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Why Does One Hearing Aid Battery Die Before The Other?

The hearing loss issue may put a great impact on our family, social and personal life. When everyone isolates you, a hearing aid may come as your best companion. Perhaps! You like everything about it. “But”, not the beeping sound signaling low battery.

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Therefore, the more annoying thing is when one battery runs out before the other. But, why does one hearing aid battery die before the other? Well, several factors work behind it.

So, in our segment, we will outline the factors responsible for draining one battery before another. Also, you will come to know some tips for increasing the lifespan of the battery. For this, stay connected with us until the bottom to discover the factors and fixes as well.

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Factors Responsible for Decreasing the Hearing Aid Battery Life

Nothing can be more annoying than talking over the phone and then feeling all alone. It’s just day no 2 and you are unable to hear the grocer’s voice.

Don’t worry! We have found the culprits that decrease the battery power quickly. Next, we will tell you briefly one by one about them.

Synapse XT

Degree of Hearing Loss

What level of hearing loss are you suffering from? Is it slight, mild, moderate, or profound? Depending on this, you may have bought a hearing aid. For example, if your hearing loss ranges between 71 & 90(severe), then you require a stronger amplifying aid.

To provide that much amplification, the battery works harder. As a result, it drains fast.

However, It would be possible that you have unequal hearing loss. Suppose, your left ear battery dies before the right. It may indicate that the left one is more affected.

Hearing Loss

Duration of Use

Do you notice one thing? When you use your cell phone to use apps to text and more, it runs out of battery soon.

Similarly, if you use this stuff for a long time, you will hear the beep single promptly. This is an in-general fact that goes for both ear hearing aid.

However, not everyone is financially solvent to use two devices when it is not much necessary. To save battery life, people sometimes use only one in one ear. For example, when attending phone calls, they may use only the right ones.

Or, they may wear it in an ear which is comparatively better. However, the usage will decide which side’s device will die fast. But, it is not a good practice to wear only one side. It may cause further damage to the rest.

If the Device Features Tinnitus Technology

One of the key factors for developing tinnitus is hearing loss. Vestibular schwannoma is a condition that causes hearing loss. It also causes tinnitus in one ear. Besides, tinnitus due to neck and head trauma also affects one ear.

Here, masking the noise is an effective way to get rid of tinnitus. For this, some try noise-cancelling headphones, some hearing aids.

Suppose you have hearing loss in both ears and tinnitus on either right or left. Here, devices dealing with both conditions have to undergo a heavy load. This sort of increased use of battery reduces its longevity.

Another important fact is devices featuring tinnitus technology come with short battery life. So, consider this first if it runs out too fast.

These could be the reasons for which you are facing the problem. However, you don’t need to experience this any longer. In the next, we shortlist some fixes that will help you to increase the hearing aid battery life.

7 Simple Tips to Increase the Life of Hearing Aid Battery

Stretching the longevity of batteries saves you from expending extra bucks. Besides, each battery will last a few more days. Thus, it saves both your money & time.

However, extending the hearing battery life is an easy process. You should bring a few things into practice. In the following, you will come to know about them. Before moving towards those fixes, one thing to mention.

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There is no fixed solution for one hearing aid battery to die faster than another. All we can suggest to you is to follow the tips for increasing overall viability.

And, If you can convert those things into a habit, you will see the changes right away.

1. Use the Oldest Batteries First

People often ask –how long do hearing aid batteries last unused? The shelf life of the best hearing aid batteries is around four years. It actually relies upon how you store it.

However, an unopened battery package can indeed go for several years. The heck is with the passage of years it reduces the lifetime. That’s why you should start the oldest ones first. This sort of activity will never let the spare battery get old.

2. Storage

There are two enemies of the hearing aid batteries. They are extreme temperatures & high humidity. These two cut down the lifespan to a greater extent.

So, you should store the spare pieces in a dry place at room temperature. You should also make sure that it is not kept in a refrigerator or bathroom.

3. Do Not Remove the Tab if You’re Not Using It

Manufacturers cover the battery with a tab made of plastic. This tab acts as a shield of batteries preventing the air from entering into it. As soon as you take off the tab – air enters into the battery and activates it.

From that time, the batteries start losing their fuel. So, you should remove the tab only when you are fully ready.

4. Ensure Your Hands are Always Clean

It is a very important but most overlooked matter. Before changing the batteries you have to make sure that your hand is clean. Otherwise, if you hold it in your hand with dirt or grease, its viability will decrease.

5. Wait Five Minutes After Taking Off the Tab

After removing the tab, you should let the battery sometimes get activated. But, why do hearing aid batteries need to be activated? The simple answer is for functionality. If it doesn’t mix with the air to take oxygen, it will not work at all.

Experts suggest letting it sit out for five minutes to get initiated. On top of that, this whole framework increases the longevity for 2-3 days. That’s quite satisfying though.

6. Turn Off and Keep It in A Safe Place

You may put off the hearing aid while sleeping, taking showers & doing hairstyles. Every time during performing these tasks, you should turn the device off.

Thereon, you should keep the stuff in a safe and dry place. Moreover, don’t forget to keep the hearing aid battery door open. These things reduce excess moisture and thus increases the lifespan.

Lastly, never keep it on the countertop while taking shower. Else, the humidity & perspiration will affect battery life.

7. Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Can Help

To store the hearing aid device, you can bring a dry storage kit. Another thing that may come in handy is the hearing aid dehumidifiers.

You can safely store this aid using one of these two things. They keep the device dry. Besides, it gives the flexibility to carry your hearing aids securely anywhere. On top of that, the dehumidifier ensures optimal performance.

Apart from this, it increases the longevity of the battery.

Alright, these are the tips you should follow to prevent the draining of the battery. So, hurry up! Apply these tips onward & make the best use of each battery.


You may be enjoying tv or having a conversation with friends or family members. And you hear the most unwanted beep sound notifying “Battery run out”.

It will take place anymore! Because you know now –why does one hearing aid battery die before the other. You also know what action you should take to reverse the situation. So, apply those accordingly.

Comment below if our methods helped you in any way!

The FAQs About Hearing Aid Battery Die

What is the average lifespan of your hearing aid batteries?

Based on the type of device, battery, brands the average battery life lasts around 3 to 22 days. This range is pretty good enough.

How long should a 312 hearing aid battery last?

The life of a non-rechargeable hearing battery usually depends on its size and usage. As 312 hearing aid batteries are quite bigger they last longer than other batteries.

Size 10 batteries can last for three to seven days while the size 312 can last three to ten days. The time can vary depending upon how long you are using those in a day.

Should you remove hearing aid batteries at night?

If the batteries are not in use then it is better to keep them removed. Removing the batteries at night can prevent any damage to the hearing aid.

Moreover, moisture can escape easily if you keep the batteries open. Dead batteries should be removed immediately as they can corrode the hearing aid.

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Happy Hearing!

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