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How to Switch to Healthy Food and Healthy Living Successfully

 “It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” – Margaret Mead

The idea of altering your diet and eating healthily is extremely intriguing. Your mind makes a map of how you can start and the various glorious changes you will experience once you switch to a healthy lifestyle.

However, when the idea has to be implemented, the change required in healthy eating just dooms our preparations. The majority of people find it one of the toughest tasks to attend to.

The real problem is that people assume that a healthy lifestyle will embrace them overnight. Change never occurs within a day or two, and it requires a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence. If you are not dedicated to healthy living, it won’t come up to you on its own.

Healthy choice makes a healthy living, and when you have knowledge about which foods to eat and what they have to offer to you; you are able to embrace change gradually.

Here, we have summed up some ways one can switch to healthy living through healthy eating and by making choices that benefit their overall health. If you wish to get a happier and healthier life, then you must be motivated enough to start and keep going without losing the fuel of determination.

Also, remember that little changes will make healthy living possible!

Table of Content

1. Take It Slowly

The change should be made gradually because sudden changes are very difficult to digest by the body and mind both. This is why it will be wise of you if you can take things slowly; slowly start reducing the amount of the unhealthy food you eat daily.

Don’t try to reduce it drastically, as this will force your body to rebel against you which will only worsen the situation. Just take a decision on what all foods are not included in your diet and start reducing them one by one. This way, your transition from an unhealthy to healthy lifestyle should be smooth and successful.

2. Make Healthy Food Interesting

Remember: not everything that tastes good is bad for your health and vice versa . Try and break the myth that healthy food does not taste good; otherwise, those delicious-looking dishes served at an all-you-can-eat buffet would not find any takers! If you really want to switch over to healthy living then make sure that you are not compromising on your taste buds.

Try to experiment with healthy foods and try new methods of cooking the old favorites so that it tastes just as good if not better than what you used to eat before. Use spices, condiments, herbs, and other ingredients to make the food more flavorful so that you do not have anything to miss.

Serve them in nice colorful plates so they look equally appetizing and try different combinations of the same dish daily so that it does not become monotonous for you. Eat in small portions so your stomach does not feel overcrowded and enjoy every bite!

3. Reduce Junk Food Consumption Gradually

Another very important thing which many people tend to overlook is reducing of junk food gradually rather than a drastic cut. Consuming a lot of junk food on a daily basis may pose a number of health problems for you and your family members, but the moment you decide to completely give up eating it, your whole family will end up rebelling against you.

Junk Food

Thus, start by keeping them away from home or packing it in smaller packets, if handling all that is too difficult for you right now. Slowly reduce the amount of junk food eaten at home and then start limiting their outings to restaurants which offer healthy yet equally tasty alternatives to junk food.

Gradually replace those restaurant outings with going out on nature trails more often so they can enjoy their favorite treats while being close to nature as well!

4. Make Healthy Food Look Good

While making your food look good is not going to benefit you in any manner, it would certainly make eating healthy a much more pleasurable experience. Think about what all you can do in order to make the food look healthier and divide the portions in four equal parts.

One part can be pureed or mashed into a smooth paste, one can be cut into small pieces, another one should be kept intact if possible and then sliced lengthwise, and the remaining portion should be used as toppings for salads or soups. This way your plate will have something in every color which will perfectly resemble a rainbow after being well-mixed together.

5. Add Healthy Snacks Between Meals

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, snacking is a must, but the only problem is that many healthy snacks have a high amount of calories as well. Make sure to keep these healthy snacks in moderation and take them between your main meals instead of after every hour or so.

If you feel hungry then just grab a handful of almonds, peanuts, pistachios, raisins etc., as they will surely tide over those hunger pangs without adding much to your calorie intake!

6. Prepare Your Own Food Whenever Possible

While there are various fast food chains which offer tasty yet healthy alternatives to junk food, it gets difficult for busy people who have no time on their hands to prepare their own food on daily basis. Thus, whenever possible make sure that you cook your own food because the amount of preservatives and chemicals used in fast foods is insane.

Packing your own lunch rather than buying ready-made meals from outside will help you save a lot on money as well as time, so try and squeeze out at least an hour or so each day to prepare your food for the next few days if possible.

