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Weight Loss After Nexplanon Removal: Facts Explained!

Will I lose weight after Nexplanon removal? Well, so many women want to know the answer. This is because most of the birth control methods cause weight gain. After quitting on certain birth control, the body weight returns to normal.

The article will address the reasons for weight gain while you’re on Nexplanon and weight loss after Nexplanon removal. 

An Implant is a popular method of long-term reversible contraception. It is over 99% perfect effective as compared to condoms or pills. One of the reasons that make a woman discontinue Nexplanon is weight gain. Black women can gain weight fast as compared to other racial groups.

To know more about it, keep reading till the end. You’ll be surprised to know the factors. 

Nexplanon insertion in the body increases the body’s capacity to store water and salt in the body. This extra amount of water causes water retention in the body. 

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Reasons for Intense and Quick Weight Gain with Nexplanon

Weight gain is a common side effect of almost all methods of birth control.  But, how much weight do you gain on Nexplanon? 


It mainly depends on the body composition of women. Some women gain more weight as compared to others. A few do not gain any weight at all.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormonal imbalance is the main reason for weight gain with Nexplanon. The implant contains the hormone that mimics progesterone.

This form of the hormone can interfere with normal body functions. It can cause you to gain weight.

Reduced Metabolism

The implant can affect the body of a few women by reducing metabolism. It means that the ability of the body to metabolize nutrients decreases.  As a result, the body stores energy in the form of fat and glucose. 

This can cause a quick weight gain.

Water Retention

Nexplanon insertion in the body increases the body’s capacity to store water and salt in the body. This extra amount of water causes water retention in the body. 

The body looks edematous. It looks like you have gained weight.

Depression and Mood swings

One of the adverse effects of Nexplanon is depression and mood swings. Because of feeling low, a woman craves to eat more and more. 

Eating unhealthy and more than the requirements cause massive weight gain in women on Nexplanon.

Irregular Periods

A Nexplanon implant can cause spotting between the periods or irregular periods. This irregularity of the menstrual cycle disrupts the normal functioning of the body.

The reason is hormonal imbalance. As a consequence of this, many females end up putting on excessive weight.


How Long After Removing Nexplanon Can You Expect to Lose Weight?

Every woman has a different body composition. The time that you may take to lose weight is different. Not every woman takes the same time to lose weight after Nexplanon removal.

Start drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Drinking a lot of water will boost up your metabolism. Once you increase your metabolism, it will be easier for you to lose weight.

The average time that a woman may take in losing weight after Nexplanon removal is 6 to 8 months. However, diet and exercise are important factors that can influence your weight loss process.

You will eventually lose weight in a period of a few months after removal of the hormones from your body. Once the body functions will return to normal, you will ultimately lose your body weight.

Effective Ways for Weight Loss After Nexplanon Removal

However, removing an implant will ultimately cause weight loss. The reason is that body functions will return to normal. Your metabolism will increase and you will start losing weight.

 Here are some effective ways to lose weight after Nexplanon removal.

Dietary Changes

Switch to a healthy diet. Healthy food includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat. Add all these things into your diet according to the proper portion. 

Proper nutrition is very important to maintain normal body functioning. Eating healthy food will help you lose more weight after Nexplanon removal.


Start drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Drinking a lot of water will boost up your metabolism. Once you increase your metabolism, it will be easier for you to lose weight.


Most of our body systems require water to work properly. Water acts as a fuel to kick-start the metabolism of the human body. That is the reason, hydration is necessary.


Once you remove your birth control implant, the mood swings will disappear. So, you might get the motivation to do something productive.

This is the best time to indulge yourself in an exercise program. Start with some light exercises like walking, running, marching in place. 

Gradually increase the intensity of your exercise to achieve your target weight.


Getting quality and quantity sleep is very effective in losing weight. Getting a proper 8 hours of sleep is essential to stay energetic. 

If you do not get proper 8 hours of sleep, you will feel lazy. You wouldn’t be able to do exercise. Also, it will bring your energy levels down. Consequently, the urge to eat more will cause more weight gain.


So, have a proper mind and body.

Give it some time

When you remove an implant, it usually takes some time to return the body’s functioning to normal. 

If the proper diet and exercise are not working even after implant removal, you should give it some time. When the body functions will return to normal, you will start losing weight.


What happens to your body after Nexplanon removal?

Answer: After the Nexplanon removal, you may experience some numbness in that particular area. Certain changes in the body systems start to appear. These changes include the normal functioning of hormones and weight loss.

How long after Nexplanon removal can one get pregnant?

Answer: Once you remove Nexplanon, the hormonal effects of the implants disappear within a few days. The fertility of a woman returns to normal and she may get pregnant within 1 month.

How long after having an implant out, could you lose weight?

Answer: Once the implant is out of your body, there are no effects of progesterone mimicking hormones on your body. The metabolism starts to increase. The body functions normally. You start losing weight within a month.

How painful is Nexplanon removal?

Answer: Nexplanon removal is not a painful procedure. As the doctor uses a local anesthetic to numb the area. You feel a slight pressure but not pain. However, it is important to take proper care after implant removal to avoid any infections at that site.

Bottom Line

Weight loss after Nexplanon removal is a very common concern of women using birth control. Most of the birth control methods have a common side effect that is weight gain. 

Before choosing a certain method of birth control, just make sure about a few things. Firstly, not all human bodies respond equally to certain birth control. What worked for others might not work for you. 

So it is better to consult a doctor before choosing any method of birth control.

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