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Is Cheesecake Bad For GERD? Find Out Now!

You have recently been diagnosed with GERD and now want to know whether you can eat your favorite dessert, Cheesecake, or not? The answer may be disheartening for many, as Cheesecake is a dessert that is loved by millions of people all around the globe. Those who are health-conscious even sometimes succumb to temptations and eat a slice of this sweet delight. But there are some problems attached with this dessert so not everyone should eat it. 

So, is Cheesecake bad for GERD?

Unfortunately, yes. Cheesecake is a dessert that leads to an excessive acid release in the stomach. Thus, it is not good for those people who are suffering from GERD. Don’t worry, that’s not the end of the world! Because I am also describing how you can make Cheesecake healthy for you. Even if you are suffering from GERD or any other stomach acid-related problems. 

So, stay till the end as this might be the most important thing you will read today. 

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Table of Content

Is Cheesecake Bad for GERD

Is Cheesecake Bad For GERD

Is Cheesecake bad for you? This is one of the most frequently asked questions nutritionists have to deal with. Primarily those who have GERD ask this question. 

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a condition in which the stomach acid frequently reaches the esophagus (the pipe connecting the mouth with the stomach). 

It is irritating for the people and also stops them from doing any other fun activities. Plus, such people can’t eat spicy foods, drinks, and desserts (like Cheesecake). 

Cheesecake is rich in fat and sugar due to the dairy products and artificial sweeteners. 

Both of these components are not easily digestible. Therefore, the stomach releases more acid, creating problems for those who have GERD or similar issues.

In addition to this, Cheesecake is also acidic in nature. 

Depending upon some ingredients, its pH may vary a little. However, it generally remains below 5.5 (which means the dessert is acidic). 

Did you know that any food that is processed is acidic? Yes, they are! In Cheesecake, processed sugar is commonly added during the making of this delight. Therefore, the dessert is already acidic, and eating its slices will aggravate the stomach problems.

Moreover, a slice of Cheesecake does not contain many nutrients either (except proteins). So, this dessert is not for you if you are aiming to eat nutritious foods only. 

Now, let us discuss some other problems Cheesecake can cause

Can Cheesecake Cause Acid Reflux?

can cheesecake cause heartburn

Acid Reflux is the less severe version of GERD. 

People often wonder- Is Cheesecake good for acid reflux, and no, it is not. 

Since Cheesecake is not digested smoothly, more and more acid is released by the stomach. This causes acid reflux condition, which can become severe if you continue eating cheesecake slices regularly.

Can Cheesecake Cause Heartburn?

Yes, Cheesecake can cause heartburn too. 

The sugar and fat from cheesecake do not break down easily in the stomach. So the brain sends the stomach a signal to release more acids. As a result, the acid and heat travel towards the chest, causing heartburn.

Although this condition is not life-threatening, it is still discomforting and irritating. 

Other Bad Health Effects of Cheesecake

It is time for you to know some more reasons describing why Cheesecake is bad for you. 

In addition to GERD, acid reflux, and heartburn, you will face the following health complications if you don’t say no to Cheesecake. 


One question we often get is, is cheesecake fattening? Yes, it is. 

A slice of Cheesecake contains 250-350 calories, depending upon the ingredients. This means that eating Cheesecake frequently can lead to weight gain.

Dairy products and artificial sweeteners are the reason why the calorie content is at unhealthy levels. 

You can replace them with healthy alternatives to decrease the calorie content. This will make the dessert more suitable for you to consume and stay healthy. 


Those who have diabetes often ask us, is Cheesecake good for diabetics? Well, your fear is true. Diabetics should not eat Cheesecake or any other cake that is rich in carbs. 

The sugar in the Cheesecake affects insulin activity

So, the blood sugar levels rise, and the chances of you getting diabetes get high too. If this condition persists, you can face kidney problems, eye diseases, and damage to the blood vessels. 

Heart Problems:

Is Cheesecake good for the heart? Sadly no. 

The saturated fat content present in the stomach is stored in the arteries. This disrupts the smooth blood flow, and the chances of stroke are more. 

Moreover, the saturated fat in Cheesecake raises bad cholesterol levels, which can further worsen the health. 

If you keep eating Cheesecake regularly, then the situation may become detrimental, and a heart attack becomes imminent. 

After mentioning the reason why Cheesecake is unhealthy, now let me give you some ray of hope. 

How To Make A Healthy Cheesecake?

cheesecake bad for you

If you are suffering from GERD, acid reflux, or heartburn and are also a fan of Cheesecake, I know this article might have broken your heart. But don’t be sad, as I am now redeeming your mood by describing how you can make a healthy cheesecake at home!

You have to replace the following ingredients while making a cheesecake at home with some healthy ingredients.

  • Replace Heavy cheese or cream with Greek Yogurt to increase the nutritional value and decrease the acidity levels. 
  • Add natural sweeteners like fruits instead of sugar to make it easily digestible.
  • Add low-fat products only. 

Well then, replacing the harmful ingredients with healthy ones, should make your cheesecake healthier! But yet remember to not eat Cheesecake more than twice a month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is frozen Cheesecake bad for acid reflux?

Just like regular Cheesecake, eating frozen Cheesecake can worsen acid reflux. It is also calorie-dense and rich in saturated fat, which the stomach finds difficult to digest. So, more release of gastric acid is done by the stomach, which makes the acid reflux condition even worse. 

What Desserts can I eat with a GERD?

You can eat pancakes, waffles, low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, and any dessert that is low in saturated fat. The main point is that your stomach should be able to digest the desserts easily to avoid worsening GERD symptoms. 

Does Cream cheese bother GERD?

Yes, cream cheese is rich in saturated fat, which is bad for those who are suffering from GERD. As described above, your stomach has to work extra and release more acid to digest the fats. Thus, those suffering from GERD will be bothered by it.

Why does Cheesecake make my stomach hurt?

Answer: The stomach pain you feel after eating a cheesecake is due to indigestion. Moreover, if you are lactose intolerant, you are bound to face stomachaches. Dairy products are added to making Cheesecake, so gut problems will occur in those who can’t tolerate them.

Wrapping Up

Cheesecake is a dessert that is the target of health-conscious people, and they claim that this dessert is unhealthy for the stomach.

In light of this, you asked- Is Cheesecake bad for GERD? And I answered with a yes. 

Cheesecake is high in fat and sugar content, which our stomach finds hard to digest. As a result, it releases more acid, which worsens the GERD. 

To avoid this, I suggest you go with healthy alternatives of bad ingredients (processed sugar, heavy cream, and any other artificial sweeteners).

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