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Is Vaping Without Nicotine Good for Anxiety?

Almost everyone is quite familiar with anxiety. The word itself can shiver some people to their core because of how badly they’ve been affected by it. Anxiety, stress, nervousness – these three can completely ruin a person’s health, mentally and physically, if not treated well.

Anxiety can harm your overall lifestyle. It can inhibit your daily routine and ruin your flow of productiveness. A person with anxiety may seldom find themselves drowning in a pool of thoughts. Sounds pretty bad, right?

There are several ways to fight against this invisible monster that is anxiety. Most people opt for vaping to reduce their anxiety. Vaping may seem like a healthier alternative to smoking as it sometimes comes without nicotine. But Is Vaping without Nicotine good for anxiety? Is vaping without Nicotine safe? Does vaping help with depression and anxiety? Let’s find out in this article!

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What is Anxiety?

A lot of people might experience anxiety without even knowing what it is. So, here is the proper explanation of what anxiety is and how it feels. Anxiety is a stress response. It is a natural response from your body. A feeling of uneasiness, nervousness or fear, and concern can perfectly describe how anxiety feels like.

Is vaping without nicotine good for anxiety
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Anxiety can be categorized into a few groups. It can be generalized anxiety, social anxiety, social phobia, or specific phobias. Sometimes it can result from a deep-rooted trauma or medical condition that requires medical assistance.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety has a visible sign when people are suffering from it. Severe anxiety may result in an anxiety attack. But the initial symptoms of anxiety are,

  • Feeling tense or stressed
  • Sensing fear or danger
  • Increases heart rate
  • Feeling weak
  • Sweating and trembling profusely
  • Hyperventilating and having trouble focusing on anything.

These are the signs of anxiety. If any of you experience such symptoms, breathe slowly. And keep focusing on your breathing for a while. Anxiety attacks are pretty common, and there are ways to reduce anxiety. But going into that, let’s find out what triggers anxiety in most people.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered for various reasons in a person. It can be trauma, pent-up stress, stress build-up, drug abuse, or any other medical condition.

Undoubtedly anxiety is a severe condition that requires immediate assistance. Prolonged anxiety can result in extreme anxiety attacks or disruption to the overall lifestyle. There are many ways to reduce anxiety.

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Back in the days, people used to resort to smoking, but now there is a healthier alternative. Not healthy per se, but it can be considered as more environmentally friendly too. While smoking, more harmful toxins are released into the environment, while vaping does not.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is inhaling a vaporized liquid. Many people vape to quit smoking, while others just love the flavor. People think that vaping is a healthier alternative, but it also has its side effects.

E-liquid or vape juice is a kind of liquid that vape devices liquify. The side effects a person may experience depends on the e-liquid they are inhaling. But regardless of nicotine or without nicotine, vape users experience other types of side effects in the long run.

The components of the e-liquids vary from brand to brand. The base liquid is a mix of ingredients like water, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. Additionally, different kinds of flavors are mixed with the juice to create a specific taste.

Is Vaping Without Nicotine Good For Anxiety?

Most people consider vaping as their last resort for relaxation. According to several studies, vaping without nicotine for anxiety has been deemed an effective method. Does vaping help with anxiety? Here’s why!

The Sweet Aroma of Vape

Brands often release new flavors of vape that gain more attention from regular vape users. The aroma that is added to the e-liquid is therapeutic and is entirely toxin-free.

The aroma helps in reducing anxiety and stress among people. Moreover, different flavors are available; you can try them out and pick them according to your preference. Best of all, the smoke or aroma from the liquid is far better than the smoke of cigarettes.

These liquids do not contain any kind of stimulant that can trigger anxiety in any way. So, it doesn’t boost the stress level or heart rate. Instead, it becomes easier for you to distress and relaxes. By choosing vaping, you can minimize the use of toxins to a considerable extent.

is vaping without Nicotine good for anxiety
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Better than Smoking

Stress also stems from high heart rate and blood pressure. They are all interrelated. Luckily, the components of e-liquid do not contain harmful toxins that can affect your heart rate or blood pressure.

According to several studies, vaping gives off 95 percent fewer toxins than smoking. So, you are consuming fewer chemicals. That can heavily reduce your anxiety and stress. Your body will also thank you later.

Mentally Relaxing

Vaping can be the best option for heavy smokers and rely heavily on smoking to let off some steam. Vaping creates mental satisfaction in those kinds of people. However, it won’t stop you from thinking about is vaping without nicotine good for anxiety?

There is a scientific explanation to it too. When you vape, your train of stressful thoughts slows down, so you feel calmer. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer vaping over smoking.

