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Are Peaches Acidic and Good for Acid Reflux?

Peaches are delicious delights, especially if you are a big fan of crunchiness and sweetness. I can’t just have one slice of peach.

And I am pretty sure, neither can you!

But have these questions ever crossed your mind – Are peaches acidic? Can too much peach hurt your health?

The pH level of a peach is approximately 3.30 to 4.05, making it moderately acidic. Their acidic nature is due to citric acid, but at lower levels than citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges. One of the health benefits of eating peaches is that they make it easy to get your daily recommended dose of vitamins A, C, E, and K. 

But hold on! There is still a lot to discuss on how and when the acidic nature of peaches may cause issues. Let’s start with a detailed description of peaches and their pH first.

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Are Peaches Acidic or Alkaline?


Peaches are affordable and delicious, and this is part of why peaches are one of America’s favorite fruits. 

On average, the pH of peaches is approximately 3.30 to 4.05, except for white peaches, which have a pH above 4.6. Even white peaches’ pH categorizes them as acidic. 

Acid ContainYellow PeachWhite PeachDonut PeachNectarine 
pH level3.30 – 4.05Above 4.6Above 4.053.9 – 4.2
Citric Acid3.28 mg/g – 6.53 mg/g3.28 mg/g – 6.53 mg/g3.28 mg/g – 6.53 mg/g3.28 mg/g – 6.53 mg/g
Uric Acid21 mg/100g21 mg/100g21 mg/100g21 mg/100g
Folic Acid2.0 µg/kg 4 mg/100g10.26 µg/2.56g 11.36 µg/2.27g 
Amino Acid> 1100 µg/g FW> 1100 µg/g FW> 1100 µg/g FW> 1100 µg/g FW

As you can see, all the peaches are packed with amino acids and their pH level indicates that they are acidic in nature. 

Are Yellow peaches acidic?

The golden orange flesh of yellow peaches is the most acidic of all peaches, with typical pH values in the range of 3.30 to 4.05.

Yellow peach has a tangy taste, and it keeps on getting softer with ripening. The tartness of yellow peach goes away once it is fully ripe.

Are white peaches acidic?

With a pH level of over 4.6, the white peach is the least acidic fruit in its family. 

That’s why white peaches usually taste sweet. Their deliciousness makes them the most popular peach all around the world.

Are Donut peaches acidic?

Donut peaches are named after their flat, almost circular shape. They have a pH level of over 4.05, which makes them less acidic than the yellow peach.

Donut peaches have a sweet flavor with a hint of almond taste.

Are Nectarines acidic?

Nectarines have a pH level between 3.9 and 4.2, which makes them moderately acidic according to the pH scale.

You can taste the tartness once you take a bite of it.

Is Peach Good for Acid Reflux or GERD?


Peaches are acidic, but not highly acidic, so they are tolerated by many people who suffer from gastric reflux symptoms.

Also, the soft flesh of a large peach contains 3 grams of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is known to help reflux symptoms, because it improves gastric motility, and helps food continue to move along the alimentary tract. 

Peach TeaPeach JamPeach YogurtPeach Juice
pH3.053.4 – 3.64.40 – 4.53.3 – 4.0
Acidity LevelAcidicSlightly AcidicSlightly AcidicSlightly Acidic

Is Peach Tea Good for Acid Reflux?

While there is no solid research regarding peach tea and acid reflux connection in general, some believe that drinking peach tea can be good for your digestive system. 

A cup of warm peach tea is thought to calm the stomach. However, tea lacks some of the nutrients found in whole peaches, most notably dietary fiber.  

Is Peach Jam Good for Acid Reflux?

Peach jam is acidic with a pH level of 3.5 on average. 

However, peach jam is filled with vitamins and antioxidant properties. These make peach jam worth eating too many, even if they have acid reflux. 

But make sure to check the ingredients for GERD-triggering ingredients before buying commercially produced peach jam. Some try making peach jam at home to avoid ingredients they wish to avoid. 

Is Peach Yogurt Good for Acid Reflux?

Peach yogurt has the highest pH level of the various forms of peach. High pH means that peach yogurt is less acidic.  

