Are Club Crackers Healthy Or Not?

Club crackers are delicious snacks that people eat when they are bored, have any untimely cravings, and when they are watching Netflix. However, it is also a snack that is very common at parties. But you may have seen health-conscious people avoiding eating them and calling them unhealthy.

So, now the question arises– Are club crackers healthy or not? 

If you love club crackers, we have bad news. Club crackers are not healthy for you because of the calories, fat, and salt content. So, you should avoid them as much as you can. 

If you want to know how many quantities of these unhealthy contents are there and what they do to the body, then continue reading.  

Why Are Club Crackers Unhealthy? Full Details

Club Crackers Unhealthy

Club crackers are low in water, fiber, and protein. So, One serving of club crackers is not enough to fulfill the cravings. Hence, people generally eat two servings of these crackers, which means you are intaking lots of calories.

People ask, Are Keebler club crackers healthy? Well, short answer- No. Keebler Club crackers are one of the most common snacks people eat at a party. They have a light creamy taste that feels great in the mouth. 

Keebler brand manufactures eight different kinds of club crackers

  • Club minis
  • Original club
  • Buttery Garlic
  • Cheddar
  • Honey wheat
  • Snack sticks
  • Multi-Grain
  • Reduced-Fat
Nutritional Information of Club cracker

Are club mini crackers healthy? 

Club mini crackers are not healthy snacks; however, it is still healthier than a lot of club crackers. 

Four club crackers (one serving) of Club minis have the following nutritional value:

Calories70 kcal
Saturated fat1g
Sodium150 mg

Are Keebler Club and Cheddar Crackers Healthy? 

No, the cheddar in the crackers is not healthy for the body. Like other flavors, Cheddar Club crackers are high in calories and fat content. 

Are Wheat Club Crackers Healthy? 

Yes. Wheat club crackers are also healthy due to their fiber and iron content. However, we still recommend you should not eat the crackers in large numbers. 

Are Multigrain Club Crackers Healthy? 

Yes, a multigrain cracker is a healthy choice for you. These crackers are richer in fiber and nutrient content than other crackers. 

Are Original Keebler Club Crackers Healthy? 

If you eat one serving of four crackers once in a while, you will not experience any harmful effects on the body. 

Keebler Original Club crackers’ nutritional value is:

Fat 6g
Saturated fat1g
Sodium250 mg

Ingredients in the Club Crackers

The ingredients present in the crackers club are the primary reason for higher unhealthy components.  Club crackers are generally made with: 

  • Wheat flour
  • Soybean
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Chemicals

Harmful Effects of Club Crackers?

are Club Crackers healthy

Eating foods that have high calories, fat, and salt is not good for health at all. Since club crackers have all these components, it is not difficult to state that these crackers are not healthy (with few exceptions of whole-grain crackers)

Now, let us tell you what will happen to your body if you keep eating club crackers frequently. 

Weight Gain:

People ask, “are club crackers fattening?” Eating a lot of club crackers can lead to obesity. A cup of snack crackers contains more than 260 calories and more than 13 grams of fat. Since people mostly eat crackers equivalent to a cup, this many calories and fat can lead to weight gain.

If you want to stay healthy, choose to reduce fat club crackers. One serving of these crackers contains 121 calories and only 2 grams of fat. 

High Blood Pressure:

Sodium content is more in the club crackers. Hence, eating lots of club crackers leads to high sodium levels in the blood, which can increase pressure. 

High blood pressure can cause other health complications like hypertension and different cardiovascular problems.

Bad For Heart:

The fat content in the crackers can start to build-up in the arteries. This causes disruption in blood flow and in severe cases, heart attack and stroke can also occur.

Not for diabetics:

Those with diabetes want to know- Is eating club crackers good for diabetics? No, it is not. Club crackers contain a lot of calories that can worsen the diabetic condition. That is why whenever diabetics go to any party, they should try to eat only healthy foods. 

Which Crackers are Healthy?

club crackers nutrition

If you go to buy healthy crackers, you have to look at some things to find out whether this particular cracker is healthy or not. 

Check if there is “Whole-Grain” written on the label or no4t:

If the first ingredient on the label of a cracker says “whole grain or whole grain flour, then it is healthier than most of the snacks we have on the market. 

Check the Sodium Levels:

If the sodium content is more than 200 mg, don’t buy such snacks or crackers. Sodium content should be low as a high amount of it can lead to many problems, including high blood pressure, hypertension, and fluid imbalance in the body.

There Should be at least 3 Gram of Fiber:

Fiber is super important for us for smooth digestion, lowering cholesterol, and improving heart health. So, try to eat only those foods (including crackers) that have a considerable amount of fiber content. Those crackers that are made up of wheat or any other grain as the primary component are generally rich in fiber. 

There Shouldn’t be Much Sugar:

Healthy crackers should have no or very less sugar content. Snacks high in sugar are also high in calories. So, you can now guess what high calories can do to the body.

Which Are The Healthy Crackers You Can buy?

The following are the healthy crackers you can buy from any nearby grocery store or online platform:

  • Triscuit Original Crackers
  • Mary’s gone crackers
  • Back to Nature crackers
  • Fat Snax crackers
  • Cauliflower crackers by From the Ground Up

What are club crackers good with?

If you have decided to eat club crackers *whether healthy or unhealthy ones), then at least do it right! 

Eat club crackers with these things to enjoy the taste:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are club crackers gluten-free?

No, club crackers are not gluten-free because some amount of wheat flour or any grain flour is used in every club cracker. As grains are a rich source of gluten, you can expect gluten to be in the club crackers as well. So, if you are gluten allergic, don’t eat these snacks. 

Is club cracker Keto?

No, club crackers are high in calories, so it is not Keto. However, out of all the crackers available, Reduced fat club crackers can be Keto if eaten smartly (without any unhealthy side and in small amounts).

Are club crackers good for dogs? 

Three-four club crackers should be fine for dogs. However, since the sodium is high, you should not allow your dogs to eat too many crackers. 

Final Thoughts

Club crackers are the favorite snack of many Americans, and the reason is their light, creamy, and flaky taste. But are club crackers healthy too? No, club crackers are not healthy as they are high in calories, fat, and salt. These three components can make any food unhealthy for you. However, there are now whole grain and Reduced Fat crackers available that contain less amount of these components and more fiber content. 

We still recommend you eat only one serving of healthy club crackers to avoid any health problems. There is no substitute for good health, and it all depends on whether you eat healthy or unhealthy foods. 

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