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The Most Popular Boba Tea Flavors You Must Try

Boba drink looks like a drink from some far-away galaxy with some tiny planets bubbling around. The past few years have seen social media inundated with photos of this cool-looking beverage and thousands of shops have popped up across the united states seemingly overnight. But despite their ubiquity, many people have no idea what the boba drink is and what the best boba drink flavors are.

The boba chain is based in Asia, but it came overseas and they opened up their locations in New York City, in Flushing, in Brooklyn, and in Chinatown. Boba drink is a very unique and delicious milk tea. Every smooth sip brings in the mouth the soft textured tapioca bubble that is from green tea or jelly. 

You need that extra-wide straw to pull them up in your mouth. You can choose different varieties of best boba drink flavors like tea or coffee-based or kind of milk mixed in. The article is going to give you a complete description of what boba drinks are made and what are the best boba drink flavors that you must try.

What is boba tea or boba drink made of?

Boba tea is considered the best milk tea in the world because of its huge number of customers and its various flavors. But hardly anyone knows how this tea is made. Boba tea or bubble tea, as it is sometimes called, consists of a tea base that is mixed with milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls. This is the best bubble tea flavor combination.

These are then shaken together and served with a notoriously chubby straw that ensures you get all the chewy pearls at the bottom of the cup. These pearls are made from tapioca starch, which is extracted from cassava, a plant that is native to South America, that was introduced to Taiwan in the early 20th century.

Initially bland and hard, the pearls are boiled inside massive vats where they are steeped in caramelized syrup for hours. After this process, they come out looking like black chewy bubbles that we all love. 

On the other hand, the base can even consist of milk tea or fruit-flavored drinks like lemon or lychee. Some shops also offer the option of blending it so that it comes out with a smoothie-like texture. Although the most popular choice is to leave the ice unblended, you can try blending too with your top boba flavors.

Where did boba tea come from?

Before moving further towards, best bubble tea flavors and most popular boba tea flavors, let us first discuss the origin of boba tea. 

The practice of drinking tea is widespread in East Asia, however, boba tea was only invented in the late 1980s in Taipei, Taiwan. Back then, a food stall owner thought of creating a beverage that will combat the scorching hot summer and so he decided to combine three highly sought-after food items into one drink. He decided to combine tapioca balls, ice, and tea mixed with milk.

It proved to be extremely popular with customers who referred to the beverage as boba, which is slang for large breasts in Chinese, about the shape of tapioca balls. Over time stall owners began to create more interesting combinations using fruit powders and introducing other topping milk teas. They used many topping options like almond jelly and egg pudding to introduce different popular bubble tea flavors.

Best Boba Drink Flavors


Best bubble tea flavors:

People who want to try boba drinks after hearing about their delicious taste and versatility, ask about the best bubble tea flavors. Good boba tea flavors refresh the mood and people buy them again and again to enjoy the chewy tapioca pearls.  Following are some of the most popular boba tea flavors that are very common among boba tea lovers.

  • Honeydew ( melon flavor)
  • Matcha boba tea ( Chinese green tea flavor)
  • Lychee ( Asian fruit flavor)
  • Jasmine ( floral and smells good)

Good milk tea flavors:

Milk is a very important ingredient in boba drinks.  There are so many best teas available for milk tea but black milk tea or Hong Kong milk tea is considered the most popular milk tea flavor in all available boba milk teas worldwide. It is a fruity flavor with different kinds of toppings and all other top boba flavors started from this milk tea flavor. It is very unique in taste and that is the main reason for its popularity.

Boba milk tea best seller:

With the increasing popularity of bubble tea, people are surfing the internet with the phrase, “ best boba milk tea near me”. To answer this popular question, here are the top 10 milk tea sellers.

  • Black milk tea ( a starter drink)
  • Mango milk tea ( fruity flavor)
  • Green milk tea 
  • Strawberry milk tea
  • Taro milk tea (purple color)
  • Coffee milk tea ( for caffeine lovers)
  • Almond milk tea ( an alternative to drinking dairy milk)
  • Thai milk tea (orange colored)
  • Honeydew milk tea (summertime drink)
  • Matcha milk tea ( Chinese green tea)

These were the most popular milk tea flavors and the best flavors of boba tea that people order most often.

Tiger milk tea

Tiger milk tea, the best seller for boba milk tea, is very popular in New York City. 

Tiger milk tea, the best seller for boba milk tea, is one of the best tasting boba flavors.  The internet has been going crazy for this bubble tea shop based in Taiwan. People in New York wait for hours to try it. 

They claim that what makes our bubble tea special is our boba which takes at least 3 hours to prepare and also that our drinks have tiger stripes. The tapioca is imported from Taiwan, and also we have a special formula. You can see the flavor in it. If you love brown sugar, then you will like tiger sugar as it is considered one of the best types of boba tea.

Recommended boba flavors:

Here are some flavors of bubble tea out of the top 5 milk tea flavors that are highly recommended. Although these are the most common bubble tea flavors, yet they are very delicious. 


Strawberry is one of the best boba fruit tea flavors. It is a common fruit worldwide. When blended with frozen strawberries, it makes a nice strawberry deluxe smoothie. Enjoyed alone, the strawberry bubble tea tastes like strawberries and cream.


Taro bubble tea is also a top boba tea seller worldwide. Taro is a root crop similar to sweet potato. The purple color not only makes it my favorite pretty drink but also a tasty creamy drink with a hint of taro flavoring. If you want to try it just type “best taro milk tea near me” to locate the delicious taro milk tea shops.


Honeydew bubble tea tastes similar to a melon ice cream bar. Honeydew mixed with cream is a refreshing drink with tea or blended with ice in a blender. It is one of the best bubble tea flavors to try.

Most popular boba shops:

Following is the list of the most popular boba shops in the United States.

  • Boba tea supply in the US
  • Chat Time
  • CoCo fresh tea and juice
  • Female drinks
  • Fokus

Is boba halal?

The foods certified by Islamic certification agencies are halal. Boba drink is not referred to as halal, but it contains safe ingredients. Anyone can consume it because the ingredients are natural and are not harmful.

The Bottom Line:

Food trends come and go. For instance, they 197werewas all about fondues and quenches while the ’90s are best known for popularizing pre-made lunch boxes and pasta salad. The 21st century has also seen its fair share. Perhaps, no other food trend of this decade has made its mark like boba tea. 

The best boba drink flavors are available in wide varieties such as chocolate, taro, vanilla, etc.  People ask the question, “What is the difference between boba and pearl? Boba has a bigger size and pearls are the mini ones, so when they are added together it gives a very amazing chewy texture while drinking.

This whole process takes only 10 seconds from ordering to receiving a cup of boba in your hands. If you are really into milk and tea and different kinds of flavors, enjoying the best boba drink flavors will be fun for you.


What is the best flavor of boba?

Black milk tea or Hong Kong milk tea is considered the best milk tea. Honeydew, strawberry, and matcha tea are the best flavors of boba.

What is the best drink at boba guys?

The black sesame latte and the layered strawberry matcha latte are the best boba drinks out there.

What are the best boba combinations?

Taro, lychee, strawberry, Thai, chocolate, etc are considered the best boba combinations. Their fruity taste gives extra flavor to boba drinks.

Does boba taste good?

Boba tastes so good that people wait in lines for hours to get the best boba drinks and to try the different boba drink flavors of their choice.

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