bluechew cancel options in your hands.

How to Order BlueChew Online?

Before placing your order, you need to maintain certain prerequisites. Here, we will guide you step by step on getting started with bluechew.

After login into your account, you have to provide your previous medical history & complete a bluechew questionnaire which contains a number of questions related to your blood pressure, previous episodes with fainting, vision problem, or energy levels!

All the given information of yours will be evaluated by a bluechew affiliated doctor. Just to make sure that you are a safe candidate for bluechew service.  You will get the approval or disapproval notice within 24 hours via mail.

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After that, choose your plan & then the only step you have to make is the payment. That’s it!   you will get your bluechew delivery in discreet packaging within 3 business days.

Please note that you can purchase bluechew from their official site only. The company doesn’t available them in local stores to maintain the novelty of their product. That’s why you will neither order it from bluechew amazon nor from the bluechew Walmart stores.

Bluechew Unboxing

After getting bluechew delivery at your place, you may definitely open the packet. According to   Bluechew commercial review, there you will find a greeting card signed by their chief medical officer including an email address & a phone number.

Can Anyone Buy Bluechew Pills?

According to real bluechew reviews, you are not eligible to bluechew buy, if you fall under the following category.

Firstly, Bluechew is only available for adults over 18 years. It is also not meant children or women.

Secondly, there is a restriction on the availability of bluechew states wise.

On the report of bluechew wiki reveals that bluechew Canada,  Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Carolina, Puerto Rico – residents are inhibited to buy bluechew.

Who Can Take Bluechew?

Bluechew Oklahoma offers are for individual males over the age of 18 in the United States who want increased confidence in bed.

Bluechew how to take? Can I consume alcohol with bluechew?

As you guys are already aware of the ingredients of bluechew – Sildenafil & tadalafil; both of these medications should take once per day. After taking once, the tadalafil will keep you energetic for a harder sex about 24-36 hours.

Besides, you can take sildenafil once per day just before you want the effects to happen (its window period is 4-6 hours).

However, studies have shown adequate evidence that taking bluechew and weed or bluechew and alcohol can increase the risk of experiencing a medication side effect. According to their official site,    you can take moderate alcohol.

Another vital question comes as a tail of this section:  can I take bluechew with food or an empty stomach?

As per the bluechew directions given in their official site, Sildenafil absorption within the body is greatly affected by taking meals – mainly large meals or those contain a lot of fat.

On the contrary, Tadalafil may be taken without regard to food.

Pros and Cons of Bluechew:

If you search for bluechew reviews on the internet, you will hardly find any bluechew negative reviews. Still, we prefer to show both sides of this bluechew to make your decision more farm about; whether this product is good for you or not.

Pros of Bluechew:

  • Available in chewable form
  • Free online consultation
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Discreet shipping
  • Monthly refills
  • Get a free sample 

Cons of Bluechew:

  • It is not available internationally 
  • Bluechew medical questions may bother you.

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The BlueChew Free Trial

BLuechew Free Trail

If you are not sure about going ahead with this bluechew, then there is a bluechew free month trial waiting for you. After all, buying ED pills online can be a great hassle as there is much possibility of it to turn a real waste of money.

But, the good is that with this bluechew coupon code you will get access to the bluechew free sample. Bluechew code will let you enjoy 30 days worth of pills. But, the only catch is you have to pay a $5 shipping charge.

According to the bluechew pill review, they will email you a few days before the end of your bluechew sample free trial to remind you it’s coming to an end.

Bluechew Promo Code

It is the easiest to get way to get access to exciting bluechew discount offers. All you have to do just click in this bluechew promo, it will redirect into a site where multiple bluechew offers are available including a free month trial. Finally, you have to do just copy the code to claim your discount at the checkout.

BlueChew Versus Other ED Pills

Looking for bluechew alternatives? For your convenience, we have come here with bluechew ED pill vs other ED pills that stands out pretty close to bluechew tablets.

