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If I Lose Weight Will My Buffalo Hump Go Away? Sure It Will

Obesity! It might be the synonym of terror for some, while others are yet to discover the dreadful conditions and diseases obesity brings along with it. 

Our lives revolve around devices in the present world, and we found our ultimate entertainment in these devices. We call it modernization. But this has brought certain drawbacks that we tend to overlook every day. One of them is obesity. 

While you start picking up weight, the fats begin to get stored in certain areas like the stomach, arms, legs, and thigh in the beginning. Yet after a specific period, you will observe fat deposits at unusual places like the back of the neck. The non-medical term for this condition is the buffalo hump

In this article, I will give you an insight into the association of obesity with the buffalo hump. This will answer your question – ‘If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away?’

Let’s see if there’s any connection!

If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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What Is Buffalo Hump?

Buffalo hump can be referred to as the mass of fat that develops at the back of the neck n between the shoulders. They are also called Kyphosis. Other than these, you may come across another term called ‘Dowager’s hump,’ which is generally used for the bigger version of the buffalo hump. Nevertheless, both the terms indicate the same thing, more or less.

The causes of this condition include both severe and non-severe cases. While you think obesity is the reason, it might not be. It is always recommended to talk with the doctor to identify the exact reason behind your hump.

However, a non-severe back-neck fat hump is reversible with certain exercises or physical therapy. 


Buffalo hump may result from excessive accumulation of fat in the body. And in such cases, it lacks severity. But remember that this is not the only reason.

Let’s take a glance at other causes:

Buffalo hump may result from the extensive production of glucocorticoid or cortisol in the bloodstream. An increase in the amount of cortisol can most likely occur due to a few reasons:

  • Cushing’s syndrome (the adrenal glands in the body itself produces elevated levels of cortisol)
  • Administration of corticosteroid drugs to treat certain conditions.

Other endocrine causes (buffalo hump due to hormonal imbalance) may include:

  • Pituitary tumor or dysfunction
  • Adrenal tumors
  • Adrenal hyperplasia

Osteoporosis – A condition where the weakening and thinning of the bones occur. This condition can likely cause bone deformity and result in the curving of your spine that ultimately looks like a hump. 

It can occur as a side effect of certain medications prescribed to treat AIDS. 

Any abnormal growth like a cyst or tumor can also be the reason behind the hump at the back of your neck. In this case, asking If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away won’t bring any luck. 

Scheuermann’s kyphosis – The spine becomes wedge-shaped rather than developing into a rectangle shape. 

A bad posture like chronic forward-leaning may result in kyphosis. Generally, calcium builds up in the neck region due to leaning the head in a more forward direction than it is supposed to be. So, this ultimately gives rise to a hump at the back of your neck. 

It is natural to have a dowager’s hump after pregnancy. It might need a few months to recover this fat. 

Diagnosis of Buffalo Hump

It is a must to visit the doctor the moment you start noticing your Dowager’s hump. The doctor may suggest the following tests for proper diagnosis:

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Bone density test
  • Blood test

Complications of Buffalo Hump

Basically, the non-severe buffalo hump does not have any serious side effects, but this is certainly a deformity you will be carrying. Some normal effects due to this fat pad on the neck might be:

  • Embarrassment or shyness with the physical appearance and may develop depression or anxiety over time.
  • You may face difficulties while tilting your back backward or from side to side.

If your buffalo hump is for a serious condition like osteoporosis, attending a doctor is a must. If it is left untreated, a bone fracture may occur, which is a severe complication. Make sure not to wait up to that stage and suffer yourself. 

Only the query ‘If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away’ can motivate you. 

Buffalo hump pain is rare, but it may sometimes occur due to the absence of treatment. You will feel pain in the neck or shoulder area. 

The chin tends to move closer to the ribcage, which can ultimately cause spinal degeneration. And then, because of this, new muscles come into the scene to support the head as the regular muscles fail to do so. 

