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DNP Crystal vs Powder: Which One to Choose?

Wondering which of the supplements would be better for weight loss between dnp crystal and powder?  Then it’s a must for you to do proper research.

It’s quite normal to confuse DNP crystal and DNP powder. As they both are quite similar with slight differences. That’s why we’ve come to your rescue.

Which is better: dnp crystal vs powder?

The difference between DNP crystal vs powder is their effectiveness and side effects. Crystal is faster and has more predictable adverse effects than powder. But with powder, it is easier to work out than crystal. It’s more affordable too. However, sugar levels decline, and carb cravings are identical for both.

This brief review may appear too vague for you to distinguish. Without more detailed information you won’t be able to make a choice between the two. But don’t worry we are here to help you with this.

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DNP Crystal vs Powder: What Are the Differences?

Both DNP crystal and DNP powder are used to assist people in losing weight quickly. If used in correct dosages both are really effective.

However, there are a few minor differences that separate them. To assist you in distinguishing between the two, we’ve provided the following table

Comparison FactorDNP CrystalDNP Powder
Working TimeFasterBit Slower 
SweatingConstant throughout the dayExcessive amount mostly at night
HungerMinimum expected amountMore Hungry
Workout StaminaLess than powderMore energized
DNP Percentage25% less than powder25% more than crystal 
Price$20- $30  per bottle$5  wholesale price

You could still be undecided about which supplement to take. It’s not surprising to find yourself in this situation as a beginner.

DNP Crystal vs Powder: All There is to Know!

We’ve laid down all the specifics for you to ensure adequate comparison. We hope that you will find all of the answers to your questions in this segment.


Keep in mind that supplement effects vary depending on body type and tolerance level.


Crystal and powder have different dosage recommendations. This is due to different percentages of DNP present in that particular supplement.

For DNP Crystal:

For crystal, it is standard to start with 250 milligrams for 3 consecutive days. And after that, it can go up to 500 mg first and then 750 mg afterward.

500 mg usually shows less effect throughout the day. But with 750 mg per day, it is quite different. It has a bit more side effects than the 500 mg per day dose.

For DNP  Powder:

For powder, the standard is to start with 200 mg for 3 days. Afterward, it will be increased to 400 mg. This dose, like 25 mg of Anadrol, will be sufficient. You will be getting the same side effects of 500 mg crystal.

However, increasing your dose to 600 mg per day will lead to major changes. You will be sweating profusely at all times of the day and night.

For a trial period, you can run both cycles for 14 days. However, ask for advice from a specialist or someone who has extensive experience with DNP. Because supplement tolerance varies from person to person.

It is advisable to seek an expert to help you establish a solid  plan. In both cases, staying hydrated is essential. Dehydration can be fatal in most cases of DNP.

Working Time

Crystal has a quicker onset and more predictable side effects. You can schedule them the same way you schedule your dosages. In addition, the crystal clears much more quickly.

Powder, on the other hand, requires a gradual build-up period. Therefore it’s vital to start low and gradually increase the dose. 

On 600 mg of powder, you can lose 2lbs of weight every day. For this dose, the main negative effect will be excessive perspiration at night.

You can, however, consume up to 750 milligrams of crystals. And experience almost no negative effects. But 2 hours post-ingestion can be felt during this dose.

These two cycles may be completed in 14 days. And the results were considerably better when using powder. Powder simply seems to work better.


We recognize the importance of price while purchasing supplements. The price difference between dnp crystal and powder is marginal.

Both of these products are highly frowned upon and prohibited, making them extremely difficult to find. Typically, the powder may be purchased for $5 at a wholesale price from online websites.

The price of DNP crystals is determined by the number of tablets you wish to purchase. The price of a single bottle will range between $20 and $30. However, if you buy more than a single bottle, the price per pill will decrease.

But remember that prices may differ from one supplier to another.

Target Audience

Both of these items are designed for individuals who want to drop a lot of weight quickly. These products are typically used by bodybuilders and athletes who want to compete in various events. They usually choose these products since they are in a rush.

Side Effects

DNP weight loss supplements are still the most robust way to lose weight. But they are also linked to certain negative side effects. Some of the most severe DNP side effects can be fatal. Below are some of the 2,4-dinitrophenol(DNP) side effects 

Workout Stamina

Powder will allow you to get a better workout for a longer period of time than crystal. In most cases, you can go 10-11 days on the crystal without missing a workout. But afterward, it’s a battle and you have to loosen up.

It can affect you around day 16 if you’re using powder. So, you can run the powder for a little longer for the same number of pills. 3 is usually a  go-to number for getting a good solid intake.


Sweating is more consistent throughout the day on crystal versus late-night sauna on powder. It’s preferable to sweat at night and not have to change clothing during the day.

You can utilize them throughout the day if you don’t have to go to the office.


While on the powder, your appetite may be slightly increased. Crystal tends to have less of this effect. But the effect can be different for each individual.

Carb cravings are a little higher with both DNP. But don’t worry just yet. Because DNP’s fat-burning capacities on a ketogenic diet with no carbs vs. a carb-heavy diet are identical.

When taking the DNP, the body transforms into a carbohydrate furnace. The higher one’s carb consumption, the higher their body temperature.

Sugar Level Drop

The sugar level decline is usually the same for both crystal and powder. Even if you eat a low-sugar diet, sugar fluctuations are unpredictably high. You’ll sweat more if you eat a lot of carbs.

Your sugar levels will drop as your body will burn the carbs. So you’ll have to consume more sugar to raise the level. This will keep the cycle running indefinitely.

Because of the continual burn provided by the powder, your sugar level can often become dangerously low.

Fruit consumption can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level. You can also try to take a break from the supplements.

Final Verdict-Which One to Go for?

Still, puzzled? Let us clear the air and put your doubts to rest.

Choose crystal if you want a faster onset and more consistent adverse effects. However, the cost will be somewhat more, and working out will be slightly harder.

But, if time and a gradual build-up period are not an issue, powder is the right choice. And it’s 3-4 times less expensive than crystal.

We hope this information has helped you decide which DNP is ideal for you.

However, DNP is typically favored in extreme situations, such as weight loss before a competition. If you want to lose weight with supplements in a much safer environment, try the following items.


Weight loss in mere weeks with this traditional Japanese herb complex


Flat Belly Tonic is an adult weight loss tonic drink that boosts metabolism and helps melt away unnecessary fat.


Is DNP Harmful for The Liver?

Dnp has been linked to liver, kidney, and neurological damage. Acute DNP toxicity symptoms include heat, a quick pulse, accelerated breathing rate, sweating, and cardiac arrest. DNP poisoning is usually characterized by excessive yellow-tinted sweat.

Is it Possible to Lose Muscle When on DNP?

No, you will not lose muscle mass. DNP will cause you to reduce fat without affecting your muscle. You won’t even have to adjust your workout routine to burn calories.

What is the DNP Half-Life?

One of the most common complaints about DNP is that it has a 36-hour half-life. This indicates that if you take 100 mg on day 1, you’ll have 50 mg left 36 hours later. Additionally, 25 mg will remain 36 hours later, and so on. It takes 252 hours for everything to be gone.

Final Words

When it comes to weight loss, choosing the right product is crucial. We hope this information has helped you decide between dnp crystal vs powder.

We believe you will be able to choose the best option. Remember to take dnp supplements in moderation because overdosing can be fatal. So, don’t ruin your health while trying to build it.

That concludes today’s discussion. Have a good day and keep your health in mind.

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