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What You Can Expect from Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Before we start this article, let’s crunch some numbers really quickly. According to BioNumbers, we as humans have between ninety thousand and one hundred and fifty thousand hair follicles on our heads alone.

It has been estimated that the average human has more than five million hair follicles on the skin of the whole body.

As our society has been evolving, a war has started between humans and their unwanted hair. And evidently, this war has started way before then you thought it has.

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Why Use it?

First of all, the hair that you have on your body was very important in the past. In the past, we used to depend on our skin for warmth and protection. As before we did not have any clothes to protect our skin from the sun rays and undue friction, we needed those thick and dark layers of hair.

Inevitably, this situation led to the human species needing hair all over their body. But, in modern days we have other media to keep us warm and safe. We have a built-in heater and air conditioner in our homes. These body hairs have lost their charms and become unwanted.

Whilst in the year 2020, the war on this unwanted body hair is still ongoing strong and firm. And it looks like we are finally turning the tide in the war toward our favors. Before we get into the main aim of this article, let us ask an important question. What you should expect from Brazilian laser removal treatment?

At first, let us have a quick look at the history and steps of hair removal therapies and treatments as a whole. We have been using many varieties of removal methods for a long time. The first and most common form of hair removal was tweezers.

These were made of metallic shells. These had two handles and could remove hairs by squeezing them out of the skin.

Then later in that century, India was the first country to introduce metallic and sharp razors we know today. In past, the companies used to make those razors from unpolished copper and iron. The Ancient Egyptian civilization had a firm belief that any kind of pubic hair was vulgar and a sign of impurity. So, their obsession with clean pubis led to an extreme level.

They started removing their hair from their head and face altogether. In recent years, the first laser hair removal technology was developed in 1960. Many people used it in the same science we knew today. But at that time, it was massively time-consuming and was proven to be an ineffective and wasteful technique for removing unwanted hair. In addition, it could only be used on people with fair skin.

Ten years after this huge invention, a lot of people started moving over to alexandrite lasers. Because these were much safer and faster than the first lasers. But yet again the method failed to ensure permanent results. You had to go for treatments for a long period of time. It could last for many months to years, which eventually ended up being way too much time consuming for most people.

The first pulsed laser entered into the market in the year 1983. For many scientists, it would be seen as the game-changer for hair removal treatments as a whole. This laser could be changed in a matter of minutes. It was relatively safe as the energy could be used only for hair follicles of the applied area.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

After that piece of history let’s look at some aspects of Brazilian laser removal you can expect!

We like to offer some handy advice before you start going for your appointment. The first and most important advice is to be sure to communicate with your hair removal physician professional. The reason for this is that you will be expected to follow some basic health rules. These are drinking plenty of water daily, shaving a day before you go for the initial appointment, etc.

In addition, you will also be expected to share your supplements intake and the medicine you use, i.e. vitamins, medicine, health pills, etc.

The second piece of advice that most people failed to realize is that this laser treatment will not eliminate all the unwanted body hair just in one session. It takes some time to eliminate the hair because it eliminates the whole hair growth cycle.

It is the reason why this type of treatment is so successful in hair removal. Don’t forget to book your session in advance, and don’t wait too long between two successive sessions. Because the growth cycle should be stopped at the right time.

Thirdly, you can and will feel some minor discomfort during the treatment. the laser beam uses quick pulses to eliminate the hair follicles. So, this causes a sharp tingling and burning feeling on your skin. But don’t be alarmed. If you don’t like these symptoms, you can always pause. Take a moment if you want to take a break. So, most professionals will prescribe you some numbing cream for these.

But you can also expect some irritation on your skin, but it usually goes away in a day or two.

Lastly, you shouldn’t expect too much in one session. The main reason is that skin varies from person to person. different skin pigments and different hair colors can affect the overall result of the laser treatment. The other factors are of course the type of lasers that are used as well as the speed or pulse that the laser is emitted.

Your wasting times

This type of treatment offers you a massive opportunity to remove all the unwanted hair from your bikini area, these treatments have massive upsides with very little downsides. Be sure to choose a reputable clinic or center to perform these treatments.

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In short

This type of hair removal treatment is one of the safest and fastest methods, to get rid of pesky and unwanted body hair. This whole procedure is straight-forward, and, in our genuine opinion, the most important thing you can expect from it is an immense success.

There may be some minor side effects of this therapy. Like anything else in life, it may not be always smooth. But if you have a successful Brazilian laser hair removal, it definitely will be!

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