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Bactrim For Toothache: Find out the usage, side effects, and benefits

You bite into your delicious food and suddenly face a toothache; ouch! There’s no doubt that you’ll immediately want to treat it with a possible generic Bactrim medication you have lying around your house from a previously unfinished dose. However, should you be taking Bactrim for toothache?

As studies have shown, a considerable number of dental patients believe that every toothache requires an antibiotic to heal. Although, that’s a stereotype we’re here to break – not every toothache requires an antibiotic, and we’ll be discussing when to know if it’s adequate to pop a Bactrim. You will also get an answer – can bactrim help fight tooth infection?

To know if you’re on the right track for your toothache to heal correctly and learn all about Bactrim, let’s browse through the rest of the article.

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When is Bactrim for toothache a good choice?

Toothaches can be of different sorts. However, Bactrim and teeth don’t always go side by side and not all of them require an antibiotic to heal. Hence, go through the different types of toothache below to find out the type of toothache you have and whether or not you should take Bactrim for it:

bactrim for toothache

Misaligned Teeth

Your toothache can arise from having misaligned teeth. Over the years, your teeth shifting alignments can cause a toothache. In this case, taking a Bactrim will not be helpful, and you must consider a visit to your dentist.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you experience sharp pain at the back of your mouth, check for an extra tooth behind your molars. If you see red, swollen skin along with acute pain at the back of your mouth, maybe it’s time to get the wisdom tooth extracted! Bactrim may be prescribed to you after the surgery.

Brushing or Flossing too hard

Sometimes, you may overly brush or floss your teeth without even noticing. Over time, it may cause wear and tear in your gums, making your gums red, swollen, and bleed. Make sure to get an assessment from your dentist to know if Bactrim is required in this stage.

Teeth Grinding

If you’re experiencing a sharp pain that expands to your neck, it might be because you’re subconsciously grinding your teeth while sleeping. Bactrim will not be beneficial in this case. To prevent this from happening, consider getting a nightguard. If the pain exceeds, make sure to pay a visit to your dentist for a consultation.

Damaged Fillings

The most common cause of having a toothache is a cracked filling. If you have done fillings in your tooth before, it may have worn out with time. If you’re experiencing sharp pain at a certain point whenever it comes in contact with any substance, it might be a cracked filling.

In this case, Bactrim for toothache will not be of help.

Tooth Decay

If you’re experiencing sharp pain in a particular area after drinking or chewing hot/cold food, it may be because your enamel has worn out with time, and Bactrim will not be helpful. In this case, you can get a new filling done (if the tooth is highly damaged) or shift to a new sensitivity preventing toothpaste (if you have minimal enamel damage).

bactrim for toothache can work on tooth decay too

Tooth Fractures

Some people tend to develop cracks in their teeth over time. If you have pain that comes and goes, especially a sharp pain when you release a bite, the pain induces a tooth fracture. In most cases, the solution to this is to take over the countertop painkillers and get a dental implant from your dentist.

Gum Disease

If you’re noticing blood every time you brush your teeth, and if the gum has a red, swollen outlook, it may be an infection in your gum. In this case, taking a Bactrim is the right thing to do to make sure the infection doesn’t spread. Make sure to read the rest of our article to know the proper indication to taking a Bactrim.

Tooth Abscesses

If you’re having pulsating pain throughout your jaw, teeth, and even neck, it’s probably a tooth abscess. In this case, a Bactrim will help to prevent an infection. You will have to get a filling done or even a root canal, to make Bactrim for abscess work properly.

All about Bactrim: Can Bactrim Help Fight Tooth Infection

As like an antibiotic, the primary work of Bactrimis to kill bacteria and stop them from multiplying. Bactrim is a highly effective antibiotic that consists of two direct antibiotics, named sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim.

You can take Bactrim for toothache and other various diseases, including bacterial infections of many places such as the middle ear, the urinary tract, respiratory tracts, and more.

Although this is a very effective medicine, it is not recommendable for children ages lower than two months. The drug has its contraindications as well, which will be discussed further in the article.

Like every other antibiotic, Bactrim also has a specific dosage instruction. If you don’t take Bactrim in the proper dosage, it will decrease the effectiveness of other drugs in the future.

Therefore, before usage, it must be prescribed by a licensed doctor to prevent the ineffectiveness of the medicine upon future uses.

What other drugs will affect Bactrim?

As with most drugs, you’ll need to check whether Bactrim collides with any other medications that you might be taking. Especially if you’re someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes, depression, or any STD, chances are the antibiotic might not be the one for you.

If you want to check which drugs might affect the proper utilization from Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim), here’s a list:

  • Dyskinesia medicine like Amantadine
  • Heart medicine like Digoxin
  • Immunosuppressant medication like Cyclosporine
  • Inflammation medicine like Indomethacin
  • Cancer therapy medication like Leucovorin, Methotrexate
  • Cardiac arrhythmias medication like Procainamide
  • Toxoplasmosis medication like Pyrimethamine
  • High blood pressure medicine like benazepril, enalapril, lisinopril
  • Over the counter vitamins

The medicines listed above are the ones that make Bactrim for toothache and other symptoms less effective. However, some may even make your other medication have adverse effects. Therefore, you must check in with your doctor before ingesting Bactrim paired with another medicine.

