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When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Tooth extraction is not a thing to become worried about nowadays. Especially with the help of the 21st century’s dental knowledge. The problem actually occurs whenever you hear about the food restriction after the surgery.

Pizza is a great snack. And it is quite hard to control the temptation for pizza. Hearing about the food restriction, you may ask a question, when can I eat Pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

Basically, you can’t eat solid foods for the first few days of a wisdom tooth removal. Does Pizza fall under the category of solid foods?

Read on to find more about this topic. We will try to give our answer to other related questions to this topic also. So, let’s not wait any longer and dive into it.

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When Can I Eat Solid Food After Tooth Extraction? 

The previous discussion leaves us with this question. So, when can you eat solid food after tooth extraction? Well, some studies say you can start eating solid foods after one week or after removing the stitches.


After normal tooth extraction, we say you wait at least one week. Instead of eating solid foods right away, you should start the shift from totally liquid foods to semi-solid foods. If you feel better and have less pain, you can start to have a full-fledged solid food diet. There will be no complaint from us then.

If you have one or multiple wisdom teeth removed, you may have to wait a bit longer. Especially if the operation was held on one of the lower wisdom teeth. Your lower wisdom teeth do most of the chewing while eating solid foods.

That is why you have to take extra care of them.

Start shifting towards semi-solid foods after two weeks. You may need up to two months to completely heal from wisdom tooth removal. There are no worries about dislodging the blood clot after the first week.

You can easily try shifting towards solid foods after two weeks. If you feel comfortable, you can continue. If you feel pain, stop having solid foods and try consulting with your dentist.

When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We feel your pain. Not the pain from the surgery. We know how hard and painful it can be to control the temptation to have a bite in one of the pizza slices. 

A standard pizza contains pizza dough, cheese, and a set of toppings. These toppings can be various types of vegetables or can even be different types of meats. Regardless of the ingredients, you must chew the bites to have the most of a pizza’s taste. 


That’s where the problem lies. 

By chewing the pizza slices, you create risk factors for your operation site. The food particles or pressure from chewing can interrupt and endanger the operation site. You can even dislodge the blood clot by doing so. 

Like other solid foods, you should stay away from pizzas for at least two weeks if you have a wisdom tooth removed. If multiple wisdom teeth were removed, you have to wait for more. 

If you can’t just keep the urge to have a bite, try having small bites after ten or twelve days. But make sure you chew with your other side teeth rather than the one where the operation was held. And remember another thing. Avoid hot and steamy slices. They are bad for your surgery area. 

After the complete recovery from the operation, you can enjoy as many slices as you want. But why extend the waiting time by eating pizzas earlier than usual? 

What If I Eat Pizza Right After Wisdom Tooth Removal? 

Imagine you are standing by the side of a road. Suddenly you see a van selling steamy hot and cheesy pizzas. You may forget everything on earth and go to get a bite on one of the slices. Although it is your primary job to remember the food restriction after wisdom tooth removal, we can’t blame you much. 

What do you do in that particular situation? 

First of all, try to recall whether you were feeling pain after eating the Pizza. Secondly, try to remember if you had a bad taste in your mouth. If you taste blood, count that too. All these symptoms tell us about the fact that you have a dry socket after eating Pizza. 

If you don’t experience any of the above, you should be fine. Even after dislodging the clot, if you don’t feel pain, we think you are good. 

But if you feel pain or experience any of the above, immediately contact your dentist. He (or she) will tell you what to do. Try sticking to his instructions this time. 

When Can I Eat Rice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Rice falls under both the categories of solid and semi-solid foods. But there is a problem with eating rice right after removing the stitches or after one week. 

Rice tends to stick between the tooth holes. If your surgery is not completely healed, removing the stuck food particles from the operated area may be problematic. 

We suggest you start eating rice after ten or twelve days. But try to eat rice that is more on the liquid side at first. Then if you feel comfortable, you can switch to solid.

Can I Eat Bread After Tooth Extraction?

Well, the question here is not specific. If you want to know if you can eat bread right after the extraction, our answer is no. You can’t eat bread right after your tooth extraction. It doesn’t matter if the tooth is normal or wisdom. 

Bread is also a solid food. Well, you may recall eating soft bread. But you should not eat semi-solid foods too, at least for a week after the surgery. 

After one week or after removing stitches, you may eat soft bread with little bites. And try to chew the pieces of bread with teeth other than the operated one. 