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Besides this, when you inhale the smoke, your body releases certain chemicals that help you calm down. Smoking can help you calm down, but there are higher chances of developing a nicotine addiction if you regularly smoke. For this reason, vaping is better.

After a long stressful day, vaping is like eating comfort food or getting a hug from your loved ones. Since the harmful side is comparatively less, choose to vape over smoking. It can relieve you from stress and keep you healthy at the same time.

Side Effects of Vaping

Vaping can be a means of relaxation for many people, but it has a few side effects. Vaping with and without nicotine show different side effects. Here are a few!

Without Nicotine

What’s the point of vaping without nicotine? However, vaping without nicotine is not free of side effects. You can have some annoying health issues while vaping without the toxin. I have rounded up the most common side effects.


Prolonged vaping can create irritation in your throat. The components of vape juice can irritate the mouth or airways.

Propylene glycol and glycerol, the two common base liquids, can irritate. When these substances are inhaled, they can potentially form cancer-causing or carcinogenic compounds.


The worst side effect of vaping is that it can trigger an immune system response. Due to prolonged vaping, the immune system cells may experience an inflammatory response.

The inflammatory response is mainly triggered within the lungs or the throat. Heavy use of vaping or long-term usage can trigger this response throughout your body. According to several studies, the components present in the e-liquid activates an inflammatory response to certain types of white blood cells. So, prolonged vaping can hurt your immune system.


Even without nicotine, the components of e-liquid are harmful to our cells when consumed in a large amount. It ultimately leads to cell death. It will make you think about is vaping without nicotine good for anxiety?

Prolonged usage of vape can lead to the death of our body cells in different organs—for example, the cells in our lungs. The affected cells cannot defend our body from different allergens, particles, or toxins we inhale while breathing.

Apart from this, e-liquids can also harm our blood vessels. So it can lead to vascular conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases.

With Nicotine

Vaping with nicotine is a lot more harmful than without nicotine. There has been substantial research on the demerits of nicotine usage. It’s the same for vaping using el-liquids that contain nicotine.

Firstly, e-liquids with nicotine can lead to several respiratory diseases. It can also create cancer cells and carcinogenic compounds in your body. Secondly, those who vape with nicotine have a higher chance of developing a nicotine addiction.

Is Vaping without Nicotine good for anxiety
Photo by Sera Cocora from Pexels

The long-term effects of nicotine are very harmful, and nicotine withdrawal is the hardest. If we had to choose between vaping with nicotine or without it, we would choose the latter. Long-term usage of vape is a threat to us, but using e-liquid without nicotine is less harmful.

Other Alternative

Other than vaping, you can try out different options for reducing anxiety. The effectiveness varies from person to person, so try them out and check if it’s suitable for you.


Anxiety and stress can be reduced to a vast extent through meditating. Meditation can clear your mind and alleviate your serotonin level. So, give meditation a try and see for yourself.


Is vaping without nicotine safe?

Vaping without nicotine is generally safer than when it contains the substance. However, there’s no long-term research on how this affects your health over time so vape safely!

Does quitting vaping help anxiety?

Though quitting smoking is always hard, the benefits of not doing so can be even greater. In addition to reduced stress levels and less depression or anxiety symptoms from withdrawal effects on your body’s brain chemicals (as well as nicotine addiction), replacing cigarettes with other forms of Nicorette gum will help you stick with a healthier lifestyle habitually– all while still experiencing those satisfying reliefs that come when we finally throw away our old butts!

Is vaping worse than smoking?

Smoking and vaping are both harmful to your health. Vaping can be more dangerous because it delivers nicotine, a highly addictive substance that’s been linked with several cancers as well as other illnesses such as heart disease and depression among others whereas smoking doesn’t have this effect on those who do not smoke regularly or at all.


As you can see, vaping has its merits and demerits. And you are aware of is Vaping without Nicotine good for anxiety? Undoubtedly, vaping without nicotine for anxiety can be helpful, but you need to be careful too.

For some people, vaping is their go-to activity when they are stressed. But, to reap all of the benefits, you need to vape responsibly. Some components are harmful to us and can cause severe irritation in our respiratory tracts. The flavors like berry, almond, cinnamon, cotton candy, nutty, herbal, and tomato cause irritation. So try staying away from these flavors.

Safety comes first. Vape responsibly, or you will have to face the consequences. Vaping causes less pollution than smoking, so it is a better option undoubtedly. Heavy smokers face a hard time quitting smoking because of nicotine withdrawal. But with vaping, you can stop anytime.

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