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How to Reduce More Fat on One Side of Stomach in 6 Ways?

We are so enthralled by the physique of models and athletes most of the time. The term “good looks” is highly associated with the physical structure of our body. Even though the focus should be on a healthy lifestyle, our structure may make us want to modify it.

One of the most common complaints about our structures being lucrative is our fat deposition. It makes us flabby and looks like being out of shape. People gain body fat in so many different places and for so many other reasons.

The main focus of this write is to tell you the complications and how to get rid of more fat on one side of stomach.

more fat on one side of stomach
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Why Do You Have Fat in Different Parts of Your Body?

As mentioned before, fat layers form on different parts of the body depending on many factors. Uneven fat distribution can occur due to a lot of reasons. 

Fat accumulation has a huge affiliation with our genders. Men and women have some specific and general areas of their body for gaining fat. Again, there is a differentiation in terms of age and genetic type. They are explained below:


The fat content of women is more than men for their physical structure. A middle-aged woman has 6 to11 percent fat content than that of a man of that age. This is because of a woman’s reproductive ability. They need to generate more energy to produce off-springs.

A man, on the other hand, a man has less amount of fat comparatively and has more muscular content. 


Children in puberty and women in their post-reproductive age gain a lot of weight. Men gain weight after their forties in most cases. All these are highly related to medical conditions and genetic factors as well.


“I eat so less but gain so much” has to be one of the biggest complaints an overweight person gives. But have you ever wondered is it actually your food habit? Could it be your parents why you gain so much despite eating so little? Maybe!


A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits incorporated with a good workout routine are assumed to be the key to a leaner body structure. Conversely, eating junk and a sedentary lifestyle is presumed to be a good reason for becoming fat or gaining that extra pound.

So a healthy lifestyle can make an impact on whether you will have more fat on one side of stomach.


As much as little you eat, you could get overweight for any underlying health condition like Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, Addison’s disease, paralysis, etc.

Common Fat Deposition Sites in Your Body

To begin with, let us at first know what are the locations for fat deposition and why so.

A good thing about fat is it insulates your body and keeps the core temperature intact. It protects the vital organs from trauma and holds them in place. That is why all the major organs are covered with layers of fat. Most of the body fat is below the skin of our body.

The usual sites of fat deposition are the whole abdomen, lower belly, hips, breasts, back of the neck, arms, thighs, love handles, etc. There can be more fat on any of the parts, depending upon your posture and fat cells. But grossly, there are factors on which the deposition of fat depends on.

Stomach Fat

Putting the limelight on why your stomach has more fat, we have observed a few things.

The stomach is the pouch-like organ that holds our food. It is covered with the greater and lesser omentum, which is its protective layer of fat. When there is more fat on the stomach, externally, the body rounds up. In common cases, the fat distribution is uniform. Other reasons include benign tumors, lipomas, hematomas, etc.

Why Do You Have More Fat on One Side of Stomach?

The first thing that will naturally come to your mind if you see yourself more fat on a side is, are you genuinely obese?

More Fat on The Left Side

The most common reason to have more fat on the left side of the body is because of the fat deposition on the stomach. The stomach is like a sac, and fat deposits on it. This will increase the risk of you becoming obese. You can see extra folds on your left side than your right side. Get an ultrasound if you have to!

The spleen lies below our stomach. It is an important organ for blood cell formation and fighting foreign bodies. Fat accumulation on the spleen can trigger a medical condition called splenomegaly. It is the enlargement of the spleen.

More Fat on The Right Side

The organs on the right of your body are the liver and the gallbladder. Fatty liver is the enlargement of the liver along with its apparatus. This happens from fat infiltration in the liver and also on the surface of the liver. The liver becomes heavier than 150gms, which is its ideal weight. 

Lipomas are benign tumors often found on the body. These are the accumulation of lipids and skin color. 

As interesting as science sounds, a peculiar fact is the dominant side of our body is leaner and thinner than the recessive side. More activity done by the particular side is the reason behind it. 

Risks of High Fat in Your Body

As mentioned before, fat gain is not a good thing. But to gain specifically in some regions can become more dangerous for you. Like:


Excessive fat accumulation on the heart indicates a medical condition called cardiomegaly. Increased amounts of fatty food in your diet, sedentary lifestyle and alcohol are good reasons you should be worried about this. 

Extreme cardiomegaly can show enlargement of the left side of the chest. Moreover, it can lead to atherosclerosis or ischemic stroke. Both of these are acute blockages in passing the blood from the heart to the brain and internal circulation of the heart. 

To save yourself from this, ensure the following tips in your everyday lifestyle:

  • Healthy food intake
  • Protein-rich diet
  • A good amount of water consumption
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stress-free lifestyle
  • Be physically active 


We all know the liver is the main storehouse of our body. Every food that we eat and drink is metabolized here and is used by the body. The term “Hepatomegaly” means settling of fat on the liver. 