7. Add More Veggies and Fiber to Your Diet

You should never neglect eating green leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard greens, fenugreek etc., as they contain large amounts of nutrients and hardly any fat content, making them ideal for those who want to attain a healthy body weight. Drinking fruit juices with added fiber will further contribute towards attaining good health because it helps in digestion and flushing out all the toxins from your body.

8. Collect Healthy Light Recipes for a Healthy Kitchen

If you want to ensure that people around you have a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious yet tasty food, then it would be a good idea to collect some healthy light recipes at home so they do not need to go outside in order to enjoy healthy snacks or meals whenever they get hungry. The more helpful these recipes are, the better your chances of converting your kitchen into a healthier zone!

9. Use Herbs and Spices Instead of Salt

Salt is extremely unhealthy but using herbs and spices instead of salt will add just as much flavor to your food while being equally beneficial for health as well! Replace common table salt with cayenne, garlic, basil, parsley and any other equally tasty herb or spice which you like the most.

10. Cut Down on Sugar

Do not rely just on artificial sweeteners as they can lead you into a very dangerous situation. Instead of using sugar to perk up your taste buds, use fruits for this purpose because they contain natural sugars and will perfectly balance out the meal you have. However, do not overdo it and consume them in moderation only!

11. Eat More Freshly-Baked Foods

When compared to those dishes which are consumed right after preparation, those foods which are prepared hours before eating tend to lose some nutrients as well as taste due to exposure to air and light. Cook your food as near as possible to when you plan to use it, in order to retain all the nutrients and flavors for a healthy lifestyle.

12. Eat Freshly-Cooked Foods as Much as You Can

It is advised to cook your food as soon as possible after purchasing groceries from markets because most of these foods contain preservatives which can produce carcinogenic compounds if they are heated up together with other ingredients! Thus, try and eat freshly cooked food or keep them refrigerated until use.

13. Cook Healthy Meals at Home and Enjoy Them Outdoors Only Once in a While

You should never assume that eating outside means gorging on junk food; there are many restaurants which offer cheap yet tasty meals for those who want nothing but good health! Thus, if you want to take a break from your hectic kitchen routine, make sure you plan ahead and take a trip to some restaurant offering healthy meals in order to maximize the benefits of keeping up with its regime.

14. Never Eat Fried Food Again!

One of the worst things you can do for your health is eat fried food, because it not only contributes towards weight gain but also leads to cell damage due to lipid peroxidation when heated at very high temperatures. Furthermore, try and avoid using vegetable oil while cooking food at home as it leads to plaques on arterial walls when used repeatedly over time!

15. Learn Bulk Cooking Techniques for Healthy Eating Habits

If you are extremely busy then it would be an excellent idea to learn bulk cooking techniques because it helps in saving time as well as money. If you are planning to eat healthily then bulk cooking for yourself will help to reduce wastage of food materials without compromising on nutritional value!

16. Use Less Oil While Cooking Healthy Food

When compared with butter, oil is definitely healthier but using too much of it while cooking food will not only contribute towards weight gain but also create obstructions within the arteries due to plaque formation after accumulation over a period of time.

Instead, try and use healthy alternatives like grape seed oil to cook your food so that you can enjoy healthy eating habits along with tasty dishes prepared at home!

17. Add Whole Grains When Baking Breads or Pizzas

Instead of using all-purpose flour, try and use a combination of whole wheat as well as all-purpose flour because it will lead to better nutritional value as compared to those breads and pizzas prepared using refined flour.

18. Always Use Sufficient Water When Cooking Healthy Food

Proper hydration is extremely crucial for healthy living so always keep enough water ready before starting your cooking process as you cannot leave the stove during cooking as it can lead to serious health problems! In order to avoid such unfavorable situations, keep plenty of boiled water ready beforehand to fulfill the required amount of liquid.

19. Replace All Unhealthy Ingredients With Healthier Alternatives

When baking cakes or preparing cookies at home, make sure you replace unhealthy ingredients like white sugar with healthier alternatives like honey or jaggery without compromising on taste.

20. Avoid Deep-Frying Healthy Food!

Deep frying healthy food is extremely unhealthy because it leads to formation of trans fatty acids during the process which can turn out to be fatal for your heart eventually. Use healthy alternatives like baking, sautéing and grilling instead of deep frying as they help in retaining all the nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins due to less exposure to heat.

