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What Are the Good Side Effects of Botox?

The important fact of botox injection being one of the leading cosmetic procedures in the United States is a matter of utter fascination. Did you know that Botox is one of the most lethal poisons when ingested directly? In fact, the first encounter with its essence was in the 19th Century. During that time, some Germans got poisoned by eating contaminated sausages during a party in their friend’s house.

Despite being the deadliest poison known to humans, botox can help to minimize a lot of chronic and destabilizing diseases and health conditions. From simple issues such as lazy eyes or amblyopia to excessive blinking issues, this potent drug can serve a lot of important purposes.

Recent studies have shown that botox can also alleviate neck and shoulder pains effectively and vastly. It is also useful for lower chronic migraine, and counter hyperhidrosis.

The most common usage of the botox injections, however, is the elimination of facial wrinkles and frown lines. With the help of a trained health practitioner, you can enjoy all these crucial health benefits. Here is an in-depth discussion of what type of results and advantages you can expect from the use of botox therapy.

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Loss of Pain in the Neck and Shoulders

One of the main diseases that botox serum can help you to relieve is cervical dystonia. Dystonia means an abnormal tone of muscles of a specific group or region. Cerebellum and pons help to maintain adequate muscle tone for proper functioning.

Some people might know this muscular disease as chronic spasmodic torticollis. In this condition, the neck muscles contract involuntarily and cause undue flexion or extension of the cervical spine to the weaker side. As a result, your head and neck will turn or twist in one direction. You may not able to spin your head in normal directions. Still, your head may tilt backward or forward, with a mild restriction of movements.

However, Cervical dystonia has no definitive cure. In acquired cases, this condition may result from injuries involving the neck, head, or shoulder regions. Additionally, many researchers have found that the disease is hereditary and is associated with the diseases having a genetic relationship. Your doctor will inject botox serum into the neck muscles of the affected side. In effect, the muscle contractions will be lowered. It will cause a reduction in constant neck pain and unidirectional head tilting.

Migraine Reduction

Sometimes the use of painkillers and analgesics may not be adequate to alleviate severe and constant headaches. If you experience migraines or similar types of primary headaches for almost half or more days of the month, botox injection can prove to be a savior for you.

Something to note is that it is not advisable to use it if you only experience migraines for 14 or fewer days a month. Simultaneously, those experiencing other types of severe headaches other than migraines should not use it as a treatment.

Interestingly, botox serum can reduce even over half of the number of days you experience migraine attacks every month. Therefore, you can cut down the number of sick days you take away from work and social events. You may wonder – how does it lower the occurrence rate of migraines?

Well, botox injection can block some biological chemicals referred to as neurotransmitters. These chemicals can transfer pain signals from nociceptors to your brain, giving you a sensation of pain and discomfort. Since Botox can act as roadblocks, your rate of experiencing migraine attacks is lowered effectively.

Reduced Sweating

Are you experiencing a severe type of hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Sweating uncontrollably may be quite an embarrassing situation, especially in the middle of a packed and jammed auditorium.

More so, if it is a chilly winter evening with everyone in their thick fur coats, you cannot wait for the end of the never-ending session. The awkward stares from other audiences may be more than you can handle, even if you have been seeing them for months and years.

One of the best remedies you can employ is confirming with your local doctor if you can use botox or not. This is important because many people can be resistant to antiperspirants. We highly advise you to look into botox services by Revitalize You MD because the services are effective and good for this type of condition. Some recommendations are not shaving your armpits at least three days before the injections.

Botox paralyzes the neurotransmitter that stimulates your sweat glands by blocking them. Consequently, you will sweat less and enjoy social encounters with others.

Reduced Urination

Waking up in the early morning to find your bed soaking wet and smelling bed can immensely lower your self-esteem and confidence. What about having to wake up so often during a board meeting to run to the toilet for a quick pee? Worse, imagine wetting yourself in the middle of an important seminar or conference!

Having an overactive bladder can be very stressful crippling your social life massively. Botox can help to relax smooth muscles in your bladder. During the treatment of an overactive bladder or bladder neuropathy, the physician will inject botox serum into the detrusor muscles.

Due to this, it will prevent the release of the neurotransmitter especially acetylcholine. Henceforth, the detrusor muscles contract for a lesser time. Therefore, you will feel the uncontrollable urge to urinate much less and also eliminate the risk of unintentional urine let out.

You’ll Have a Youthful Look

If you have mild to moderate facial wrinkles or age lines over your undereye or forehead, you can go for facial botox injections. However, those with deeper wrinkles and skin patches that have been around for many years, should seek more permanent and sustainable solutions.

Facial muscles, especially those around your head and eyebrows, are continually shifting in shape and size. You tend to smile and frown, even without continuously realizing it.

You may hence end up getting wrinkles and frown lines. Botox interrupts these nerve signals helping your muscles to relax. Within a few days, you will notice the wrinkles are no more.

The final Words

Botox serum is, as seen above, excellent in multiple health applications. However, it is a temporary solution and therefore requires continuous usage to ensure its effectiveness. Not all physicians can administer the injections. So, check out for those who have some training depending on the condition you have.

When using botox, you may encounter a variety of adverse side effects. These may include crooked smiles, dried eyes, swelling, among others. In such instances, immediately seek the advice of your doctor.

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