Also, yogurt is easily digestible, which makes it a good intake for your stomach and digestive system. 

The nutrients of peach work alongside the yogurt to calm your stomach. The probiotics in yogurt are thought to be good for many stomach ailments, including IBS.

Is Peach Juice Good for Acid Reflux?

Peaches are wonderfully succulent and they are high in iron which aids in red blood cell production.

Peach juices also contain some B vitamins. B vitamins are thought to help reduce symptoms of acid reflux, so this may be a benefit of eating peaches. 

Also, the pH level of peach juice ranges from 3.3 to 4.0. Often, juices are tolerated fairly well despite the pH level. . 

Are peaches too acidic for babies?

Though peaches are acidic in nature, that doesn’t mean babies can’t enjoy this delicious treat.

However, before feeding the peach to your baby make sure the peach is ripe and soft and your baby is at least 6 months old. Foods given to infants should be pureed, or soft enough for babies to “chew” with their gums. 

Are Peaches Acidic for Pregnant Women?

Peaches are a natural source of vitamin C. This vitamin is known to help the development of connective tissues of the fetus, and may have a role in minimizing the risk of premature birth.

Peaches also help pregnant women to minimize cramps and edema. 

Given these benefits, pregnant women may want to consider adding peaches to their diet. Pregnant women are very susceptible to acid reflux, due to pressure on the stomach from the fetus. So, women should exercise some caution with acidic foods, and decrease their consumption of these foods if they notice any unpleasant symptoms.

Are Peaches Too Acidic for diabetics?

The pH value of peaches is not the primary consideration for diabetics. Diabetics need to be cautious about the amount of sugar they consume. Peaches do have a considerable amount of sugar, so fruits like peaches should be eaten in moderation by diabetics. 

So peaches aren’t too acidic for diabetics – but their sugar content means diabetics should monitor their intake of these fruits. 

Are Peaches Good During a Woman’s Menstrual Cycle?

Peaches are fiber-rich fruit. Fiber is beneficial because it can help fight bloating and bowel irritability.

The potassium content of peaches can help reduce menstrual cramps and minimize fluid retention. 

Given these details, it can be said that peaches are good for women during their menstrual cycles.

Peach Acidity While Processed in Different Ways

Canned PeachesDried PeachesFrozen Peaches
pH3.70 – 4.202.64 – 4.173.28 – 3.35
Acidity LevelAcidicAcidicAcidic

Are Canned Peaches Acidic?

Canned peaches that are store-bought are slightly acidic as their pH level is from 3.70 to 4.20. 

This number changes depending on the added ingredients and type of packaging.

However, you should avoid canned peaches if you have GERD or any reflux symptoms.

Fact: According to the National Center of Home Food Preservation, white peaches are not proper for canning. It is because their natural pH value gets over 4.6 which makes them low-acidic for canning purposes.

Are Dried Peaches Acidic?

According to a study, the pH value of peach fruit leather, a form of dried peach ranges from 2.64 to 4.17

This makes dried peaches highly acidic in nature.

Are Frozen Peaches Acidic?

Frozen peaches are also lower in pH level, which makes them as acidic as the other preparations of peaches.

So yes, frozen peaches are acidic, but it is nevertheless reasonable to eat them in moderation (2-3 peaches a day).

Bitterness in Peaches is Due to Which Acid?


The seeds of peach contain Amygdalin Benzeneacetonitrile, a cyanogenic glycoside that causes the peach to taste bitter.

The malic acid and citric acid present in peach also contribute to its bitter taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can peaches upset your stomach?

Peaches are generally relatively easy on the stomach. They contain fiber, which is known to be good for the digestive system. 

Are peaches anti-inflammatory?

Peaches contain polyphenols and probiotics that can reduce inflammation. This leads to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Are peaches good to eat at night?

Yes. Eating peaches at night helps to calm the nervous system by controlling stress levels. Peach is also high in magnesium and can help the elderly achieve restful sleep.


Though peaches are acidic in nature, it is nevertheless the case that this sweet, tangy fruit can be a great addition to your everyday diet. 

Even people who have acid reflux or GERD can also enjoy peaches in moderation.

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