Taking Bactrim: Indication and Tips

It’s highly recommendable to take the antibiotic before you’ve eaten. If you see any persistent stomach pain after ingesting the drug, it’s recommendable to eat the food right afterward.

With most antibiotics, you have to make sure to drink the required amount of fluid to ensure no complications occur. Taking lesser fluid than usual may result in something as serious as kidney stones.

Ingesting the antibiotic will solely depend on your prescription. You may have to take medicine for a week 2-4 times daily to complete a total dosage. Only the prescribed dose of Bactrim for toothache can help the issue.

bactrim for toothache

It’s essential to remember always to finish the dose because if it’s left halfway through, the bacteria will regenerate and create further complications. It may also reduce the effectiveness of the drug in the future.

With Bactrim, you don’t have to follow any strict diet or refrain from any activity that you would typically be doing. However, you must rest your jaw and not chew on harsh food with a toothache for the medicine to work better and heal faster.

Precautions Before Taking Bactrim

As like as any other drug, there are certain people at risk while ingesting Bactrim. Not only can the drug be less effective to them, but it may also result in unfavorable conditions. Let’s see some of the precautionary points you need to know before you buy antibiotics for tooth infection:

Development of drug-resistant bacterium

In the absence of proven or strongly suspected bacterial diseases or preventative causes, the prescription of Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) tablets is unlikely to help the patient, increasing its risk of acquiring drug-resistant bacteria.

Folic shortcomings

Patients with renal or hepatic impairment, patients with possible folate deficits (i.e. elderly patients, chronic alcoholics, anti-convulsant medicines, malabsorption patients, and malnourished patients), and patients with severe allergies or bronchial asthma should be given Bactrim for toothache with caution.

In elderly persons or those with pre-existing folic acid insufficiency or renal failure, hematological changes may occur.


In individuals without glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, hemolysis may occur when in direct contact with Bactrim for toothache. The dose-related response is frequently noticeable in Hemolytic patients with adverse effects.


Cases of hypoglycemia are not common, usually, after a few days of therapy in Bactrim-treated non-diabetic people. Particularly in danger are patients suffering from renal failure, liver disease, malnourished children.

Phenylalanine Metabolism

It has been found that trimethoprim impedes phenylalanine metabolism, but this is not relevant for those with PHN.


Care is recommended in people with porphyria or thyroid illness, as are other medicines containing sulfonamide.

Differences of electrolyte

As used in P. jirovecii patients with pneumonia, high doses of trimethoprim lead to a progressive but reversible increase in the blood potassium levels in a substantial number of patients.

Even treatment with adequate doses may cause hyperkalemia by simultaneously taking trimethoprim in people with underlying potassium metabolism issues or known to trigger hyperkalemia. These people require thorough monitoring of serum potassium.

bactrim for toothache

Although these are the main conditions that might clash with your Bactrim for toothache prescription, make sure to mention your medicine routine to your doctor. In that way, you’ll be able to avoid any chance of having contraindication.

Bactrim alternatives

If your local pharmacy doesn’t have Bactrim in particular, don’t panic. Different brand names are producing Sulfamethoxazole, and Trimethoprim paired antibiotics. Here’s a list of similar drugs you can find which do the same work as Bactrim:

  • Bactrim DS
  • Septra
  • Septra DS
  • SMZ-TMP Pediatric
  • Sulfatrim
  • Sulfatrim Pediatric
  • Canadian Brand Name
  • Apo-Sulfatrim
  • Nu-Cotrimox
  • Septa Pediatric

If you have any queries about the medicines, make sure to check in with the local pharmacist to know if you’re buying the proper alternative. And yes, Bactrim DS dosage for tooth infection will be different from regular Bactrim.


Bactrim for toothache is quite possibly one of the most commonly taken medicines. We hope reading the entire article has helped you understand the proper guidelines for ingesting the medication.

Don’t forget to complete your dosage if your prescription includes the antibiotic, and the toothache will go away soon, for sure! Till the next time, happy wholesome-living!


What is the best antibiotic for a toothache?

For most tooth abscesses and infections, medicines including amoxicillin, Bactrim, and metronidazole are effective. Even ciprofloxacin for tooth infection can give you a good outcome. However, consulting with your dentist is always the priority.

How can I get rid of a tooth infection without antibiotics?

The best home remedy is to rinse your mouth with salt water and do cold compressions at intervals for pain relief.

Is Bactrim stronger than Penicillin?

Yes, it is. While doctors use Penicillin for treating certain bacterial infections, people can use Bactrim for a much wider variety.

How fast does Bactrim work?

Bactrim will start minimizing your symptoms within the first 1-4 hours of taking. However, you must complete a full dosage to heal your infection completely.

What drinks should you avoid during a toothache?

It would help if you avoided acidic drinks of all sorts when experiencing a toothache to prevent a worse toothache.

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