So, the new muscles will face continuous strain because of overuse, leading to agony in the neck area.

Buffalo Hump Treatment

If you have recently developed a buffalo hump, I’m sure you want a solution to this as soon as possible. So, how to get rid of the buffalo hump fast? Well, there are certain ways of getting rid of your back neck fat, but this solely depends on the reason for developing it. 

So, according to the causes of buffalo hump mentioned earlier, the treatment can be of the following types: 

If obesity or bad posture is the culprit behind your buffalo hump, exercises can be of great help. Here is a list of buffalo hump exercises that will help you to reduce it or completely reverse the condition:

Chin tucks


This is generally good for strengthening your neck muscles and has a beneficial effect on the discs of the neck. 


  1. Get your jawline closer to your chest while sitting or standing. 
  2. Tenderly tug down your head to stretch the neck by using your hand. 
  3. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. 
  4. Practice this daily three times. 

Use a Massage Ball


If you are reluctant to go to the hospital for physical therapy, try releasing the tight neck muscles with a small massage ball.


  1. Recline on the floor while keeping your head on the ball. Ensure the massage ball is applying pressure on the base of the head.
  2. Delicately move your head from one side to the other. Keep your head static for 1 minute on both sides. 
  3. Perform this one time per day, or all the more frequently, if your muscles are feeling particularly rigid.
If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away with exercise
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Perform Hump Straightener Exercise


This exercise tones and strengthens the important muscles (Middle trapezius, posterior deltoid, and rhomboid) in the upper back portion of your body. If the muscles are strong enough, they can hold the vertebrae perfectly, preventing them from slumping in the forward direction. 

Moreover, it triggers an increase in bone growth and density.


You will need two dumbbells for carrying out this exercise:

  1. Be upright with feet hip-width distant and grab one dumbbell in each hand. 
  2. Twist in the forward direction at the hips, making a 45-degree angle approximately. Stretch down the arms in the front.
  3. Squeeze the shoulder blades and lift the two arms to the shoulder level upward and outward. Elbows ought to be marginally bowed. 
  4. Gradually lower the arms back to the beginning position. 
  5. Perform this minimum of 8 times to complete 1 set. 
  6. Complete three sets like this or consider doing more if you are comfortable enough.

Now you can answer ‘yes’ with confidence to the question ‘If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away.’

Yoga for Dowager’s Hump

The research demonstrated that performing yoga can cause hump improvement of up to 4.4%. The study showed that people who benefited from this had performed 1 hour of long yoga class three times per week and continued it for 24 weeks. (Click for more)

Search for yoga classes in the zones around you and select one that matches your skill level. Regardless of whether you have performed yoga before or not, you can discover a class that is suitable for you.

Quadruped Lifts 


The quadruped is a workout concerning your core that extends your spine towards the contrary direction of the Dowager’s hump, like an extension of the spine. It additionally reinforces your abs. 


  1. Place your hands on the ground in such a position that they remain exactly under the shoulders. 
  2. Your shoulders and back ought to be as straight as conceivable while your head will be facing downwards towards the ground.
  3. Raise a hand off the ground and spread it in the front direction keeping the arm straight. Simultaneously, broaden your contrary leg directly behind you. In case you are utilizing the left arm, broaden your right leg. 
  4. Tighten the abdominal muscles while you raise the legs. 
  5. Stay in that position until you finish counting up to three. Then return the leg and arm to their position. 
  6. Rehash the stretch, utilizing your other leg and arm. 

Other back neck fat hump exercises that might help you with obesity along with assisting with hump reduction are given below:

  • Abdominal press
  • Bridge
  • Back extension
  • Forward lunges

Weight Loss Supplement 

Apart from doing exercises, you can try weight loss supplements like Leptitox if you are comfortable enough to consult with the doctor before using any supplement. 