We will describe here in a comparable manner that will let you know – which one is the ultimate answer to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Bluechew vs Roman

Roman is another digital health clinic for men which handles everything from online evaluation to delivery of treatment and free ongoing care. But, the catch is: it charges $15 for an initial consultation. Then, it is not available in all U.S. states.

Also, they offer their supplements in pill form.

On the other hand, BlueChew is hands down. As per the bluechew pill reviews, they are providing their services as affordable and convenient as the other online ED treatment options.

Regardless, they make their bluechew pills in a chewable form that tends to work faster than the pills you otherwise swallow.

Bluechew vs Viagra

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. But the same component including Tadalafil which is an active ingredient in Cialis remains in bluechew ED medicine.

The two ingredients differ in staying longer or shorter periods in your system.

However, bluechew gives you two choices to go with whereas Viagra has the only one option.

Then, you can see bluechew is much cheaper than Viagra. So, bluechew vs sildenafil (Viagra) – the choice is all yours.

Is BlueChew Safe? Is Bluechew Dangerous?

Another question that remains everyone’s tip of the tongue: is bluechew FDA approved?

The basic ingredients of Bluechew have been declared safe and been allowed by the FDA. Various bluechew medical reviews confirm it.

But, the bluechew tablets themselves are compounded by partnering compounding pharmacies.  Blended treatments are not FDA approved.

Moreover, the maximum five star bluechew ratings in bluchew.com review give us major evidence about bluechew safety.

Is Bluechew Legit?

The entire process of bluechew is done in the  USA. The ingredients used in it had undergone multiple clinical trials for decades.

Their affiliated medical team was trained by the University of Chicago medical school, and they’re all certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

So, undoubtedly they are as legit as other ED pills in the male enhancement industry.

Still, if you are thinking -is bluechew review is enough to know the safety & legitimacy, then you can do your research by going to their official site.

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What are the bluechew effects? Are there any Bluechew side effects?

Everyone reacts differently to medications. That indicates that the best medicine even can cause you side-effects if it doesn’t suit your body.

While the bluechew chewable tablets are completely safe & legit, there are still some possibilities that some men might experience the following effects: 

  • bluechew high blood pressure
  • bluechew heart attack
  • bluechew heartache
  • bluechew headache
  • bluechew diabetes
  • bluechew blood pressure

In this case, without making any delay you should talk to your primary care doctor. What if the effects are having due to your past/current health or medical conditions.

But there is the least possible as the bluechew affiliated doctor himself examines your medical conditions. So,  the best to know the effectiveness of bluechew is by giving it a try once.

Bluechew Real Users Reviews

As we said earlier that, still we don’t notice any bluechew bad reviews. But you may have seen it in different low-rank bluechew google reviews. What if the competitor company- buy bluechew reviews to take you on their side!

But, we are here to show you bluechew before and after experience through bluechew customer reviews.

My girl and I have actually looked forward more to our sexual experiences. Thanks to bluechew have!- Michael F.

I think Bluechew provides a great service for men in the U.S and I’m grateful that I found out about them. – Devin A.

Bluechew Reviews- Final Words

Ed can strike you at any age & treating it used to be time-consuming and potentially embarrassing.

Here comes bluechew as a  great way to alleviate ED symptoms and save your ton of cash. Bluechew offers you a streamlined service with the online assessment and discreet doorstep delivery.

It is cheaper yet effective than its branded counterparts.

Bluechew process of packaging is a good plus point, it comes in a stylish sachet that can easily be put in a wallet or pocket and taken on the go.

As per the bluechew side effects concern, you can check the bluechew warnings before giving it a go. They are so credible to reveal every aspect in front of you.

These are excellent points that illustrate that bluechew comes to lead in the male sex enhancement domain.

In our bluechew review, you can see we try to be as specific & honest as we can. Apart from the descriptions; Remember!   the final take on going with this product or not is entirely up to you.

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The FAQs About Bluechew

Bluechew is the ultimate solutions for those who have passed many embarrassing moment in bed before.  When go through Bluechew user experiences we have been asked many questions from many people who are interested in Bluechew. Bellow we would like to answer a few of them.

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