But if you want us to recommend, we say you wait for at least ten days to eat bread after tooth extraction. Waiting will not kill you, but an early shift towards solid foods may create complications. 

When can I eat chicken after wisdom teeth removal?

Meats are one of the complex kinds of foods regardless of the type. You may need to crush bones and tear apart portions from a piece to enjoy a meal consisting of meat completely. These types of activities can put a lot of pressure on your surgery site. 

If you want to go for a rough meat piece, we suggest waiting for at least three weeks. For boneless and properly cooked chicken pieces, our advice is to wait for two weeks. 

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a chicken leg without worrying about anything? Give enough time to your surgery wound and enjoy the chickens properly. 

How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger? 

The restriction period mainly depends on two factors. Type of food and the condition of healing of the surgery wound. 

In general, we advise our readers to wait at least two weeks before trying solid foods after wisdom teeth removal. As burgers are solid food, we say you wait for the same, two weeks. 

When can I eat pasta after wisdom teeth removal?

Well, pasta may not seem a solid food at first glance. But you have to chew pasta to have the most of it after all. Eating pasta can leave food particles easily in tooth holes as pasta tends to stick between teeth. 

You can start eating pasta after only a week if you can eat only with the front teeth. But we think you won’t enjoy the food much in this particular way. 

So, let your wisdom teeth heal completely. After that, you can eat as much as you want. 

Why Can’t You Normally Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

By normal, we mean solid food. There is mainly one reason to avoid solid foods after wisdom teeth or any other tooth removal. You avoid solid foods so that you protect the blood clot better that formed within the tooth hole. 

There are some common complications if you can’t manage to protect the blood clot and eventually dislodge it-

1. Bleeding

Like any other wound of your body, a blood clot forms very quickly within your tooth hole (extraction area). In addition, to boost the healing, the clot does another crucial job too. It stops the bleeding. 

If you interrupt the clot and dislodge it, you will lose the natural protector to stop the blood. In that case, you may experience bleeding around the operation area. 

2. Dry Socket

If you dislodge the clot, the most obvious outcome is to have a dry socket. Even if we tried, we couldn’t skip mentioning the pain from a dry socket. 

If you knew the amount of pain from a dry socket, you would stop having solid foods for a specific period for this sole reason. 

3. Infection

The blood clot and other medical paste protect the operation area from any possible infections. If you can’t manage to dislodge the clot or interrupt the paste, you may lose this protection. 

That activity can lead you to have an infection in the operation area.

We are sure of the fact that you don’t want any of these complications to happen. Your dentist knows very well about the possible complications. That is why he may tell you to stop having solid foods for a specific time. 

By skipping solid foods, you will be able not to interrupt the surgery area. That will benefit you a lot. If you do not face any complications, you may think it is not worth waiting. But rest assured, this waiting is worth it.

Final Words

We all know the line- “prevention is better than cure.”

If you can stay away from complications and ensure faster healing, why not wait for more than the usual? Maybe you will feel a little sad and bored. But trust us, it will be hundred percent worth it to wait rather than face unusual complications. 

Now we hope you have the answer to the question- “when can I eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?” And one last piece of advice. Whenever you feel confused, feel free to contact your dentist to discuss your next activities.


Can I eat Pizza 7 days after wisdom teeth removal? 

Technically, you can. After 7 days, normally, dentists remove the stitches. And in addition, the fear of dislodging the clot diminishes too. 

But we suggest you wait a bit longer to give your surgery wound an undisturbed time to heal faster. Wait an additional week before having Pizza.  

Can I eat a sandwich 4 days after wisdom teeth removal? 

No, you can’t. The reason behind the answer is, you will still be in the danger zone of dislodging the clot. If you eat a sandwich during this period, you may lose the clot and have a dry socket. 

Wait at least seven days in this case. 

Can you eat french fries after wisdom teeth removal? 

You shouldn’t eat french fries right after the surgery of wisdom teeth. French fries are crunchy and tend to get stuck within teeth. It will be a very bad idea to eat french fries right after wisdom teeth removal. 

Wait for the complete healing of your surgical wound. 

Can I eat spaghetti after wisdom teeth removal? 

No, you can’t eat spaghetti right after wisdom teeth removal. But as spaghetti seems like a semi-solid food, you can eat it after the removal of the stitches for seven days. But remember not to eat hot and steamy spaghetti. 

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