  • If your kyphosis is due to any prescription medicine, consult your doctor regarding the alternative of that medicine. Ensure not to stop the intake of medicine 
  • In some cases, you might need surgery to get rid of the fat at the back of your neck. You may consider buffalo hump recovery through liposuction if suggested by the doctor. 

If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away? Well, Try These

Prevention is better than cure. A bit of consciousness can prevent such a big hassle like a neck hump. Look into the preventive steps below:

Try to maintain a good posture

Sitting and standing upright may help lessen your chances of building up a hump. If you notice yourself drooping, make your spine straight.

  • At this point, while you’re standing, keep the stomach in, shoulders in the backward position, and the head high.  
  • At the time of sitting, ensure your back is making a right angle with your thighs. 

Standard Exercise and a Solid Eating Routine

Obesity works as a cause behind buffalo hump. In the event you find it important, follow your physician’s recommendation to get in shape by doing diet and exercise:

  • Consume a decent dietary routine loaded with lean proteins, new vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. 
  • Plan to get in any event 30 minutes of workout almost every day. 

Calcium Supplement 

Increment your calcium intake if you are more than 50. In this stage, getting the hump and asking If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away become frequent. 

As your age increases, your danger of osteoporosis continues to enhance. You can follow the mentioned tips for good calcium level:

  • Include more calcium-enriched nourishments to your dietary regimen, for example, yogurt, milk, and almonds.
  • Your primary care physician may suggest consuming a calcium supplement every day. Try to adhere to the dose guidelines cautiously. 

Follow a solid dietary regimen

Ensure that you consume a diet wealthy in vegetables and fruits. Additionally, avoid soda that may adversely affect your bone thickness because of phosphoric corrosive in certain colas. 

A few specialists likewise accept caffeine may make bones porous, as well.


Does Buffalo Hump go away?

Yes, it is possible to reverse the buffalo hump completely but not in all cases. If it occurs for any severe reasons, it might get better with treatment but will not change. 

If this occurs due to certain non-severe cases like obesity, pregnancy, or bad postures, then buffalo hump removal is possible without surgery. But if you have the hump due to severe causes like osteoporosis, it might not go away for good. 

Can being overweight cause buffalo hump?

Being obese is one of the main reasons for developing buffalo hump. When excess fats accumulate in the body, they begin to get stored in unusual places like the back of the neck and form a hump.

If you are obese, try out the amazing ‘LumaSlim’ weight loss supplement to get into perfect shape. 

How much does it cost to remove a buffalo hump?

Buffalo hump removal cost is completely dependent on the type of treatment you need and the places that need to be treated. If you are up for liposuction, then Vaser liposuction might cost around $3500, whereas standard liposuction may need $2500.

Again, these costs vary depending on the place or country you live in. For instance, the buffalo hump removal cost in the UK might vary from the one in the USA. 

Does insurance cover buffalo hump removal?

Generally, this is not covered by insurance. But in case your condition worsens, and you require serious surgery, you may consult with the authority regarding the issue. 

How long does a buffalo hump take to heal?

Removal of buffalo hump is a small procedure that needs around 1 hour to get finished. So, you are most likely to have a quick recovery after this. Small discomforts like tenderness, bruising, and swelling can be there for some days. It might need three months to recover fully. 


The development of the buffalo hump is certainly a hassle and embarrassment for you considering all the adverse effects. Hence it is highly recommended to take preventive steps even before its development. 

Once you are aware of the causes behind this buffalo hump, it is quite easy to follow preventive measures. The above-mentioned preventive measures do not need any extra effort and are very easy to follow. A little awareness can save you from a great inconvenience. Moreover, if you think you have this condition due to being overweight, try out supplements like LeptoConnect to get into perfect shape.

This article – ‘If I lose weight will my buffalo hump go away?’, gives an insight into the basics of the buffalo hump and how you should try to stay away from it. But unfortunately, if you become the victim, don’t waste time and consult the doctor immediately. This is the best decision to take rather than sitting and suffering at home. 

So, don’t forget to take care of yourself before it’s too late!

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