While you take a bite of that juicy, delicious burger, your liver cells or hepatocytes are crying in return. All the unhealthy fatty foods are unable to break down in the liver and accumulate inside. Gradually this increases the size of the liver. Hepatomegaly is dangerous as it is the initial stage of any severe liver disease and can further deteriorate liver failure. 

One good thing about Hepatomegaly is you can always work the fat out of it. Weight loss and a proper diet schedule will tick off the excess fat. This will lead you to a healthier and safer lifestyle without having more fat on one side of stomach.


A Lot of people don’t know the function of the spleen. This ignored and ill-treating little organ situated at the left of your body is just as important as any other one. 

The spleen helps to keep our blood clean and fight off any pathogens. In addition, it helps to regulate the number of blood cells in the body. 

Enlargement of the spleen is called splenomegaly. This alters the blood production of the body and expedites anemia or causes the bleeding disorder. 


The most commonly affected organ remains the stomach. Fat in the abdomen not only alters your shape also changes your body. It gives rise to diseases like diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, strokes, angina, fatigue, etc.

Stubborn Stomach Fat

Journey to a flat stomach is never easy.  You may have a sore back after months of workouts but still not find significant results in your stomach. 

The most common side of the stomach being fat is its lower end. They are inarguably the most stubborn stomach fat and very hard to burn. They extend to your waistline and develop a thick layer to ruin your love handles.

You can try spot reduction for this, but a meticulous alteration of diet and consistent workout routine is always the better course of action.

Ways to Reduce Stomach Fat

Who does not want to be in shape? Being overweight not only triggers diseases but also reduces functionality. 

Here are some techniques that you can apply to get rid of that layer of fat from your body:

Walk every day for at least 30 minutes

Good cardio will help to lower the fat content of your body. Walking helps in digestion and metabolizing food. Moreover, it even strengthens both the dominant and recessive parts of the stomach. 

The result is you get rid of the strain of having more fat on one side of stomach.

more fat on one side of stomach
Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

Have a Protein-rich Diet

Include meat, eggs, milk, fish, liver, etc., protein-rich in your diet for a better muscular build-up of the body.

It will increase the muscle bulk and give the body a better shape. It will also replace the fat content and initiate protein synthesis.

Regular Exercises

Exercising is very important. It helps in weight loss and escalates your body’s metabolism. It keeps your mind and body fresh. 

Exercises like crunches, squats, hip dips, sit-ups, and push-ups help bring down your stomach fat.

A fiber-rich Diet

Soluble fiber keeps the gut bacteria clean and aids digestion. It promotes stomach fat reduction by increasing appetite and giving a fulfilling feeling in the gut.

A fiber-rich diet will diminish your hunger. Add foods like legumes, fruits, nuts, barley to your diet.

Do You Know Vegetables Can Kill Fat?

Drink enough water

Water is one of the key solutions to most of our health problems. Drink 2-3 liters of water to flush out toxic substances and shoot up your metabolism. Water fills your stomach and helps to break down fat. Thus progressing as an effective content of fat loss.


Numerous supplements are available in the market that influences the fat reduction of the stomach. It also works on weight loss and helps to give the body a better shape. But always remember to consult a physician before consuming any of these.


Why is The Left Side of My Stomach Swollen?   

This is the staple symptoms of abdominal swelling. This happens due to common gastrointestinal disorders, heartburn, angina, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. More complicated forms are intestinal blockage, ascites hernia, and perforation.

 It is associated with pain, burning sensation, and discomfort. The abdomen may show redness and tenderness in the area. Treatment and medication should be taken according to the diagnosis by the doctor.

Why Do I Have A Ball on My Stomach?

No bones are supporting the abdominal wall. It is held in place with lakers of fat called the peritoneum. 

When the organs bulge out of the peritoneal cavity, the clinical condition is called Hernia. Herniated organs make a ball on the stomach and protrude outside the cavity. A hernia occurs from injury, constipation, increased intra-abdominal pressure, etc.

You might have to undergo surgery to fix your hernia. Contact a gastroenterologist as soon as you see a ball on your stomach.

How to Get Rid of Knots in Your Stomach?

You can treat the knotty feeling of your stomach through natural remedies and medical help. The natural remedies include

  • Herbal remedies
  • Caffeine reduction from the daily diet.
  • Practicing deep breathing and breathing exercises.
  • Use of calming oils
  • Drinking chamomile and aloe vera rich substances etc.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help to Reduce Stomach Fat?

It does, but the results are pretty skim and not too convincing. Apple cider vinegar is believed to surge the metabolism and thus helps in fat burning. Its target organ is the stomach and its fat. However, the result of that is not too conclusive.


To summarize, you can have more fat on one side of stomach for gender, genetic or habitual reasons. Too much of it will hamper your physical condition and may elevate the risk of certain diseases. It is always preferable to keep a tracked amount of fat in our diet and to ensure a proper workout routine to shred it down.

A healthy body will not only make you look good but also make you feel confident and comfortable. There is nothing better than being the most satisfied with one’s skin.

Happy eating! But watch out for your calories.

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