So just follow these simple steps and you will have a lifestyle that is not only free from diseases but also facilitates a healthy living!

Change your Mindset and Set Goals

Change your Mindset and Set Goals

The first step towards healthy living is to change your mindset. You can change your entire life if you set your mind to it. Your mind has the ultimate power, and if you convince it; you are halfway there. Take it as a challenge and evaluate your current lifestyle and how it is negatively affecting your health.

You will realize that you have a lot of self-destructive eating habits which you can change by making a healthy choice. Take your time and let your mind accept the fact that you are trying to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Once you have set your mind, it is time to set goals. This is where the majority of people go wrong. They tend to set goals that are not attainable and are too huge, to begin with.

So, if you are just a beginner, start small. Make small, attainable goals so that you can attain them within some days. This way, a sense of accomplishment will boost you to move forward.

Breakup With Sugary Drinks

Breakup With Sugary Drinks

To be honest, sugar consumption is the major reason why people are unable to keep themselves healthy. We are being fed unnecessary sugar all the time, especially through drinks. Canned drinks have a huge amount of sugar in them along with preservatives which lead to various health issues.

Thus, to maintain your fitness, you need to break up with sugary drinks. Make healthy choices; for example, drink fresh juices, or you can get healthy recipes for fruit and herb-infused water too which tastes amazing. Quitting sugary drinks also aids in weight loss. Thus, you can quit sugar and maintain a healthy diet this way.

Walk Daily:

Walk Daily

People these days highly underestimate the power of a good, brisk walk. It is not essential that you hit a gym for weight loss or fitness purposes. Try indulging in a daily, brisk walk of 10-15 minutes (or even more if you can) in your routine, and you will notice great changes by the end of the month. You can also run and walk simultaneously if you are trying to sweat a bit.

You can also choose different days. For instance, you might want to walk for 4 days per week; that is fine too. However, make sure that you don’t skip one of those 4 days. Gradually, it will become a habit for you.

Focus on Nutrients

The major reason why people are unable to indulge in healthy eating in their life is their emphasis on caloric intake rather than focusing on the nutrients. If you want a healthy diet, and you wish to enhance your quality of living through healthy foods, then you need to emphasize nutrients.

The quality of calories that you take is what decides the type of energy you achieve. However, when you are getting all the necessary nutrients, you will notice a boost of energy in you overall, no matter what.

Don’t Rely on Processed Foods

Processed foods have become part of our lives these days, and it is the sole reason why heart disease is rising. Ditch the frozen ramen and burger patties and try to get a handful of nuts or maybe fruits.

Vegetables, whole grains, fruits, seeds, and nuts are the best choices to make if you wish to opt for a healthy living. These foods provide you with the required nutrients, vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, and protein. You won’t be getting all of this with a frozen pizza now, would you?

Befriend Fish

Befriend Fish

Eating more fish is extremely beneficial for human health. The American Heart Association recommends that we should at least eat fish twice per week. It is one of the most heart-healthy foods that you can get, and it also boosts your mental health, making you feel happier and positive.

Call of Action

Well, with these 6 simple steps you can start your journey to healthy living. The only thing that can help you achieve a healthy eating style is your determination. If you stick to these habits for a month, you will notice that you are getting used to it.

So just follow these simple tips and tricks to know how to switch to healthy food and live a life full of health and vigor.

  • Healthy Eating habits
  • Healthy Food Substitutes
  • Hydration during cooking process
  • Use whole wheat along with all purpose flour in breads/cakes instead of all purpose flour alone.
  • Keep boiled water ready beforehand.
  • Replace unhealthy ingredients like sugar with healthier alternatives like honey or jaggery during baking cakes/cookies at home.
  • Deep frying is bad; use sautéing/grilling instead.
  • Never eat fried food again!
  • Use less salt while cooking healthy dishes at home.
  • Preparing healthier alternatives for junk foods you frequently consume.

Stay hydrated and ditch the soda and processed food. Focus on your nutrient intake rather than the calories and don’t ditch the walk. With these simple and small steps, you can actually have a healthy diet and healthy living and if you are looking for weight loss tips, then these are also going to help you lose the extra fat. Read 6 more Healthy living tips here.

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